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Titan Esports Club (TEC) crowned as the champion of PEL Summer 2023

PEL Summer 2023 goes straight down the wire!

Titan Esports Club, or TEC, has been crowned as the PEL Summer 2023 Finals champion. PEL, or the Peace Elite League, is the domestic body of Game For Peace in China. Game For Peace is the Chinese version of the blockbuster game PUBG Mobile, as it is known worldwide, except in India where it is known as BGMI. This is TEC’s first league title since its inception in 2021, following which the team had to walk a long road to success.

TEC, the new PEL Summer 2023 Champion: Overview

This season’s championship, that is, the PEL Summer 2023 Final has certainly taken a spot as one of the closest finishes in the history of PUBG Mobile Esports, similar to the legendary finishes we saw in PEL S3 and PEL S4 in 2021, or PMGC 2020, or PEC 2019, all of which came down to the wire. This time, the championship came down to the final play of the match as well.

PEL Summer 2023 table
Image via Peace Elite Esports

TEC won, but barely so, as their rivals KONE finished the final with the same number of points, that is, 225 points after the final match. The only reason TEC made it to the top is because of the advantage they held when it came to the number of kill points they had, which was slightly higher than that of KONE. This is the first time that an identical finish has occurred in a major PUBG Mobile esports final.

PEL Summer 2023 table
Image via Peace Elite Esports

Although they were commendable in the first 3 days, TEC’s performances dropped off massively on the last day, and we saw the next 3 teams rapidly catch up, with KONE almost clinching the title, while WBG charged to secure their position in the top 3, and PAI following suit. Meanwhile one of the favourites STE failed to meet the high bar set by themselves and finished in 10th place.

PEL Summer Champion: Prizepool and individual accolades

Image via Peace Elite Esports

The winner TEC bagged a whopping $707,340 while runners-up and third-placed KONE and WBG took home $282,936 and $267,827 respectively. As for the individual awards, ShowTime or ST’s Tian got the award for being the best rookie of the season, a title that came with an amount of $27,469. Meanwhile ThunderTalk or TT Ajie won the much coveted individual award of the FMVP, and an additional $68,673.

PMGC and PMRC qualification spots

With the conclusion of the PEL Summer 2023 Final, we now know 3 of the 4 teams that will be representing China in the annual PMGC or the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, the crowning achievement in the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem. Those 3 teams are TEC, WBG, and Tianba, as they have the most number of PMGC points based on merit in the two seasons of PEL in 2023. The final team will be selected by a separate qualifying tournament.

Meanwhile, the PMRC or the PUBG Mobile Regional Clash: SEA vs China, where the two regions will fight it out to assert dominance, will take place in October 2023. The top 8 teams from the PEL Summer 2023 Final will represent their country in the aid tournament.

PEL Summer 2023: Aftermath

The conclusion of the PEL Summer 2023 Final has been full of disappointments as well as surprises. Nova, lauded as the greatest team to play the game, was on the back foot once again and will try to qualify for PMGC via the LCQ. Nova at the moment is plagued by inconsistencies, but one might argue that they don’t have anything to prove anymore. Meanwhile, Suk from WBG is still continuing his streak of unlucky 2nd-place finishes with inconsistencies in the big moments as well.

But overall, PEL has once again delivered an outstanding show of gameplay, proving once again why it is the best-acclaimed tournament in regional PUBG Mobile Esports. In terms of prize pool, as well as competition, there aren’t any leagues that come close enough to that of China.

Did you watch PEL Summer 2023 Final? What were your thoughts on watching the ending of the tournament? Let us know in the comments below

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