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PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Southeast Asia (SEA) Season 3 Finals: Schedule, qualified teams, and more

Team roster for PMPL Southeast Asia has been announced!

The regional finals of the PUBG Mobile Pro League PMPL Southeast Asia (SEA) for Season 3 is set to start from 21st-23rd May. 16 top teams from the region will fight for their glory and to be crowned as the Southeast Asian Champions. The Pro League focuses on the professional and semi-professional level competition which is why most of the teams you’ll see in this league are veterans but there have new teams emerged in the competition as well. All the teams have gained their slot through the Pro Leagues of Indonesia, Malaysia/Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Wildcard Club Open. While Indonesian team Bigetron Red Aliens have acquired their slot as the winner of Pro League Season 2 champions.

PUBG Mobile PMPL Southeast Asia (SEA) Season 3 Finals: Qualified Teams with their Roster

So here are the 16 teams along with their roster that’ll be competing in the Southeast Asia Championship.

Direct Invite

  • Bigetron Red Aliens (Indonesia): Luxxy, Zuxxy, Ryzen, Liquid, Kingzz

PMPL Indonesia

  • Geek Fam (Indonesia): Alvirlo, Katou, Bubuu, Tomz, Mort, Dinosaurs
  • Aura Esports: Rossezy, Jayden, Jeixy, NoMrcy
  • Evos Reborn: Lyzerg, Microboy, RedFace, Auro, KF

PMPL Thailand

  • Faze Clan: BulShark, Vintorez, MR5, TonyK, Soup77, Corpai
  • The Infinity: Near, Logan, Mela, GodTunny, Noozy
  • Valdus The Murderer: Martin, Goddard, Syx, Concept, Gewwy

PMPL Malaysia/Singapore

  • RSG Malaysia: Badman, Vokey, Kim, SmallBoy, ChillRex
  • Geek Fam (Malaysia): Ab, Damrude, Sane, Miracle, Snipes
  • Dingoz MPX: IronPro, Pemburu, Appy, Rith, Eypul

PMPL Vietnam

  • HVNB: Franky, GE, Pyn, Rabiz
  • Eagle Esports: Neo1, Darly, Datkonn, NamShinn, Nguyen2K
  • Infinity IQ: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Loki, Porsche

PMCO Wildcard

  • Demigod Incognito: Chi, KVN, Kri, Wam, Bunny
  • Orange Play: Sunsun, Skynin, POVPOV, AstroX, Uno
  • JoinMe Yellow: Joseph, Easy, Onix, Kimly, Snaky

PMPL SEA Prize Pool and Format

Details regarding the prize pool and the format are yet to be officially announced for the tournament. The last season of the Southeast Asian pro league featured a prize pool of $150,000 spread among all the 16 teams and featuring additional prize amounts for individuals like MVP, Gunslinger, etc. With the expansion of PUBG Mobile’s Esports, this amount can be expected to grow this time. As soon as any details regarding the tournament come out, we’ll let you know.

PUBG Mobile PMPL SEA Season 3 Finals
PUBG Mobile PMPL SEA Season 3 Finals

Final Thoughts

The Southeast Asia region is known for producing big names like RRQ Athena, Faze Clan, Team Secret, etc, and is often regarded as one of the toughest regions. The defending champions Bigetron RA will be favorites to win the tournament considering their recent performances. Since their rise, the team has maintained its consistency and remained the top team in the region. While others will be in the hunt for solidifying their name and giving a tough competition. So, who are you rooting for? Let us know below.

What are your thoughts on the PUBG Mobile PMPL (SEA) Southeast Asia Season 3 Finals? Let us know in the comments section below!

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