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PUBG Mobile Regional Clash (PMRC) 2023: Tournament format, Participating teams, and more

The first battle South East Asia (SEA) vs South Asia (SA)!

The PUBG Mobile Esports team is thrilled to declare that the commencement of the PUBG Mobile Regional Clash (PMRC) 2023 will take place in June. Starting on the 29th of June, this tournament adopts a region-versus-region format, pitting elite teams from various parts of the globe against each other.

The inaugural clash will witness South East Asia (SEA) and South Asia (SA) teams engage in intense competition. Throughout the year, four regional clashes will be held, each accommodating 16 participating teams, all vying for the prestigious title of champions.

PUBG Mobile Regional Clash (PMRC) 2023: Tournament format

From June to October 2023, four clashes are scheduled to occur, motivating teams to engage in rigorous training and strategic planning to demonstrate their worth against fresh competitors. Adhering to the customary structure, points will be granted based on team rankings and eliminations.

However, a novel addition to the tournament involves the implementation of a regional points system, intensifying the competition and enabling spectators to gauge the superior regions in terms of team quality. Despite this new dynamic, teams must remain focused on their individual performance, diligently eliminating adversaries and striving for first place to secure the coveted bragging rights.

PUBG Mobile Regional Clash (PMRC) 2023: Participating teams and Schedule

The tournament will feature the top eight teams from PUBG Mobile Super League South East Asia, South Asia Championship, the PUBG Mobile Pro League Middle East & Africa Championship, the European ChampionshipPUBG Mobile Pro League EuropePUBG Mobile Pro League Africa, and special invite: the Peacekeeper Elite League.

The schedule for PMRC 2023 can be found below:

  • SEA vs. SA: 29 June – 2 July
    • Top 8 teams of PMSL SEA vs. Top 8 teams of South Asia Championship
  • MEA vs. EU by Gamers8: 20 – 23 July
    • Top 8 teams of PMPL Middle East & Africa Championship 2023 vs. Top 8 teams of European Championship
  • EU vs AF: 10-13 Aug
    • Top 8 teams of PMPL Europe vs. Top 8 teams of PMPL Africa
  • PEL vs. SEA: 20 – 22 Oct
    • Top 8 teams of PEL Summer vs. Top 8 Teams of PMSL SEA
PUBG Mobile Regional Clash (PMRC) 2023 SEA vs SA
Image via Krafton

According to James Yang, the Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports, the current year has begun on a positive note for the competitive PUBG Mobile scene, and there are many exciting events yet to unfold. The announcement of the PMRC’s second edition has generated great anticipation among fans, as it will showcase the contrasting playstyles and tactics of various regions competing against one another.

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