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PUBG Mobile: Twins Luxxy and Zuxxy leave Bigetron BTR following title drought

The end of an era at Bigetron and PUBG Mobile!

The Indonesian twins Luxxy and Zuxxy from the Esports organization Bigetron, popularly known as BTR, have made the decision to leave the PUBG Mobile team after being with them for nearly half a decade from 2018 till the present time in 2023. The twins have been a long-time iconic duo in the esports world of mobile gaming. They have been crucial for every bit of success BTR has had in the PUBG Mobile division and has helped shape the organization to its current prestigious status.

The Tachibana Twins: Background

Made “Luxxy” Prabaswara and Made “Zuxxy” Pramudita, the twins hailing from Indonesia, known lovingly as the Tachibana twins, have without a doubt set an indelible mark in the competitive scene of PUBG Mobile. They hold numerous individual and team accolades between themselves and boast a resume that is bound to make any esports player jealous and proved that being young does not equate to being any less successful than being grown-up in a particular field.


Zuxxy and Luxxy were the first-ever underage players in the competitive scene of PUBG Mobile when they debuted in the world championships of PUBG Mobile at the PMSC 2018, where they displayed an impressive show of skill. In the following year, that is, 2019, they became the world champions at the mere age of 16, where the twins swept the top 2 spots of the kill leaderboard with Zuxxy clinching the award of MVP. In the days to come, BTR entered a phase of domination that has since not been replicated.

PUBG Mobile Luxxy Zuxxy leave BTR
Image via Bigetron

Under the command of Zuxxy as the IGL, BTR won all tournaments at each and every level, be it regional, domestic, or global. The twins became known as killing machines and became a constant in the kill leaderboards. Luxxy fetched over 150 kills in the PMWL East 2020 and clinched the spot of top fragger. But like all phases, even this came to an end, entering 2021, BTR was slowly beginning to fall from grace. Although still very formidable, they became inconsistent, and since their elimination from PMGC 2021, they lost their edge.


Although the twins still regularly appeared in the stat leaderboards, their performance as a team waned, and the departure of Microboy and the sabbatical of the assaulter Ryzen did not help it. The performance declined steadily and it seemed like they were finally hitting a nerve. Last week, Luxxy made a post on Instagram sharing his disappointment at the lack of titles. On the 21st of January, 2022, the news came that the duo was finally cutting their ties with BTR, although they still claim to keep the team in their good grace.

Rumours for the future

Rumours have surfaced that following their departure from BTR, Zuxxy and Luxxy are in for a challenge with a new team. The new team is touted to be Geek Fam, which is yet another Southeast Asian team that also currently employs their old teammate Uhigh from Malaysia. Although, there have been past indications by Zuxxy that he is open to taking a break from esports, if his stint at BTR ends up not being as successful over the years. Another rumour surfaced of Luxxy joining Evos and reuniting with Microboy, after the latter addressed him as Captain.

Regardless, Zuxxy and Luxxy have built their own legacy in the world of mobile esports and will remain the fan-favourites for the foreseeable future. All that remains to be seen is how they cope with this decision and how it turns out for them in the coming days.

What were your favourite PUBG Mobile moments of Zuxxy and Luxxy, as they have decided to leave Bigetron BTR? Let us know in the comments below!

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