Brawl Stars Esports changes for the APAC region is a game changer; Revenant Esports Roster for 2024 might set a new example

New team and new opportunity

The scenario for Brawl Stars esports in the Asia Pacific region has changed this year. India and East Asia are now together and formed the APAC region. Thus, there will be direct slots to the World Finals 2024. Keeping this opportunity ahead, teams are now putting in more time and investment into taking players to the team to form a perfect roster to take the upcoming challenges. After spending a successful year in 2023, Revenant Esports is also ready to take on the next challenge and announced its latest Brawl Stars Roster for 2024.

Two Japanese sensations have lightened the team with another battle-tested soldier Sergeant Clash. “It was imperative for us to scout talent from the entire region and we landed on Ken-G and Menmi”, says Rohit Jagasia, the CEO of Revenant Esports. Now, as the roster will face the challenges coming ahead, we’ll take a close look at what the future may bring. We’ll be putting the APAC scenario into the main stage and trying to understand the surroundings after the team leaves for a challenge.

Revenant Esports Brawl Stars Roster for 2024

The roster is comprised of three players and a coach. The two Japanese are very experienced and have a renowned career. Ex-Chasmac player Ken-G and former REJECT squadmate Menmi are on the team. Besides, the new coach is also announced. Revenant Esports’ Brawl Stars roster for 2024 is as follows: 

  • Ashmit “Sergeant Clash” Singh
  • Takuya “Menmi” Kitano 
  • Kenji “Ken-G” Oda 
  • Karthikk “Kizuki” Adithiyha S: Analyst

The previous year’s performance is one of the key reasons why the organization just stood up with a bigger target keeping in front. Last year, India was regarded as a region in Brawl Stars but the furthest that any team could qualify from the country was the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) in Katowice, Poland. While the other major regions were receiving direct slots to the World Finals, Indian teams had to go through the LCQ, and only one slot was fixed for India.

However, Revenant took the opportunity and won four of the six Monthly Finals, making them the top contender from India to the LCQ. The team then defeated Reconic Esports SA in the Golden Ticket Matches and went to the World Finals.

A fresh start for the team yet a peek into the promising future

This year, the Brawl Stars World Finals 2024 will take two teams from the Asia Pacific for direct slots in the grand finals. The rest two teams in the top four will qualify for the Last Chance Qualifier. However, with a strong in-house team, the organization can look forward to qualifying in the grand event. The roster is a perfect fit for challenging the top teams and Revenant is planning to get it done.

Revenant Esports Sergeant Clash, Sergeant Clash
Image via Revenant Esports

The path isn’t easy as APAC has teams like Crazy Raccoon, and Natus Vincere as contenders. With our revamped lineup featuring the talented Menmi and Ken-G, I am confident that we have what it takes to make it to the Brawl Stars World Finals once again despite the tougher format which has decreased the overall number of slots, said Sergeant Clash from Revenant Esports.

No wonder that looking for the opportunity to become one of two teams is the motivation for taking a step forward that resulted in this latest roster. Not only does this pave the way to introduce more cross-border players into a team but it also marks the evergrowing capacity of Indian teams on the global stage.

Supercell’s popular strategy title will soon witness the rise of Indian teams on the world stage and this is just the beginning. Taking into the team from one of the toughest regions and as the players are filled with expertise and experience, the days coming ahead will create hype for the fans as well. We’ll also witness massive growth in their brand name.

The Esports scenario for the APAC region is looking for a fresh start in 2024

Brawl Stars has changed the whole of its esports scenario in this year, 2024. Following the esports in 2023, the direct slots were from the EMEA, NA East, NA West, SA East, East Asia, and Chinese Mainland. But this year, the game has made 5 regions overall and each has direct slots to the World Finals. While this decision led to the merger of a few regions, the competition is now at its highest.

By just considering the APAC region, we’ll know the impact of the change. It has become a game changer in this area as there will be no place to stay behind now. Revenant Esports is just the first one to walk along the way from this part of the world. The team also sent a message to the other APAC teams that they need to be prepared if want to exist in this field.

Brawl Stars World Championship 2024 cover, Brawl Stars World Championship
Image via Supercell

Before, it was mostly the home teams that used to participate in the monthly qualifiers and finals. The scenario has now changed and there will no longer be places for the teams that do not keep focus on the ongoing and changing scene. Thus, the APAC region is adding a game-changing thrill to the overall Brawl Stars esports scene.

More teams are likely to follow in the footsteps of Revenant Esports

Japanese players dominate the APAC region and this is more or less a fact. So, to cope with the players and even maintaining the standards is also a thing to think about. Though it is not new for teams to sign overseas players even Revenant had Prime and Response from Singapore, and Shafin from Bangladesh.

In the previous year or even before that, the path wasn’t so easy to reach the top height of Brawl Stars esports after fighting the big giants. A team needed to cross many a mile to reach the formidable place. However, as now India is merged into the APAC region and there is endless possibility lying ahead, more teams are likely to follow the lead. India is operating as one of the largest mobile esports markets and teams will no longer take time to grab this opportunity in Brawl Stars.

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