Brawl Stars Griff Guide: Tips and tricks to master the new brawler

Master the newest brawler in Brawl Stars!

Jurassic Splash, Season 7 of Brawl Stars introduced two new brawlers. One of them, Buzz, was launched on the day of the update. The other brawler Griff is obtainable for all the players through the in-game challenge. And for those who missed the challenge or were not able to get to 15 wins, he can be obtained through boxes. In this guide, we will take a look at his skills and give tips on how to use Griff in Brawl Stars.

New Character: Griff

“Griff is the proprietor of Starr Park’s gift shop. Business is bad, but he still throws coins away – from his employees’ tip jar!” He is Collete’s and Edgar’s boss and is a part of the Starr Park Gift Shop.

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Class: Fighter

Griff’s Skills 

Attack: Coin Toss

Griff throws three waves of attacks and each wave consists of 3 coins making a total of 9 coins per attack. His range is also decent raking at 8.33 tiles

Brawl Stars Griff Guide
Coin Toss Attack in Brawl Stars

Super: Cashback

Griff throws his super that consists of 5 banknotes that travel in the shape of a cone. The banknotes are similar to Carl’s main attack in the sense that they travel back after reaching their max range dealing damage on both sides and can travel through walls while returning but not during the forward motion. The banknotes can pierce through enemies and deal more damage the farther they travel. 

Griff requires a total of 12 coins to charge his super and his ability to charge super using his super is also great. 

Brawl Stars Griff Guide
Griff’s Super

Gadget: Piggy Bank

Griff deploys a time bomb in the shape of a piggy bank that does 1,000 damage while knocking back any enemy brawler within 2.67 tiles. It explodes after 2.5 seconds and destroys walls as well.

Star Power: Keep the Change

This star power reduces the unloaded speed by 35%. This reduces the unload time from 1.05 seconds to 0.68 seconds.

Star Power: Business Resilience

With this star power, Griff heals 7% of missing health every 2 seconds. This means that the lower his health is the more he heals.

Tips and tricks to master Griff in Brawl Stars

In this section of the Griff Guide, we will discuss the tips and tricks to master the newest brawler in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Griff Guide
Griff in Brawl Stars (Image via Supercell)
  1. Griff’s unload speed is very slow, so don’t try to rush brawlers unless they are low and you can take them out in 1 or 2 complete shots. Also the slower unload speed means Griff is not very good against long range brawlers even though he possess more than decent range. To counter these brawlers try to close in the distance and from long range take peek shots for chip damage.
  2. His damage from the super increases depending upon the range from where he hit, so don’t hesitate from hitting your super even from a long distance. Also his super charges faster when he deals more damage hitting his super from a farther distance.
  3. Griff’s main attack is easy to master as it does not have any complex mechanisms. To master him players just need to pick on brawlers that are squishy and then use Griff’s insane damage potential to obliterate them. While dealing with tanks Griff needs to maintain his distance and deal with them by chipping their health slowly.
  4. Griff’s strength is the control that he asserts with his wide-ranged super and long attack range by keeping enemies at bay. He can later combine with his teammates to deal the finishing blow to the enemy.
  5. Both his star powers are amazing. His second star power particularly comes in handy on open maps as it will allow him to heal a lot faster and thereby remain in the fight continuously. His first star power provides better value on maps that require him to get up close and personal.
  6. Griff does not have a lot of HP so beware of sneaking enemies and take fights with other high DPS with caution. The best strategy would be to lower the enemies health from a range and then ambush them.
  7. Griff’s Piggy Bank Gadget can be a defense against close-ranged Brawlers who are chasing you. However, the bomb can also be detrimental as it can knock the enemy into you if they’ve already crossed it. Therefore, use it with caution.

Griff’s position in the Tier List

Griff has a balanced kit and does well in both open and closed maps. In open maps, he can use his range and super to keep the enemies in check while on maps with lots of obstacles his gadget comes in handy. He is great at dealing damage at close range as well as from range making him an all-rounder.

S Tier 

  • Gem Grab
  • Brawl Ball
  • Heist

A Tier

  • Solo Showdown
  • Duo Showdown
  • Hot Zone

B Tier 

  • Bounty
  • Knockout
  • Siege

These are all you can keep in mind while playing with Griff! What are your thoughts on our Griff Guide in Brawl Stars? Make sure to comment below!

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