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RSG crowned as the champions of Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) Spring Split 2022

End to a thrilling event!

Wuhan Regan S Gaming or RSG has been crowned as the PEL Spring Split 2022 Champions of China for the first time ever, after a praiseworthy performance by the team on the 4th and final day of the tournament. As the champions of China, they have automatically qualified for the PMWI tournament to be held later this summer, as a global invitational tournament.

PEL Spring Split 2022: Champions RSG and its path to victory

In what has been an extremely competitive and thrilling campaign by all the teams, something the PEL is known for, it has been a pleasure watching this tournament. The first shock came when one of the favorites to win the tournament, WBG, got knocked out in the playoffs despite being one of the strongest teams. Initially, STE started off with a mighty show of gameplay and took the lead on the first day. But exceeding all expectations, 4AM, the old giants of PUBG Mobile, once regarded as one of the deadliest teams in the world made a comeback against all odds, after abysmal performances since 2021.

PEL Spring Split 2022 points table
Image via PEL

With Wei Wuxian and 33Svan leading the charge, they scooted over to the top spot on the leaderboard, which they held till the last 3 matches on the last day of the tournament. Meanwhile, Nova, being without a doubt, the most consistent, secured 3rd place, and RSG made a comeback to clinch the title after their assaulter FlowerC went on to perform in a league of his own. Led by IGL Shandian, the team of FlowerC, Dd and Gezi established themselves as the champions.

Top teams received a fair share of the prize pool

The champions RSG won $1.2 million, while runner-up 4AM and 3rd placed Nova bagged $451k and $225k respectively4AM Wei Wuxian won the coveted Finals MVP title, after a spirited display of gameplay and fearless gunplay. RSG FlowerC came close with the same number of kills, but Wei Wuxian edged out on damage dealt and average survival time. Wei Wuxian was awarded $70k for this achievement. 

Tianba Yeng Su got the distinction of being the best rookie player of the season following his standout performance for Tianba, who weren’t at their best and were depending massively on Gujuju and rookie Yeng Su. He also earned an additional $15k for the feat.


In what has been a dramatic conclusion yet again for the most expensive and competitive regional tournament in PUBG Mobile, RSG earned their spot at the PMWI East, where they will face the top global teams and will stand against their biggest test yet, that is, adapting to global gameplay. We wish all the very best to them as they embark on their next venture.

What are your thoughts on RSG becoming the champions of PEL Spring Split 2022? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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