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Stalwart Esports signed Pakistan based team Freestyle to participate in PMPL South Asia Season 2

Stalwart Esports has signed up Team Freestyle’s roster for the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2020- South Asia, Season 2. Stalwart had secured a direct slot to the tournament after finishing up as third in PMCO Fall Split 2020, India. But, due to the wake of the recent India-China dispute, PUBG Mobile was banned in India from the 2nd of September. And, PUBG Mobile Corporation banned Indian team slots that were qualified for PMPL 2020 South Asia, Season 2. This had put many Esports team in India under pressure, as they had spent big money in preparing for this Grand Tournament.

Team Freestyle’s Roster will play for Stalwart Esports

While the other teams were in turmoil, Stalwart took the initiative to tackle the situation. Reluctant to give up their slot, Stalwart started hunting for talents from other South Asian teams. Initially, they planned to sign-up a team from Nepal. As this plan didn’t come to fruition, Stalwart had to find another team within a short time before losing their slot.

And that’s when Team Freestyle’s roster approached Stalwart. Team Freestyle’s roster ended up as 9 in the PMCO Fall Split 2020– Pakistan, due to network issue in the region and failed to secure a slot for PMPL S2. But their performance in PUBG Mobile World League and PMCO impressed Stalwart, which decided to sign their roster up. Now, Team Freestyle’s roster will play under Team Stalwart with the title STEfs.

“As our finances were in lock, we had to find a strategy to deal with the situation.” “Also, Team Freestyle’s roster has great talents, which we decided not to let go in vain. This the prime reason for Team Freestyle playing under Stalwart.”   

Dhwanil, COO of Stalwart Esports

About Team Freestyle

Stalwart Esports PMPL South Asia Season 2
Team Freestyle

Some of Team Freestyle’s achievements include,

  1. Champions of PMCO Spring Split, 2020- Pakistan.
  2. Qualified and played PUBG Mobile World League East, with a massive prize pool of $4,50,000.
  3. Secured a slot for Peacekeeper Elite Championship, scheduled for 14th November in China with a massive prize pool of $30,00,000

The techniques exhibited by STEfsMalik and STEfsBladeOP has made them a deadly duo. This duo along with the other talents of the team would give us a good show without a doubt. This strategy would be beneficial to both Stalwart Esports, which was looking for a team to play under their slot and Team Freestyle’s roster, which needed a chance to prove its worth. According to STEfsMalik,

“No one cares for the runners up team.” “Fans only remember the team who makes an impact. And in this PMPL- South Asia S2, we’ll be remembered as the team, who won the championship.”

STEfsMalik, Captain of the team

The complete roster of the Stalwart-Freestyle duo is as below.

  • STEfsBlack
  • STEfsBaba
  • STEfsMalik
  • STEfsKashoof
  • STEfsBlade
  • STEfsMorte

 Team Freestyle has a renowned and extremely talented roster. The players are all experienced and the partnership with Stalwart Esports can be really exciting for PMPL South Asia Season 2.

Where can you watch PMPL South Asia Grand Finals?

You could watch the Grand Finals live on PUBG Mobile’s YouTube Channel. Though PUBG Mobile has been banned in India, the fan base has never faded. The viewership for this massive tournament is expected not to be affected by the ban. 

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