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Team SouL feuds with Stalwart Esports over-friendly banter on social media

The two teams have been seen in an altercation over a very small matter

BGMI is not a stranger to controversies. Since it was released, the game has seen several controversies, from streamers fighting with each other to alleged player poaching by big organizations. Another controversy that has been surfacing around all over social media is the social media fight between Stalwart Esports and Team Soul. Today, we will take a look at the entire Stalwart Esports vs Team Soul drama that has been unfolding in the community and break it down for you guys.

The feud began after some banters were made by Stalwart Esports

Stalwart Esports are the champions of the recent PUBGM Pro League South Asia. On the other hand, Team Soul recently won the BMPS in a dominating fashion. Both teams are at the peak of their form as they enter the next competition they will be facing, PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022, which will be held in Saudi Arabia. Rivalry and banters have always been a part of esports.

Stalwart Esports recently started making banters on Team Soul to add spice to the upcoming tournament. Although it is funny banter to many,  it was not the case for Team Soul. Instead, they reacted in a different way as a result, the community saw the two organizations wrangle over a trifling matter.

BGMI Team Soul BMPS Season 1
Image via Krafton

Breakdown of the entire social media fight between Team SouL and Stalwart Esports

It all started with a tweet from Stalwart Esports making banter about Team Soul leaving the upcoming PMWI at rocket speed. In all their posts,  Stalwart Esports has referred to Team Soul as a rocket team. This tweet saw an instant response from S8UL Sid, which has now been deleted. In the tweet, Sid wrote, “Damn bro, you’ve called us out in like 3 different posts in the last 1 hour. I mean if the promotion of your brand is what you are looking for, please send us an email so we can discuss the commercials.”

This reply from Sid offended a Stalwart Esports investor shortly after, posted an Instagram story challenging anyone from Team Soul for a 1v1 against Action and Top from Stalwart Esports for $10,000 on stake.

Later, Stalwart Esports investor @towqeergilkar did an Instagram live to share his views about the whole matter. In his live stream, he claimed Stalwart Esports to be one of the top five esports organizations in the world. He clarified that Stalwart Esports did this as a very competitive thing, not for followers or publicity.

He also called out S8UL Sid for bullying Stalwart Esports because they have fewer followers. In his Instagram live, he was again seen challenging Team Soul to a private event. The investor ended his live stream with the final message to Soul, advising them to learn to deal with banters more professionally and competitively rather than calling it a marketing strategy.

Stalwart Esports PUBG Mobile PMPL South Asia Spring 2022
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

Shortly after that, a voice message of Sid was seen on YouTube in which he said that 1v1 is not a test of someone’s skill because it is a team game. He also called @towqeergilkar’s challenge of 1v1 “a very childish response to a mature conversation.”

The bickering continued as Stalwart Esports posted another Instagram story claiming that they were doing everything for fun and not to offend anyone. After all the mudslinging, the matter slowed down a bit after 8bit_goldy posted a friendly Instagram story challenging Stalwart Esports owner Zeyan in a pizza-eating challenge for a gift of a priceless thing.

8bit goldy post
Image via Instagram

Stalwart Esports owner was seen replying in a fun way and accepted the challenge. He also added that they should have the challenge in Saudi Arabia, referring to PMWI 2022, which will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Stalwart Esports owner then decided to stop all the controversy with a big message on his Instagram story, which has now been deleted. In the story, he wrote, “I always try to avoid any controversies and have clearly instructed our team to do the same; I still don’t understand how we skip the line between trash-talking and being offensive. Also genuinely, I expected a healthy banter but the response we received forced our investors to respond back aggressively and that’s something I can’t control & obviously will not ask anyone to stop because we won’t shy away from calling spade a spade”. He also called this experience “the weirdest and immature trash-talking experience” for their team. The owner ended his writing by requesting the supporters of both sides to stop spreading hate.

BGMI community had a completely different reaction to the matter

The community people and netizens replied and reacted to this matter in different ways. While many considered the whole matter fun banter, most people called it a childish dispute between the two teams. Many people pointed out this was not bantering after both sides started showing off their money on social media. 8bit_thug was seen posting and flexing about his money. In reply, the co-founder of Stalwart Esports @sheikh_abubakr posted his collection of luxury cars and watches. Although Stalwart Esports meant the whole thing to add spice to the upcoming event where both sides will have everyone’s eyes on them, the community did not like the mudslinging.

Final Thoughts

Banters have always been a part of esports. It is very unreal to see esports without any banter or drama. Banters often create a friendly rivalry between two teams, creating a great story for both teams. Rivalry is always essential in esports. But a fine line must be drawn, after which it can offend someone else and create an unprofessional situation.

We have seen western organizations posting memes and making banters on their opponents repeatedly. Although it is dealt with differently by those teams, it does not seem to be the case when it comes to Indian esports, maybe for people of this characteristically a bit hot-headed. But we all can hope that teams will learn to deal with banters more efficiently and deal with situations more friendly and in a professional way.

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