Wild Rift League 2022 LPL Qualifier: Teams, format, and prize pool

The battle to qualify for WR Worlds is to be staged soon

China is a major region of League of Legends: Wild Rift from where two teams will participate in the upcoming Wild Rift World Championship. As the year almost comes to an end, the regional championships are taking place now. Wild Rift League (WRL), a regional league for China, is going to start from 11 September 2021 to 30 September, a three-week run in total, where the LPL Qualifier 2022 is one of the three qualifiers for WRL Season 1. Organized by Riot Games, the offline tournament has OPPO as its sponsor. 17 teams will fight for a ticket to the World Championship, and the top 5 teams will qualify for the WRL Season 1.

Wild Rift League 2022 LPL Qualifier: Format

Based on Riot’s Esports roadmap for 2021, the company is arranging regional championships, qualifiers, and community/local events. As the year has almost come to an end, Riot is wrapping up all the tournaments. The tournament will feature three stages namely group stage, breakout, and playoffs on its journey. The details of the event are given below.

Group Stage

17 teams will be divided into 1 group of 5 teams and 3 groups of 4 teams. This stage will start from 11 September to 17 September. Following a single round-robin play, all matches will be played in a best-of-three (Bo3) format. Group winners will advance directly to the playoffs, group runners-up the third-placed team will qualify to breakout stage.


The second round of the tournament is the Breakout stage will be held for two days from September 19 to September 20. There will be a total of four matches. Each match will feature a fight between a groups’ runner-up team vs the third-placed team. Best-of-five (Bo5) format will determine winners from each group that will advance to the Playoffs.


The final round of the tournament is going to take place from 21 September to 30 September. This round will be following a double elimination bracket except for the one-off Grand Finals. All matches will be played in a best-of-five (Bo5), except the lower bracket finals. The grand final and the 5th place determiner matches will feature best-of-seven (Bo7) format.

Participating teams and Prize pool

17 teams will show their might against each other. All the participant teams are from the League of Legends Pro League Summer 2021. The group draw was held a few days ago. The participating teams in the LPL Qualifier are as follows.

participating teams
Participating teams – Wild Rift League 2022 LPL Qualifier
  • Bilibili Gaming
  • EDward Gaming
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Invictus Gaming
  • JD Gaming
  • LGD Gaming
  • LNG Esports
  • Oh My God
  • Rare Atom
  • Rogue Warriors
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Suning
  • Team WE
  • ThunderTalk Gaming
  • Top Esports Lance
  • Ultra Prime
  • Victory Five

As far as the prize pool is concerned, no specific amount has been revealed yet from Riot Games. As the tournament will come near its execution, we’ll get to know about the prize money and each teams’ share in it.

Final thoughts

Besides Southeast Asia, only China has two slots for its regional teams to send them to the WR World Championship. One team from Spark Invitational and the other from LPL Qualifier will join the biggest event of Wild Rift. Being the champion of Wild Rift Spark Invitational 2021, Da Kun Gaming already booked a slot for the upcoming grand event.

Finally, it will be a much interesting event than the other qualifiers as the competition is higher among the Chinese teams. Every team, without any question, will put their level best effort to show domination over the opponents. Fans can expect a spectacular tournament from the beginning filled with non-stop actions. Without any doubt, the competition will be tougher as the event progresses.

What are your thoughts on the Wild Rift League LPL Qualifier 2022? Drop your opinions in the comments!

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