Wild Rift Southeast Asia (SEA) Championship 2021: Format, Prize pool, and more

The long awaited Wild Rift Championship is finally here!

League of Legends Wild Rift has already lined up a series of nine regional qualifiers to select teams for the biggest esports event of the year, the Wild Rift World Championship 2021. One of the regions where these qualifiers are taking place is the SEA region. After the conclusion of every icon series, the next stage of fighting is going to start soon with the upcoming Wild Rift Southeast Asia (SEA) Championship 2021 consisting of 21 teams across the SEA region.

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Southeast Asia (SEA) Championship 2021 will be held with 21 Southeast Asian teams competing for a lion’s share of the $200,000 prize pool. One of the biggest events in the SEA region, this tournament will determine the top two teams that will qualify for the upcoming World Championship 2021. However, we may see more than two teams from the SEA region after the official schedule is announced by Riot.

Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021: Format

The Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021 will be held in three stages. The first stage of this tournament will be the Play-ins followed by the Group stage and will be ending with the playoffs which will decide the champion.

Wild Rift esports ecosystem foundation, Wild Rift Summoner Series NA Regional Championship, Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021
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The first stage of the tournament will start on 14th September 2021 and will be ending on 19th September 2021. 12 teams will fight in three brackets in this first stage of the championship. This stage will be including a double-elimination bracket where all matches will be in a best-of-five(Bo5) format. Winners of each group will advance to the Group stage.

Group Stage

Three winners from each Play-in group will join the directly qualified nine teams in this second stage. There will be two groups in the Group Stage consisting of six teams each. The top four teams from each group will be making it to the playoffs. The group stage will feature a single round-robin format, and all matches will be a best-of-two (Bo2) format. Moreover, this round will be held from 23rd September to the 26th of September, 2021.


From 30th September 2021 to 3rd October 2021, the playoff stage will take place. The format of this stage will be a double-elimination bracket. The Group champions will directly play the upper bracket semifinals. The second and the third-placed team will face each other in the upper bracket quarterfinals. Moreover, the last qualified two teams will play lower bracket round 1 where they’ll face the losing team from the upper bracket first round, or the quarter-finals.

All the upper bracket matches will be held in a best-of-five (Bo5) format. Lower bracket round 1 to 3 matches will be a best-of-three (Bo3) format. Furthermore, the Grand finals will feature a best-of-seven (Bo7) format.

Participating Teams

Nine champion teams from SEA Icon Series will directly play the group stage of the Wild Rift Southeast Asia Championship 2021. Three teams will get to qualify to the group stage by playing the Play-ins stage. There are a total of 12 teams that qualified for play-ins. However, EVOS Esports TH, the Summer Super Cup Champions, won the ESL MO-TH Fall and automatically qualified for Group Stage. As a result, Vietnam’s top fourth esports team, Team Flash, got the chance to play in the Play-ins stage.

Wild Rift esports ecosystem foundation, Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021
Wild Rift: Independent Esports ecosystem foundation (Image by Riot Games)

Group Stage teams

Play-In teams

  • Buriram United Esports
  • INVATE Esports
  • Berjaya Dragons
  • FENNEL Adversity
  • Flash Wolves
  • Looking For Daddy
  • Divine Esports
  • Saigon Phantom
  • BOOM Esports
  • QWQ
  • Banana
  • Team Flash

Wild Rift Southeast Asia Championship 2021: Prize Pool

The Wild Rift Southeast Asia (SEA) Championship 2021 features a whopping amount of $200,000 as of the prize pool for the participating teams. The specific amount that each team will get is yet to be announced by Riot.

The Wild Rift Southeast Asia Championship 2021 is a major regional championship for Southeast Asia along with the Icon Series organized by Riot Games. As the Icon Series has been concluded in all the nine regions including SEA and Oceania, the bigger stage is ready to welcome the best teams from the regional icon series. Besides a massive prize pool, all the teams will fight their best to book a slot on Wild Rift World Championship 2021, the most glamorous event of Wild Rift by Riot Games.

What are your thoughts on the Wild Rift Southeast Asia (SEA) Championship 2021? Drop your opinions in the comments!

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