Wild Rift: TSM athlete Pedro ‘Anak’ Ribeiro suspended due to serious misconduct

TSM faces $1,250 fine for violating competition rule as well.

On October 10, at the event of the title celebration at the Brazil qualifier of the Wild Rift Wild Tour Finals, the assistant coach of TSM, Pedro “Anak” Ribeiro, used insulting gestures towards the camera, which had severe consequences and resulted in him getting suspended.  

In response to the misconduct, Riot Games has imposed sanctions on both the team and the player, which included the suspension from participating in the Wild Rift esports competition for 2 days. Anak’s behavior also caused a detrimental impact on TSM, incurring a fine of R$7,000 or $1,250 on the team.

Rules violated by Pedro Ribeiro and TSM in Wild Rift Wild Tour

During the Wild Tour finals, Anak was found guilty of indulging in the following misdemeanors according to the tournament’s code of conduct –

16.11: Disruptive Behavior/Insults

  • A team member may not take any action or perform any gesture, or incite any individual to do the same, that is directed at the opposing team in an insulting, mocking or disturbing nature.

16.12: Abusive Behavior

  • Abuse of championship administration, team members, or audience members will not be tolerated. Repeats such violations include, but are not limited to, touching another player’s computer, body, or property, and will result in penalties. Team members and their guests (if any) must treat all individuals who attend a match with respect.

The TSM team violated rule 16.12, while the athlete Pedro Ribeiro violated rule 16.11 of the Wild Tour official regulations during the Wild Tour Finals.

According to the official website, suspension of the athlete for two days of the official Wild Rift competition applies to the next official competition and will be in place regardless of the athlete being officially registered or not. Alongside that, the fine of R$7,000 applies to TSM and must be fulfilled in the official Wild Rift competitions in Brazil.

What are your thoughts about the misdemeanor conducted by TSM and Pedro Ribeiro, and him getting suspended? Let us know in the comment section below!

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