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AFK Arena: The complete Team Composition guide and tips

Form your perfect team of characters!

It is a given that a lot of players could be relatively new to AFK Arena, and if not, they could be returning players. Much has changed since the earlier versions and meta of the game, and with that, a lot can be done when it comes to having a team that could definitely aid players and makes sure they are able to progress well enough. This AFK Arena guide centers on the fact that there are carries within the game that are heavily utilized but will also showcase their strengths when it comes to being part of a good team composition

A lot of thought could come into what a team could have in order to survive, or players can even go through it all with brute force. All of these seem to be great ideas, but the developers of the game have also adjusted a lot when it comes to having the best team composition when it comes to moving forward in all aspects of the game. This AFK Arena Team Composition guide includes all heroes that could possibly be used in a team and allows more room for players to utilize and experiment on as long as they get that much-needed win or progress in the game.

AFK Arena Team Composition Guide (Carry-wise)

This guide centers on the fact that there are carries within the game that are heavily utilized but will also showcase their strengths when it comes to being part of a good team composition. This guide includes all heroes that could possibly be used in a team and allows more room for players to utilize and experiment on as long as they get that much-needed win or progress in the game.

1. Thoran Cheese

Thoran is the core of the team, with other supporting DPS units such as Kelthur, Lorsan, Lyca, Ferael, Pippa, etc. One of the most well-known teams especially for the endgame, whose main goal is to assemble all foes around Thoran and use his ultimate to slay (or help slay) them.

Image via Lilith Games

It is not necessarily a drawback, but depending on the enemy setup players would see, this composition must be adaptable with the substitutes and this arrangement. Although it routinely defeats the toughest stages, it also relies heavily on randomness, so be prepared to replay the same battles until the player would succeed. It is also one of the least expensive end-game teams players can field in AFK Arena, nonetheless.

2. Ainz Dimensional

Ainz Ooal Gown, Albedo, and Merlin as the core of the team, and to be accompanied by other viable Dimensional Heroes. This squad’s primary goal is to enhance Ainz and prolong his life so that he can deal his ultimate damage and destroy the other team. Simply said, if players let Ainz do his job, he will simply take care of the battle for players, making this squad extremely powerful.

Image via Lilith Games

The drawback is that players would need Albedo and Ainz to have +30 Signature items in addition to at least Ainz 9/9 furniture, (Albedo helps, but 3/9 is acceptable with her as well). Despite the fact that players would still need and save up for the heroes for it, this team is the finest option available when considering the raw force aspect of the game.

3. The Queen Control

Queen, Skriath, and Erron as the team’s core, and are accompanied by great buffers or utility heroes such as Lyca, Rowan, Lorsan, Tasi, Flora, Rowan, etc. With perfect AoE synergy, Skriath’s 3/9 furniture effect will deal with opponents pulled in by Eironn. Eironn’s +30 Signature Item and at the very least obtaining his 3/9 furnishings bonus require investment. And with that combo going, Skriath will also require at least a 3/9 furniture bonus, and maxing out his signature item also greatly assists the success of the team.

Image via Lilith Games

This team is great because it is incredibly adaptable and never falters. What this team focuses on is just like its name, control. Control as in crowd control. A good hero to bring in would also be Queen alongside other units that could pair up nicely with either Eironn or provide bonuses with Skriath and Queen. This team focuses on locking down the enemy and doing so until the damage of the team slays them all.

4. Lucretia Cheese

This team’s core is similar to others bringing in Lucretia for a change, but keeping in Eironn, Skriath, and Safiya. Add in some buffers such as Orthros, Rowan, Lorsan, Rosaline, etc., and players could have this all set up. Currently, in AFK Arena, a very well-liked squad is put up. Since the cost is only truly required for Lucretia, this squad is relatively affordable for those with limited funds.

Image via Lilith Games

The main evolution of this team is around Skriath and Eironn gathering enemies for Lucretia’s AoE damage. This team just exists to allow Lucretia to do her thing, and most heroes die in the first seconds. This team can overcome extreme level shortages given the right hero placement. It allows maximum damage output from Lucretia and takes down enemies already pulled in. This is easily a fan favorite and can definitely give players that much-needed win.

5. The Charizard

This team’s core would be a bit pricey in Mehira, Khazard, Rosaline, and Rowan to say the least. Adding in perhaps one DPS hero and a good buffer could really make the team pop at most. Watch the adversaries slay each other with this arrangement, which revolves around Mehira utilizing her charm to turn the tables on them.

Image via Lilith Games

This team’s sole focus is chaining it up, and even though the Hypogean faction receives a lot of investment, it is one of the most dependable end-game teams. Make sure Rosaline gets to follow Mehira for maximum results. With already a ton of bonuses from the Hypogean factions, this team is all set up for destruction in a sustained manner thus giving it the reputation as one of the great end-game teams.

6. Alna GraveBorn

Image via Lilith Games

Just as the name suggests, Alna is part of the core but along with Grezhul this time. Add in some sustain buffers or DPS Graveborn heroes for maximum output! Alna will keep Grezhul alive by giving him invulnerability with her 9/9 furniture set because with the incredible damage that he deals at 9/9 by stealing stats from adversaries, he simply needs to stay alive to make this team work incredibly successfully. Using sheer force and survivability, this team is one of the easiest to work around while also keeping it a good staple for players to use in the game.

AFK Arena Team Composition Guide (Lightbearer-wise)

This AFK Arena guide will highlight the carries that are frequently used in the game when it comes to the Lightbearer faction as well as their advantages when it comes to making together a strong team composition. This guide will also show players which Lightbearers are ideal for a good amount of the game moving forward and perhaps aid them in getting good heroes to help them in this faction.

1. Lucius

Image via Lilith Games

The Lightbearer faction’s tank hero Lucius is built on strength. His abilities are geared toward stopping the adversaries in front of him. Additionally, he is capable of healing allies and of forming a powerful shield around himself to increase his protection. Players should look to buff him up when it comes to his Signature Item so he could reduce the energy recovery of the enemy and do more for players’ teams.

2. Rowan

Being branded as one of the best Lightbearers around, it is not a surprise that Rowan makes this list. Rowan is an intelligence-based support hero of the Lightbearer faction. He utilizes his pet duck in the battle to attack enemies, keeps a supply of potions to heal allies, and converts his health damage to energy damage.

Rowan AFK Arena
Image via Lilith Games

Rowan is what players would need when it comes to healing allies and also keeping their energy up. One of the true supports in the game, but Rowan is surely one of the more reliable heroes, especially in any Lightbearer composition.

3. Rosaline

Rosaline is a superbly skilled intelligence-based support hero of the Lightbearer side. She aids the most powerful hero with her excellent skills and follows them providing them with healing and instant energy recovery when she uses her ultimate skill.

Image via Lilith Games

While providing her team with a decent amount of damage, she would be sure to keep carries alive while also being somewhat of a carry herself. Additionally, when battling guild bosses, she does quite well in a Lightbearer composition.

4. Belinda

With one of the highest crit rates in the game, Belinda is a potent burst hero. Her ultimate ability synergizes nicely with heroes like Raine because it may inflict a significant amount of damage in a brief period of time.

Image via Lilith Games

She is good support as well because she can give up to two teammates’ attack ratings and critical strike bonuses. With doubling as both a carry and support, Belinda is sure to give players a great hero when it comes to the Lightbearer faction and is already a huge staple as a Lightbearer herself.

5. Fawkes

One excellent hero to have in a Lightbearer composition is Fawkes, and his main responsibilities include damaging opponents and disabling their buffs. When the timing is right, his ultimate ability, Purification, is very potent and capable of disabling boosts like Brutus’ immunity shield.

Image via Lilith Games

By disabling a ton of buffs, Fawkes is more than just another DPS Lightbearer, and also brings way more than DPS to the table. Players may have a tough time getting him through any rewards or events, but going for Fawkes is one way to make progress easier for a Lightbearer composition.

Final Thoughts

Players should feel free to move around and experiment with these compositions as players have their own route they took when starting the game. The best thing to follow for these comps is their cores as they are the heroes that deal the most damage or what matters the most in the comp.

As players would struggle, it would be wise to consider what heroes they have and make sure some are included and can be replaced or moved around when it comes to grabbing the win or moving forward in the game. Who knows, some comps right here could even be fun for players to use all around!

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