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Alchemy Stars Character Tier List May 2022

Choose the best characters this May!

The recently launched Alchemy Stars has everyone in the gacha mobile gaming community talking about it. Developed by Tourdog Studio, Alchemy Stars has already been downloaded over a million times on iOS and Android since its launch. The game is not only a breath of fresh air in the gacha gaming scenery with its immersive gameplay, but it also has a beautifully crafted story with a blend of fascinating characters. These interesting characters each have their own stories and help players in their own unique ways to progress through the game. This Alchemy Stars Character Tier List for May 2022 will provide a complete tier list that can help players evaluate which Aurorian to go with when it comes to in-game combat.

Alchemy Stars Character Tier List for May 2022

The following Alchemy Stars character tier list is based on the author’s personal preference and experience with the game and can vary with others depending on their playing styles.

Tier / ClassWaterFireForestThunder
S (Overpowered)Chloe, Raphael, Sharona, CarleenVictoria, Jona, Charon, Eicy, Uriel, SinsaMigard, Gabriel, HiiroWrath, Irridon, Gronru, Michael, Eve
A (Strong)Hydrad, Philyshy, Sariel, Bethlehem, Kuma & Pengy, Kleken, Barton, ViceMaggie, Alice, Barbara, Istvan, Faust, Patty & PattsySikare, Louise, Nikinis, Jola, Areia, Pact, Cuscata, Robyn Mia, Dayna, Nemesis, Beverly, Schwartz, Vivian
B (Decent)Connolly, Michenny,
Ms. Blanc, Jane, Noah, Constantine
Chandra, Brock, Nails, Leona, ReginaLester, Sylva, Wendy, Uriah, Jomu, Ophina, OdiKeating, Kafka, Ansia, Rabbie, Tessa, Lilliam, Nadine
C (Not bad)Corax, Korgon, SeleucidJoanie, Tiny One, Chainsaw Rick, PepiDoveEho, Unimet
D (Weak)Zoya, White DwarfSork, BeckClover, LeahAmy, Angel
Alchemy Stars Character Tier List for July 2021

It should be noted that the tier list has the characters divided according to their element to make it easier to understand the ranking of each character for each element. Since players will choose any element attribute they prefer when creating their teams, dividing the list like this should help them make the decision easier. The tier list takes into account the star rating of the characters. As it is obvious that a 6-star rated character will be stronger than a 3-star rated character, lower stars are judged within their own rating for more fairness.

Alchemy Stars Tier List: Best Characters ranked

Since the game has over 80 characters, it will be difficult to write the strengths and weaknesses of all the Aurorians. So here are some details on the strongest 6 star rated Aurorians within the game for each elemental attribute:

From Left to Right: Sharona, Charon, Hiiro and Michael
From Left to Right: Sharona, Charon, Hiiro and Michael

Sharona (Water)

Sharona is a teleporter and damage dealer. Her active skill involves her teleporting to a chosen tile and dealing 320%  damage to two surrounding circles. She also applies two stacks of Dragontooth Marks. Sharona has the highest Attack stats for Water with 3549 points and has a Defensive stat of 1216. Her high HP of 9691 makes her a very helpful character. She has a cooldown of 3 rounds.

Charon (Fire)

Charon is a tile converter with 3266 Attack stats and 1084 Defense stats. With a total HP of 9206, Charon is a well-rounded character that often comes in handy.

Charon’s active skill is what makes him the best 6-star rated Fire Aurorian. He calls a train, yes, an actual train, to the battlefield that deals 300% damage in 3 columns. On top of that, the active skill also deals 50% extra damage to enemies in the middle column and increases the chance of generating red tiles by resetting other colored tiles within its area of attack.

Migard (Forest)

With 3716 Attack stats, 1263 Defense stats, and 10235 HP, Migard is the best 6-star rated Forest Aurorian. She is a very powerful teleporter.  

Migard’s active skill lets her teleport to any place on the board within 3 tiles that surround her and deals damage of 250% to an enemy within the range of 1 tile from her. Her comparatively higher attacking ability makes her unique as she can double damage if there is only one enemy and her attack power increases with each enemy she kills.

Michael (Thunder)

Michael is a teleporter and damage dealer with the highest Attack stats among Thunder Aurorians. Her active skill involves moving to the chosen tile and dealing 350% damage and some extra damage on top of that to the enemies along the way or in adjacent tiles. She then casts a Chain combo to top it off. Michael’s Attack stats is 3471, Defense is 1224 and HP is 9696.

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