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Seven Knights 2 Beginners Guide and Tips

Enjoy collecting, strengthening, and fighting with your heroes

Seven Knights 2 is a new RPG continuing its epic story from the first Seven Knights game from Netmarble. Seven Knights 2 in terms of gameplay may not seem daunting at first but with higher content, you may run into some problems even with the auto system. Even if the game is somewhat free-to-play friendly and has well-polished mechanics. The game scales with difficulty as you go on with the story and auto gameplay may not be sufficient enough for higher content, so here is Seven Knights 2 beginners guide and tips that will help you in the start for efficient use of your resources and to know more about the best options available.

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Seven Knights 2 Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics


Understanding the roles and capabilities of these heroes is crucial for navigating the challenges ahead. The heroes are divided into five classes DPS, Ranged, Tank, Support, and Universal. DPS units are the main damage dealers of your team, they usually have high attack power but lack survivability on their own, that’s where Tanks come in with their high defense and HP pool to guard the entire team and take damage from the enemies.

Seven knights 2 team building
Image via Netmarble

Support characters are usually equipped with buff, debuff, healing, and other abilities; they can power up the entire team for higher damage or keep them alive with healing, depending on their skills. Ranged characters are generally the units that have the best AOE skills and are best against huge mobs, they have weaker damage output as compared to main DPS units however they are usually in the backline and safe from the frontal enemy attacks, and can shred down the enemies slowly. The Universal heroes possess balanced attributes suitable for both offense and defense, they offer flexibility in various situations.

Acquiring heroes in Seven Knights 2 can be done by summoning them in the shop using Rubies or recruiting them with Hero Soul Stones. Additionally, leveling up your heroes and utilizing the rebirth system to increase their maximum level is essential for strengthening your team’s capabilities. And unleashing the full potential of your heroes involves investing resources in enhancing their attributes and upgrading their talent skills.

Setting up your Team

To set up your team effectively, start by considering the mode you’ll be playing, whether it’s a standard mode or an 8-player Raid. In standard modes, you can choose 4 heroes and 1 pet, while in 8-Player Raids, you have the flexibility to select up to 8 heroes. Each hero brings unique abilities to the table, so craft your team composition carefully to ensure a balance of strengths and roles.

Seven Knights 2 Set Team
Image via Netmarble

Additionally, make sure to select a formation that complements your team’s strengths and strategy. Formations offer additional effects based on their type and arrangement, so choose one that aligns with your play style. If you prefer a quicker setup, utilize the Auto Set Team feature to automatically place heroes and pets based on their combat power. Once your team is assembled, dive into the mode, keeping in mind that you won’t be able to make changes once it’s started.


In the game, pets can be obtained either by fusing Soulstones or summoning them from the shop. They come in seven grades: Common, Greater, Rare, Rare+, Legendary, Legendary+, and Mythic, each with different skill effects. These pets have active and passive skills, with passive skills providing buffs to heroes. I’ve found that some of these pets have two separate active skills that can be customized using Pet Skill Settings.

Seven Knights 2 Set Team
Image via Netmarble

You have the option to convert Legendary grade or higher Pet Soulstones into different ones of the same grade, but this process requires Rubies. After conversion, a new pet of the same grade will appear. Additionally, you can level up pets using the Pet Upgrade System to enhance their effects. The resources required for upgrades vary based on the pet’s grade, and the benefits of these upgrades extend to all heroes on the same team as the pet.


Your inventory holds all your items and can be filtered by categories like weapons, armor, and accessories. You can equip, unequip, salvage, and transcend items directly from your inventory, and it’s shared across all your heroes. Equipping gear from the same group or higher activates set effects, with Mythic equipment granting individual effects. Identical weapons and armor set share set effects regardless of grade, but I’ve found that accessories must match grades.

Seven Knights 2 Inventory
Image via Netmarble

Enhancing these gears boosts its stats but requires Gold and Enhancement Stones. Additionally, enchanting adds special attributes to equipment, requiring Gold and Enchantment Scrolls, with attributes changeable using the same resources. By managing your equipment effectively, you can optimize your heroes’ performance in battles.


Joining a guild is essential for earning gold, a crucial resource in your adventure. Guild participation offers perks like access to the Guild Store and Guild Raid Rewards, which provide plenty of gold. Make sure to gather Guild Points daily to buy Gold Boxes for more gold. Starting, consider joining a casual guild. Guilds can hold up to 30 members, and while you can change the guild name, you can’t reuse names previously used.

Seven Knights 2 Guild
Image via Netmarble

I’ve found that leaving a guild during the regular Guild War season means a 2-day wait before joining or creating another guild. Once the regular season penalty ends, you can get back into guild activities. Being in a guild also lets you participate in exclusive events like Guild War and Guild Raid. You can even have Friendly Matches with guild members.

Seven Knights 2 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use your Rubies efficiently

Rubies are an important currency that can be used to summon characters, pets, and gears. It can also be used to expand inventory. Rubies are generally obtained from daily missions, guild wars, and arena and field exploration, clearing scenario stages also gives rubies once you have cleared it for the first time.

You should always use Rubies for Hero Summons, and not on pets and gear, since the rates are so low, it’s very risky, and even with the huge investment, you might not gain anything in return. So for safety use rubies on the rate-up Heroes, special summons have a lower chance to gain units as compared to rate-up, but do whichever suits you more. Invest all your rubies into hero summoning until you reach level 50+ then invest into masteries, as they can increase the overall output of your units.

When it comes to Elixirs and Runes, your priority for farming should be Dungeon 8 since it gives the most amount of Green and Blue materials, and these materials can be exchanged or crafted down to white or green materials with no loss of materials and for free.

2. Building your team

Understanding the different character classes is crucial for building a strong team in Seven Knights 2. Characters are divided into five classes: DPS, Tank, Support, Ranged, and Universal. DPS units focus on dealing high damage, while Tanks protect the team with high defense.

Support characters provide buffs, healing, and other helpful abilities. Ranged units excel at attacking multiple enemies from a distance. A balanced team typically includes 1-2 DPS, at least 1 Support, and a Tank. Experimenting with different compositions can be beneficial, but it’s important to maintain balance for optimal performance in challenging content.

3. Best items to buy from specific Shops

You should buy attack, defense, and health buffs along with the hero, pet, and equipment summon cards from the guild store whenever you can. If you can’t afford everything then buy the summons first then the buffs.

The Topaz shop has various things that may seem worthy enough to buy, but the best thing to buy there is a 10x pull ticket which costs 11k topaz. This 10x ticket can be used in a special banner, which can be used to get a Legendary+ character that can be selected by you, this selection will also include new characters that get added to the pool, irrespective of the time you gain it. 

Image via Netmarble

You may find a legendary weapon in the Mole Emporium when you see one get it, no matter its type or set, and level it beyond level 10. A legendary weapon will add a huge difference to the power of your accounts, moreover whichever DPS character you give this weapon to will enjoy a very high ATK stat, regardless of its set effect.

The Mole Emporium also has experience potions and maps which should be bought according to your needs. In the early game, rare gears are also a good choice, and you should only use gold to buy soul stones, don’t use rubies. Scrolls, Growth dungeon tickets, and celestial tower tickets should also be bought frequently.

4. Understanding the best Tactics formations

Tactics formations are very important as they can provide stats bonuses for various types of formations and give more focus on a particular unit or increase the output efficiency of a particular skill set. Your units can take advantage of formations for more focus on higher DPS, healing, or all-out defense.

Some characters also work very well with some formations which may become the key for clearing certain bosses and stages. Initially, you will have three formations unlocked, you can unlock the other different formations with gold.

5. Know the best starting Characters

  • Claire is a very solid unit for early investment, other than her high DPS capabilities because of her high crit inbuilt in her kit along with crit buffing capabilities, she also has skills that can debuff enemies, overall a great character.
  • Cosette is another mid-range damage dealer that has a very high damage output. She is a great character for dungeons in the early game, her passive can deal additional damage and her skill can ignore the DEF of enemies altogether, especially effective on bosses. She is strong against single-target enemies. Her legendary form is even more impressive and should be your top priority among legendary characters as she will be on the top of the meta for damage output.
  • Shane is a DPS character with universal class, she is very strong and especially effective in group battles against Ice King and Single Boss Dungeons in general. She will also help out a lot in direct PvP. Her kit is very versatile which allows her to fill various roles, her skill includes a teleporting ability that can counter a lot of specific enemies. She is a great DPS unit for early investment if you have her build her ASAP.
  • Scott is a DPS character who specializes against Single target enemies, which means single-boss dungeons, another good unit if you need DPS characters in the early game, his skills include burst-type damage, so timing is crucial. He also has bleed resistance so may be helpful in specific scenarios.
  • Adel is a great tank for the early game and should be used as the main tank for the team, he is also useful in the mid-game. His skills include Freeze Resistance which helps him in ignoring annoying crowd control skills by enemies and bosses in general. His greatest usage lies in group battles and against the Ice King and enemies with freeze abilities. He is not an unrivaled tank though when his skills are in cold won he needs to be careful of enemy attacks.
  • Ian is a support-type character, with poison resistance skills, which pretty much makes him mandatory against enemies and bosses that use poison. He is fragile support so needs protection and lacks survivability on his own. Nevertheless, he is a must-have in group battles, against Poison King and Shattered Emperor. He can also reduce the damage taken by the team which may be helpful against bosses that deal a lot of damage.

6. Soulstone Quarry

Among the dungeons, Soulstone quarry should be the most important as it will help you in transcending characters max level. Always try to clear the maximum difficulty as it is the most efficient. Defense Break is very crucial for these dungeons and you should try to have as many as possible defense debuffs in the team.

You should always try to have a tank for taking on this dungeon, any tank with defense reduction or ignoring skills is preferred here/ Rachel and Kade are among the good ones for this. For damage dealers, Cosette and Shay are quite good.

One of the many strategies for this dungeon includes separation of the tank from the rest of the team, trying to keep the tank on one side of the dungeon,  to take the brunt of the attacks from the enemy while your other characters shred down the enemy without taking much damage.

7. Other Miscellaneous Tips

Here are a few of our additional tips to help you kickstart your journey in Seven Knights 2.

  • You should level up unleveled characters to 10+ when you have excessive experience potion, the reason being characters at every 10 levels will have to add some stats in the codex which will increase the overall stats of your other characters.
  • Your priority should be progress on the main storyline as compared to that of raids, the reason being Hard field exploration on the story mod.
Seven knights 2 hero codex
Image via Netmarble
  • Never buy legendary soulstones from the Alice Soulstone store as they are highly inefficient.
  • Hero codex is very important, and eventually, you will have to invest in a lot of units, as they contribute to it, make sure to remember that some units have more priority as compared to others, and should be invested in first, and after that focus on other units.

Final Thoughts

Seven Knights 2 offers a thrilling RPG experience with its diverse cast of heroes and engaging gameplay mechanics. With this guide, you must have already understood how to play the game efficiently and how you can gradually become a pro in it. The tips that have been provided in this Seven Knights 2 beginners guide are the most essential keys for a beginner to gain confidence in the game and win matches over and over again.

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