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Apex Legends Mobile Guide: How to use the Ordnance effectively

Ordnance refers to thrown projectiles in the game...

Different types of explosives and projectiles called Ordnance are available for players to use against opponents in Apex Legends Mobile. The game includes different Ordnances that have unique detonation times and damaging abilities. In this article, we discuss the different Ordnances in the game and how to use them effectively.

Types of Ordnance available in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile features the following types of Ordnances:

  • Frag Grenade: An explosive device that has a 4-second timer before detonation and explodes only after impact. 1-100 damage, plus 10 damage if it strikes an enemy.
  • Arc Star: This Ordnance grabs onto anything it hits and triggers a large burst of arc energy after 3 seconds. After impact, it drains all shields and stuns enemies for 5 seconds. 70 damage, plus 15 damage if it pierces an enemy.
Arc Star Ordnance
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Thermite Grenade: Creates a 3-meter-long wall of fire on impact. 25 damage over 3 seconds. This Ordnance also deals damage over time which downs a player without armor in 4 seconds.

Complete list of Ordnances available by the Legends

In the game there are different characters who can be selected to play the game, these characters are known as Legends. There are different Legends to choose from, the mobile version features an exclusive Legend called Fade. Below are the Ordnances available by Legends in Apex Legends Mobile:

Caustic Ordnance

  • Nox Gas Grenade: Releases gas in an area, causing enemies to take damage while reducing their movement speed and visibility. This Ordinance doesn’t interfere with Caustic‘s vision in the game and gives Caustic the upper hand against opponents.
Apex Legends Mobile, Apex Legends caustic
Image via Electronic Arts

Gibraltar Ordnance

  • Mortar Bombardment: Calls in a mortar strike that covers a large area and deals heavy damage that slows movement and reduces visibility.

Bangalore Ordnance

  • Smoke Grenade: Fires a shell that splits into 3 smoke canisters. Does 10 damage to enemies it hits and creates a large smokescreen.
Smoke Grenade
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Creeping Barrage: Calls in a slow-moving artillery strike on an area. Barrage slows movements, reduces visibility, and does up to 100 damage per blast.

These are some of the Ordnances available in the game using which will give you an upper hand against your enemies. The game has already been downloaded more than 10 million times. Apex Legends Mobile is a unique battle royale game with high octane action gameplay, join in the fun by using these Ordnances and becoming the Champion.

Did you find our guide to using Ordnance in Apex Legends Mobile helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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