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Apex Legends Mobile Holidays In The Outlands challenge: Tips to earn Crypto skin for free

Grab the exclusive Crypto’s ‘Web Of Lies’ legend skin for free!

The ongoing season 3.5 in Apex Legends Mobile is bringing in new limited-time events and challenges for players to earn free rewards. These challenges require players to complete certain season-specific missions and obtain various rewards including seasonal currencies, exclusive legend skin, alluring weapon skins, and more. The latest event in Apex Legends Mobile is titled Holidays In The Outlands and players can grab the exclusive Crypto’s Web Of Lies legend skin and more for free.

How to complete the ‘Holidays In The Outlands’ challenge in Apex Legends Mobile

The Holidays In The Outlands quest commenced on 12th November 2022 and will remain live till 21st November 2022. Five distinct missions, each with a specific objective, must be completed by the player. After completing a quest, users can tap on “Go” next to it to access the free reward that comes with it.

Apex Legends Mobile Crypto Cover, Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat Event
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The list of missions with the corresponding challenge points is given below.

  • Play 5 matches in any mode – 20 Challenge Points
  • Deal 2000 damage in any mode – 20 Challenge Points
  • Deal 750 damage in a single match in any mode – 20 Challenge Points
  • Kill enemies 10 times in Battle Royale – 20 Challenge Points
  • Finish in the top 3 in Battle Royale for 2 times – 20 Challenge Points

Apex Legends Mobile Holidays In The Outlands: Event rewards

Following are the rewards that players can earn upon reaching specific point levels. 

  • 30 Challenge Points – 3000 Underworld Coins (seasonal currencies) 
  • 60 Challenge Points – Web Of Lies (Crypto’s skin)
  • 100 Challenge Points – Sacred Spirit (P2020 weapon skin)
Apex Legends Mobile Holidays In The Outlands rewards
Image via Electronic Arts

To access the event players must tap on the ‘Holidays In The Outlands’ banner located on the right side of the home screen. In addition, players can receive free login incentives as part of the “We Are The Champions” event on the occasion of winning the best game of the year title at the Google Play Best of 2022 Awards.

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