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Apex Legends Mobile Crypto Guide: Perks, Abilities and Gameplay Tips

Tips to use the newest legend in-game!

With the newly-released Season 2.5 titled Hyperbeat in Apex Legends Mobile, one would be highly curious about what is new in-store. This time, players have received a lot of new skins along with yet another insane legend, and that is none other than Crypto. Crypto is a surveillance expert whose passive and tactical abilities can be related to that of Bloodhound‘s. Already introduced in the PC version of the title, in this guide, we shall discuss his abilities, perks, finishers, and some basic tips required to use Crypto wisely in Apex Legends Mobile.

Despite being accidentally added to the shop a few days back, prior to his release, some players were able to make the purchase. But, they were unable to play with him. Therefore, these players will be able to use the legends with the onset of the Season 2.5 Update.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Apex Legends characters like LifelineBloodhound, Octane, WraithMiragePathfinder, Gibraltar, Bangalore, Caustic, Fade, Loba, and Rhapsody. Therefore, players must make sure to check the past character guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Crypto.

About Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile 

Known as Crypto in the Apex Games, Tae Joon Park is a codebreaker that specializes in secrecy. He’s a 31-year-old hacker and cryptographer residing in the Home World of  Gaea. He uses Aerial drones to spy on opponents covertly. As an orphan, Park escaped his tragic past with his foster sister, Mila Alexander, and became a computer engineer for a mercenary organization.

Apex Legends Mobile Crypto Guide gameplay
Image via Electronic Arts

One day, Park and Mila discovered an algorithm deep inside Apex’s system that could predict the outcome of any match. Mila disappeared the next day, and Park was forced to hide after being framed for Mila’s murder. Having joined the Apex Games, Crypto is out to clear his name and find those who framed him for the murder.

Crypto Abilities

Crypto’s role breaks down everything that he would bring to the table. Being a surveillance expert, his abilities help scout enemies with the help of his drone. Let us read them in brief. 

Apex Legends Mobile Crypto Guide abilities
Image via Electronic Arts

With the help of this ability, enemies and traps detected by one’s surveillance drone are marked for their squad within a range of 30 meters. This has allowed aggressive players while rush and favors passive players at the same time. 

Tactical ability – Surveillance Drone 

On activating this ability, the player deploys a pilotable drone to surveil his surroundings. The drone detects enemy squads and battlefield hazards, resulting in a total surveillance check before any move. 

Ultimate ability – Drone EMP

The player’s Drone sets off an EMP blast that deals Shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps. Players can use this ability as an initial move to weaken their enemies and push them at the same time. 

Perks and Finishers of Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile

Perks are additional traits that modify the Legend’s default abilities and strengths. They are broken into three categories, which include general perks, finisher perks, and exclusive perks. 

General Perks

  • Self Destruct: Destroyed drones explode after 3s, slowing and damaging enemies caught in the blast.
  • Hidden User: Become semi-transparent when controlling drones.
  • System Scan: Player’s drone reveals an enemy’s HP and armor after 3 seconds of scanning.
  • Shut Down: Ultimate Ability also damages HP, but cannot kill an enemy.
  • Lag Bomb: Drones can launch an EMP bomb that slows and deals damage.
  • Salvage Operation: Drones can retrieve items.
Apex Legends Mobile Crypto Guide perks
Image via Electronic Arts

Finisher Perks

  • Battle Adaptation:  Using the Finisher adds 100 points to one’s EVO Shield.
  • Restart: Using the Finisher instantly repairs one’s drone or reduces one’s Ultimate cooldown by 30%.
  • Interrogator: Using the Finisher reveals the location of the player’s enemy’s squad on the mini-map.

Crypto acts as the eagle of a team. His drone comes in very handy and can replace Bloodhound in certain situations. Let us see a few team compositions below: 

  • Crypto, Wraith, Gibraltar: This heavily balanced team can whip out any team if played rightly. Wraith, being the frontline attacker of the team, can be used to move forward or backward at a faster rate. Gibraltar can make use of his abilities to keep himself and his team safe from harm, while Crypto can lead their way in any direction, depending on their safety.
  •  Crypto, Caustic, Octane: Similar to the first but slightly towards the aggressive side, this team revolves around Caustic’s toxic traps in close range and Octane’s jump pad for rotations. While Crypto does the same job by identifying the safer side for the team, he can also assist the other two Legends using his Ultimate.

Apex Legends Mobile Crypto Gameplay Tips

In this section of the guide, we will look at some tips and tricks to play with Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile.

  • Crypto is a surveillance expert, hence, make sure to utilize his scouting abilities, before making any move, for it can benefit a team largely. 
  • Players can recall the drone while it is in its idle position, and it will continue to follow them. This is a slight rework done by the developers of Apex Legends Mobile, and it surely seems to be stunning. 
  • If an enemy is in the vicinity but out of sight, the drone would still detect and track them. While this can be used at any point in time, it is highly beneficial during close-range battles, for the drone excels there. 

Final Thoughts

With yet another legend up for grabs now, players are one legend closer to having a complete set of unlocked legends. Crypto could be an alternative to Bloodhound, but it has a comparatively higher passive playstyle. However, Crypto is another addition to the PC version of Apex Legends, and players from both platforms cannot wait to try him out in the game.

That’s all for today’s Crypto guide in Apex Legends Mobile. Do you prefer to use Crypto in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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