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Atelier Resleriana: Tips to earn Lodestar Gems in the game

Earn more lodestar gems for more pulls!

Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator, the latest addition to the beloved Atelier series, initiated pre-registration in Japan in August 2023, with a subsequent global expansion in November 2023. This JRPG immerses players in a fresh narrative, delving into the realm of alchemy alongside Resna Sternenlicht. Our focus in this article will be on optimal ways to earn Lodestar gems in Atelier Resleriana.

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How to get more Lodestar Gems in Atelier Resleriana

1. Do the Beginners Mission

As I dived into the world of Atelier Resleriana, I discovered some pretty neat ways to gather Lodestar Gems, especially through Beginner’s Missions. These missions are like big achievements in the game where you do things like hitting certain levels.


Like completing EXP quests, and making different items. It’s great because doing all of this earned me about 3000 gems, which gets us to about 20 pulls in total.

2. Complete the Achievements

Another thing I found out is that the Achievements in this game are a bit different. It’s not just about in-game tasks as they also reward you for doing things outside the game, like joining their Discord or following them on Twitter.

Atelier Resleriana achievements

It’s a fresh take, and I got extra Lodestar Gems along with the usual in-game achievements. So make sure to also do this if you want to earn more lodestar gems in the game.

3. Boss Challenges

Another thing that gives a good amount of Lodestar gems is participating in Boss Challenges. The greater your performance, ranging from C to SS scores, the more rewards you reap.

Atelier Resleriana boss challenge

It’s not solely about the excitement of the battle but also the enticing rewards that follow, a greater amount of Lodestar Gems for those who strive for excellence. This dynamic aspect of the game gives excitement and motivation to give it your all in every encounter.

4. Inviting Friends

Another method that I have uncovered an effective method for acquiring additional Lodestar Gems in Atelier Resleriana is by inviting friends to join the game. This approach fosters camaraderie and also leads to notable rewards. As my friends progress in the game, I’m graciously rewarded with extra gems as a gesture of appreciation.

Atelier Resleriana invite friends

It’s to share the joy of gaming and receive a generous acknowledgment in return. This newfound strategy has become an integral part of my gameplay, allowing me to bolster my gem reserves while engaging in meaningful interactions within the gaming community.

5. Dailies and Weeklies

Lastly, keeping up with Daily and Weekly tasks turned out to be a solid strategy. Doing these routine things, like daily quests or weekly challenges, kept a steady flow of Lodestar Gems coming my way.

Atelier Resleriana dailies

It might seem simple, but it’s like a little treasure chest that opens up regularly, making sure I always have a stash of gems for whatever comes next in Atelier Resleriana.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, earning Lodestar Gems in Atelier Resleriana is both rewarding and enjoyable, with various avenues available to players. Whether completing Beginner’s Missions, engaging in Achievements, tackling Boss Challenges, inviting friends to play, or simply staying consistent with Daily and Weekly tasks, each method offers its unique benefits. By leveraging these opportunities, players can steadily accumulate Lodestar Gems, enhancing their in-game experience and progressing through the adventure with greater ease.

What are your thoughts about the best ways to earn Lodestar Gems in Atelier Resleriana? Do let us know in the comments!

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