AutoChess MOBA: List of common issues and how to fix them

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AutoChess Moba is a new multiplayer online-based arena game based on Dragonest Games’ Autochess video game. Autochess Moba, in contrast to Autochess, is a MOBA-style game that intends to compete with big titles such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and League of Legends Wild Rift. This article will go through several common errors and issues that players, both beginner and experienced, make when playing the AutoChess MOBA and show how to avoid them.

Being in the game people start to develop a couple of certain “biases” in their play style. These said biases can be good for the player but sometimes hinders their growth into developing a better skill which most of the time leads to the feeling of getting hard-stuck and skill capped in a certain rank or rating.

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Finding and solving the common issues in AutoChess MOBA

1. Practising too many heroes out

One common mistake players do when trying to climb the ranked ladder in MOBA games most especially AutoChess MOBA, is trying to master each and every possible hero there is. Nothing much harder to ingest than having too much on your plate. It will be more difficult to convert from one role mentality to the other if you cycle between top and support positions all the time (for example), resulting in more mistakes.

One of the worst habits that can be learned and absorbed by beginners is being too trusting in the game’s automatic build recommendations that automatically appear in the player’s top left of the screen. Although arguably for a beginner it would be very wise to buy these as the items that are seen there are the best possible build for the certain hero in the ideal condition.

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However, You should always be prepared to adjust your item build based on how the other team scales. This involves knowing when to develop more Magic Resist or increase your attack damage to help with the game’s progress.

3. Not attempting to last hit every creep

The best way to win in the game would be to grow stronger with more gold than the enemy team and the most efficient way to amass in-game gold is to ensure that you are last-hitting minions and therefore creating money. Being accustomed to other mobile MOBA games where last-hitting creeps will only give a small amount of incentive to the players is not good in Autochess MOBA. The last-hitting creep mechanism in AutoChess Moba is significantly more crucial than in other MOBA games because it only lets you gain 11 gold instead of 45 gold when you can’t last hit.

4. Communication only with yourself

As said by the most famous General Napoleon, “War is ninety percent communication”. As such keeping information about the enemy for yourself is a big no-no for a team game that relies on team play such as AutoChess MOBA. When beginning team fights, efficient communication is critical as it will dictate who flanks who and who outmaneuvers who.

auto Chess MOBA Objectives
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A single miscommunication among teammates can cause the game to be won by the enemy easily especially when catching off the carry of your team by not calling out where the enemy assassin is last seen.

5. Letting wards be off cooldown for too long

Ward is a vital part of ninety percent of battle that is information that is mentioned above. Wards are free and just have cooldown to place another one again and letting one off cooldown for too long is just wasting the possible information that the ward can possibly get for the team. In the thick of the battle’s fog, your eyes serve as your wards.

You can track down your enemies and plan your next attack accordingly. To avoid losing sight of your win, place your wards in key locations, particularly the jungle high grounds. One other extra mistake that players make is relying too much on support to ward. One question is, you have wards available too right? Why are they just sitting in your inventory?

6. Not caring about the Team Composition

A MOBA pro player friend of mine once said that half of the battle is being fought in the picking phase of the game. Autochess Moba employs cooperative gameplay. As a result, you must always pay attention to the characters chosen by your teammates and make a wise choice for your own hero. Not just that but also the hero picks of the enemy are important as countering enemy heroes will give your team a better chance of winning as rocks beat scissors every time.

7. Not paying attention to the mini-map and surroundings

One other mistake that players usually do regardless of whether they are newbies or people that have played for long and reached high ranks is the tendency to tunnel vision into a single enemy or single goal in mind that they lose track of how the enemy team is moving and ends up getting ganked and their team being forced into a 4v5 and losing the game. Survival in AutoChess Moba is dependent on staying vigilant.

AutoChess Moba Laning guide
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The key to playing with excellent awareness is to be aware of (and sometimes even predict) where your opponents are hiding and moving on the map. Also keeping track of your team and being able to respond when they would need help would help you win much more games, especially when playing the role of the jungle this skill takes utmost importance.

8. Greed is never really good

One big sin not just in the real world but in the world of video games too is being too greedy. Getting greedy for kill, gold, tower, or any other small objective can oftentimes lead to very bad consequences. This is common with wanting to get many kills and ending up being the one getting killed yourself.

Another with padding your kill stats while ending up giving an opportunity for the enemy team to come back from behind and win the game themselves. The only thing to be done to avoid such a thing would be to play the game where the only goal is to win and destroy the enemy base not showboat against enemies just cause you and your team have gained a little bit of gold and kills advantage.

What are your thoughts on our guide on the list of available common errors and issues in AutoChess MOBA guide? Did you face any such issue? Let us know in the comment section below!

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