AutoChess Moba: The complete Itemization Guide and Tips

Learn how to build things with this guide!

When players first start playing Auto Chess Moba, it is normal to be overwhelmed by all the choices that every player has and is able to do. One of the key aspects that every player should keep in mind is the itemization of heroes. It is imperative to know what items can the heroes make use of and become stronger when wielding, and what items will just be useless paperweights to them. Also, it is important to learn conditional item building in order to progress your skill as a player. In this article, we will dive deep into the itemization system in AutoChess Moba and learn how to build things and when.

AutoChess Moba Guide: Best Itemization Tips and Tricks

Luckily for most beginners, Autochess MOBA employs a recommendation system for buying items for heroes. This is exceptionally useful especially when being a beginner in the game where you are still trying to learn the other mechanics of the game such as laning, farming, kiting, and the such. However, the recommended items of the game, although not bad, may not be the optimal order of the build or even the optimal build against a certain enemy team.

Building a Hero per game

A start to learning how to build a certain hero is to practice them and really learn how they work and how you play them. Before you begin playing a game, practice with the heroes. You may be a total beginner to the game, but if you already have a champion or two, check out their powers before plunging into a fight.

AutoChess Moba Itemization recommendation
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Learning how they work and how you play them will influence the way you should build a character. An example is for Swordman, do you like bursting squishy enemies than building bursty assassin items, do you like dealing damage while also being able to take some, then building bruiser items.

Building Works against Enemies

One thing to keep in mind when building items especially when you are a tank is your enemies. This will need some learning on how many other heroes work and how to counter them with items. You might want to think about stacking some extra armor if an enemy ranger or axe is totally decimating you.

AutoChess Moba Itemization tips
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In situations like this, new players discover that the state of the game will somewhat alter their item builds. You should constantly be prepared to change your item build depending on how the opponent team is scaling. This includes knowing when to build extra Magic Resist or increase your attack damage to aid with the way the game is going.

Final Thoughts

With those lessons in mind, the best way on learning how to effectively build any hero in AutoChess Moba is by learning how each hero plays. First learning your own hero, even as basic as if they are a mage or a marksman is a huge step in learning how to build as the shop available has also been categorized by in which role of hero can they full be used.

Next after a while learn most heroes that are commonly getting played and be familiar with their play style. Especially when stacking magic resist against a mage-heavy team will suddenly make your hero utterly unstoppable.

Did you find our AutoChess Moba Itemization guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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