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Awaken: Chaos Era: The Complete Gear Guide and Tips

Farm the best Gear and utilise it to its strengths!

After King of Avalon, and Guns of Glory, Century Games Publishing is fulfilling our desire to play a unique mythical RPG turn-based game which is Awaken: Chaos Era. Maximizing your hero stats and keeping up the hero with its suitable synergy is one important thing that you have to do. However, it is also important for you to get a high specs gear that you can set on your hero. There are 2 important things that you need to know which are Gear Sets and Gear Slot Types. 15 gear sets are available in the game. 6 of which boost the hero’s base stats while the remaining 9 provide the unique ability to the wearer. But don’t worry, this Awaken: Chaos Era Gear guide will help you to get the best gear you can.

Gear sets available in Awaken: Chaos Era

From Dungeon Boss

Gear sets are available from dungeon bosses. Of course, you have to defeat the boss first in order to get the gear. Each boss has different gear sets as a reward. We will show you every gear set available in Awaken Chaos Era and every attribute in each gear set.

From Roaring Tulpa

Roaring Tulpa has a unique ability that puts up a large Boulder Shield at the start of his turn when his health reaches 50% or below. If you manage to defeat Roaring Tulpa, you will get the following gear sets:

Image via Century Games
  • Terra Set (2 pieces): increase 15 % Health.
  • Vanguard Set (2 pieces): increase 15% Attack.
  • Rage Set (2 pieces): increase 20% Critical Damage. It is suitable for your damage dealers to deal with enemies in no time.

From Queen Of Tides

The following gear sets that you can get after defeating Queen Of Tides are:

  • Warrior Set (2 pieces): Increase 15% Attack
  • Revival Set (2 pieces): Restore 10 % Max health at the start of the turn or increase 20% Max health if the hero’s health is under 50%. It is suitable for your support or tanker.
  • Cursed Set (4 pieces): Increase 35% chance to launch a bonus attack using this character’s basic ability. Can be triggered once per turn. It is best sets for Hero with negative effect on it’s basic attack such as Nathalia or Santis.

From Ash Magisteria

Ash Magisteria has 2 unique abilities that make it challenging to defeat him, which are planting a bomb on one of your heroes and summoning Fire Imps to assist him in battle. As a reward after defeating it, you will get the following gear sets:

Image via Century Games
  • Raider set (2 pieces): Increase 15% speed. It will be useful for PvP Arena as it will give you chance to go first in battle. This allows you to crowd control them or apply Decrease Defense debuff so they receive more damage from your damage dealers.
  • Dragonscale set (4 pieces): Decrease 30% damage from critical strikes. It is also useful for PvP arena as it will help you to counter critical strikes.
  • Avarice set (4 pieces): Grant equipped character 50% bonus damage when attacking over an area. Can only be triggered once every 1 round. It is the best gear for Hydrissea or Valeria as nukers with area of effect attack.

From Witch of the Winds

Image via Century Games

The following gear that you can get from this creepy flying witch is:

  • Faith Set (4 pieces): Converts 50% of healing provided into a shield that lasts for 1 turn. It is the best gear for your support to provide additional survivability for your ally.
  • Assassin Set (4 pieces) : Attacks have a 50% chance to deal bonus 35% damage.

From Gemini Dragon

Gemini Dragon has 2 unique abilities that make this boss challenge. The first ability is the more attacks you inflict on him up will cause him to go Berserk mode. Beserk mode increases hit Attack, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage stats and this self-buff cannot be removed by your hero skills. The second ability is the boss skills are damage boosted when his Health reaches 50% and below.

In addition, his right Ragehammer Guard applies Immune buff to prevent the boss from being inflicted by any debuff, while the left Ragehammer Guard applies Defense Buff to reduce the damage intake from your heroes. As worth as its difficulty to defeat this dragon, you will get the following gear set after defeating it:

  • Guard set (2 pieces): Equipped hero will grant shield with strength equal to 30% of Max Health for 3 turns at the start of battle. Bonuses from multiple Sets do not stack.
  • Divine set (4 pieces): Equipped hero will grant 30% chance to launch a counterattack with their basic attack.
  • Rebel set (4 pieces): The hero attacks will have 20% chance to stunt an enemy for 1 turn.

Awaken Chaos Era Gear Slots

There are 6 gear slots in Awaken Chaos Era. They are weapons, head, chest, feet, hands, and neck. Each slot has its applicable item that you can apply in order to increase your hero stats.

1. Weapon Slot

  • Main stat: Attack
  • Secondary Stat: All stat except agility
  • Applicable item: Sword, Bow, Dagger, Axe, Great axe, Staff, Scepter

2. Head Slot

  • Main Stat: Health
  • Secondary Stat: All stat except Speed
  • Applicable item: Helmet, Crown, Helm, Hood

3. Chest Slot

  • Main Stat: Defence
  • Secondary Stat: All stat except Speed
  • Applicable Items: Robe, Coat, Chest plate, Cape, Armor

4. Feet Slot

  • Main Stat: Attack, Health, Defence, Speed
  • Secondary Stat: All stat except Precision
  • Applicable Items: Robe, Coat, Chest plate, Cape, Armor

5. Hands Slot

  • Main Stat: Attack, Health, Defence, Critical Rate, Critical Damage
  • Secondary Stat: All stat except Agility
  • Applicable Items: Robe, Coat, Chest plate, Cape, Armor

6. Neck Slot

  • Main Stat: Attack, Health, Defence, Focus, Resistance
  • Secondary Stat: All stat except Precision
  • Applicable Items: Robe, Coat, Chest plate, Cape, Armor

Arcane dominator gear drop

It is recommended for you to maximize equipment that you have got from adventure in order to farm better gears in the arcane dominator. Stage 10 drops better rank (5 to 6 stars) and rarity (Epic to Legendary) gear sets. With these new gears farmed from these dungeons, you can then slowly replace the old gears you obtain from Adventure rewards to significantly improve your hero stats to take on Stages 11 and 12 easily.

Arcane Dominator Gear Drop Awaken: Chaos Era Gear Guide
Image via Century Games

Arcane dominator will be the best place for you to farm these gear sets for your hero. It is recommended to watch the effect and the effect of these gear sets so your hero will equip gear sets that are suitable with its ability. It will be best to come with better preparation with maximum hero stats and good synergy as defeating the dungeon boss will not be easy.

That’s all for today’s Awaken: Chaos Era gear guide. Did you find our Awaken: Chaos Era gear guide helpful? 

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