BATTLE CRUSH all ranks explained and how to rank up fast

Learn How to Level Up Faster

BATTLE CRUSH is a thrilling multiplayer action game provided by NCSOFT. With its fast-paced battles and dynamic gameplay, Battle Crush offers an exciting adventure for players of all skill levels. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Battle Crush ranks, giving you a clear understanding of each rank and sharing tips to help you climb the ranks faster.

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In Battle Crush, your rank is determined by your Rank Points, which you earn through strong performances with all Calixers. However, it’s important to note that as you ascend the ranks, the game entry fee increases in alignment with your Calixer’s Rank. Your Tier is directly linked to your Rank Points and dictates the rewards you’ll receive at the season’s end.

Here’s a breakdown of the game’s ranks, including the Rank Points needed and the rewards you’ll get at the end of the season:

Image Via NCSOFT

Purple (2,000+ & Rank 101 – 1,000)

  • Rewards: 250 Crystals
  • 1 Athena Soul Fragment
  • 20 Glowing Dye (Rare)
  • 10,000 Gold

Red (2,000+)

  • Rewards: 100 Crystals
  • 1 Athena Soul Fragment
  • 20 Glowing Dye (Rare)
  • 8,000 Gold

Blue (1,000 – 1,999)

  • Rewards: 50 Crystals
  • 1 Athena Soul Fragment
  • 20 Glowing Dye (Rare)
  • 5,000 Gold

Green (400 – 999)

  • Rewards: 10 Glowing Dye (Rare)
  • 3,000 Gold

White (0 – 399)

  • Rewards: 5 Glowing Dye (Rare)
  • 2,000 Gold

Keep in mind that your Rank Points are crucial for determining your Tier and the rewards you’ll receive at the end of the season. Aim to accumulate Rank Points by performing well in matches across all Calixers to climb the ranks and claim better rewards.

How to Rank Up Faster in BATTLE CRUSH

1. Play Multiple Calixers

In my time playing BATTLE CRUSH, I’ve learned that playing with multiple characters is key to advancing smoothly through the ranks. The entry fee for ranks depends on your character’s level.

BATTLE CRUSH How to Rank Up Faster
Image Via NCSOFT

So, if you stick to just one character, your progress might slow down, especially as you get better at the game. By trying out different Calixers and mastering them, you can keep progressing smoothly without any interruptions.

2. Focus on Team Performance

Playing Battle Royale (Team) matches and teaming up with others is crucial to rank up. Winning directly boosts my Rank Points. Whether we’re planning strategies or backing each other in fights, teamwork is key.

BATTLE CRUSH How to Rank Up Faster
Image Via NCSOFT

By focusing on teamwork, not only do we win more, but I also earn more Rank Points, making progress quicker. So, when you’re in a match, stick with your team, work together, and watch your Rank Points grow.

3. Aim for the Knockouts

In my experience with BATTLE CRUSH, I’ve discovered that knocking out opponents during matches is a reliable method to earn additional Rank Points. Concentrating on refining your combat skills can greatly enhance your ability to defeat enemies and elevate your Rank Points. Whether it’s sharpening your aim or refining your timing, enhancing your combat prowess is essential for quickly ascending the ranks in BATTLE CRUSH.

Final Thoughts

Ranking up in BATTLE CRUSH is all about strategy and commitment to enhancing your skills. By diversifying your character selection, prioritizing teamwork, and focusing on knockouts, you can speed up your progression through the ranks. Remember these tips as you navigate the battlefield, and you’ll soon find yourself climbing to the top in BATTLE CRUSH.

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