BATTLE CRUSH Battle Royale Map Guide and Tips

Discover the Best Starting Points

BATTLE CRUSH is a thrilling multiplayer action game provided by NCSoft. In its Battle Royale mode, mastering strategy and survival skills are crucial as you navigate the dynamic map of interconnected floating islands. With the land gradually collapsing, every decision becomes critical. To secure victory, you must navigate carefully. In this BATTLE CRUSH Map Guide, we’ll explore the diverse landscapes of the Battle Royale mode map, providing tips and tactics to help you maximize your gameplay.

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Introducing the in-game map for battle royale mode

In the Battle Royale mode of BATTLE CRUSH, the map consists of interconnected floating islands linked by bridges. Bushes are spread across the landscapes, offering hiding spots, especially in the Wheat Field, which has the most. Villages, Wheat Fields, and Windmill Beaches are where you’ll find the majority of buildings, each probably holding valuable chests packed with gear and items.

Bodies of water are present, offering opportunities for swimming and finding additional loot. However, beware of draining your stamina while swimming, as you risk drowning. You can also leap across islands, but beware of jumping with low stamina, as it may lead to a fall.

As the match progresses, the land gradually collapses, prompting you to move towards the safe zone to avoid being caught in the collapsing terrain. Here are the locations you’ll come across in the game, each featuring scattered items and resources:

  • Goddess Lake
  • Village
  • Garden
  • Wheat Field
  • Temple
  • Divine Brazier
  • Park
  • Plaza
  • Temple Entrance
  • Windmill Beach
  • Abandoned Temple
  • Tomb of Swords
BATTLE CRUSH Battle Royal Map
Image Via NCSOFT

Throughout the map, you’ll also find Revive Statues, found in areas like the Village, Wheat Field, Temple, Tomb of Swords, Abandoned Temple, and two at the Park. These statues allow you to revive fallen teammates, but you’ll need to retrieve the stone dropped when they died and bring it to the statues.

At the starting point, you’ll notice key locations marked on the map, each featuring various chests filled with valuable gears, such as Golden Chests, Small Weapon Chests, Medium Weapon Chests, Magic Weapon Chests, and Ring Chests. You can also spot where mythical weapons will appear.

Best Loot Locations in Battle Royal map of BATTLE CRUSH

Table Of Contents

1. Temple

BATTLE CRUSH Battle Royal Temple
Image Via NCSOFT

In my time playing BATTLE CRUSH’s Battle Royale mode, I’ve discovered that the Temple is a good destination for valuable loot. You’ll come across numerous valuable chests here. Situated at the center of the map, it’s conveniently located for players to return to the safe zone. However, venturing into the Temple comes with risks, as other players often have their sights set on the same loot.

2. Village

BATTLE CRUSH Battle Royal Village
Image Via NCSOFT

From my experience, the Village stands out as one of the best loot locations in BATTLE CRUSH’s Battle Royale mode. I’ve found that this area often yields mythical items, providing players with powerful advantages. Additionally, the Village boasts four houses, each housing chests filled with valuable loot. Exploring these houses thoroughly can significantly enhance your chances of getting top-tier gear.

Final Thoughts

In the end, knowing the map well is key to winning in BATTLE CRUSH’s Battle Royale mode. Stick with your team, keep an eye on the shrinking zone, and be mindful of your stamina when swimming or jumping between islands. With teamwork and smart decisions, you can outlast the competition and come out on top in BATTLE CRUSH.

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