BATTLE CRUSH Calixer Tier List for March 2024

Pick the best Calixers to crush your enemies!

Step into the world of BATTLE CRUSH, the multiplayer action game provided by NCSOFT. With a diverse array of Calixers at your disposal, each boasting unique abilities and playstyles, you’ll embark on an epic journey to dominate the battlefield. Whether you’re unleashing devastating attacks or outmaneuvering your enemies, the choice is yours. To guide you through the diverse roster of Calixer, I present the BATTLE CRUSH Calixer Tier List.

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BATTLE CRUSH Tier List: Best Calixers Ranked

To simplify, I’ve categorized Calixers into three tiers: Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B). This system helps me evaluate each Calixer‘s abilities. Remember, these rankings are based on my personal experiences, so feel free to adapt your choices according to your preferences and playstyle.

Strong (S)DandiDiana,
Good (A)Hercules,
King Arthur
Average (B)Urus

Best Calixers in BATTLE CRUSH for March 2024

Best Assassin Calixer – Nyx

In my experience, Nyx stands out as one of the top picks in Battle Crush. She’s super adaptable and sneaky, which makes her a real headache for enemies. Being able to zip around and vanish into stealth mode has been a game-changer for me.

Image Via NCSOFT

Whether I’m sniping enemies from a distance or ambushing them up close, Nyx always keeps my opponents guessing. Plus, there’s something about her poison-inflicting abilities that adds extra damage to her attacks, making her even more lethal.

Best Ranger Calixer – Diana

Diana shines as one of the best in the game because her pushing attacks are great at keeping enemies away, especially when they’re focused on her. Even if she misses the first few swings, she can still control the battlefield and keep enemies at range.

Image Via NCSOFT

Additionally, her ultimate doesn’t need a direct line of sight, which is helpful. Even though she’s the basic character, Diana is always reliable and easy to access, making her a standout choice in the game.

Best Fighter Calixer – Dandi

From what I’ve seen in the game, Dandi stands out as one of the best choices in Battle Crush. He’s straightforward to play, just swinging his bat, but his special skill is what makes him shine.

Image Via NCSOFT

Being able to reflect incoming projectiles gives him a big advantage, especially against ranged opponents. It’s a simple yet powerful ability that can completely change the outcome of a battle.

Best Support Calixer – Freyja

In my experience, Freyja stands out as one of the best choices in Battle Crush, and it’s no surprise she’s so popular in team compositions. Her utility and effectiveness on the battlefield are unmatched. Being able to recover allies’ HP and grant them protective barriers is so helpful.

Image Via NCSOFT

I’ve found that having Freyja on my team not only keeps us in the fight longer but also disrupts the enemy’s plans by reducing the damage they can deal.

Final Thoughts

Battle Crush is all about intense multiplayer action where strategy and skill are key. With a diverse lineup of Calixers, each with their unique abilities and style, the game offers endless excitement and depth. Remember, while this tier list gives a good starting point, everyone’s preferences vary, so don’t be afraid to try different Calixers and find your winning strategy.

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