Battlefield Mobile: The Complete Class Guide and Tips

Utilize the different classes to their fullest!

Battlefield Mobile has been released in selected regions as part of an open beta. The FPS game for mobile devices has been developed by industrial Toys and published by Electronic Arts. The game also offers different classes for players to choose from. Players can choose a class or role according to their playstyle across different game modes. In this class guide, you will find all the information about the different classes in Battlefield Mobile.

List of all the available Classes in Battlefield Mobile 

Here are all the classes in the Battlefield Mobile:

1. Assault Class 

As the name suggests the assault role is perfect for players who want to enter into matches with a lot of aggression. The assault class allows players to select their primary and secondary weapons in such a way that it bolsters their aggressive gameplay.

Battlefield Mobile assault class
Image via EA

If you are someone who likes to go on offense from the very beginning then this class is perfect for you. This class gives you an advantage in going berserker against your opponents and raking up those high kill counts. 

2. Engineer Class 

The Engineer class helps you to be adept in the game with some unique specializations. These specializations can be equipped in the loadout section of the game. One of the specializations is flak where you will take 36% less damage from explosives.

Battlefield Mobile engineer class
Image via EA

The other specialization is launcher reserves where SMAW and Stinger ammunition replenishes faster. The role of the engineer is very helpful in a match as it allows you to use the SMAW in decimating your opponents. 

3. Recon Class 

The Recon class is useful for players who like to keep an eye on the enemy. They can use the spotting drone to do reconnaissance on enemy checkpoints and positions. A unique specialization called improved spotting increases the player’s duration when an enemy is spotted. 

Battlefield Mobile Recon class
Image via EA

If you are someone who likes to lure your enemies out for a perfect slaughter then this class is best suited for you. Use the drone to spot your enemies and help your team to take positions accordingly for a perfect kill.

4. Support Class

In any shooting game, a player must take on the role of a medic to support their teammates. The medic plays an essential role in giving health support to their teammates.

Battlefield Mobile support class
Image via EA

The game offers a specialization called improved healing, upon equipping which supply crates will heal 50% faster. The role of the medic in a team is indispensable. Many intense matches are decided by the timely support of a medic. 

Final Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about the different classes available for players in Battlefield Mobile. Choose a class that is best suited for you and customize your loadout accordingly to gain victory over your opponents. 

Did you find our Battlefield Mobile Class Guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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