eFootball PES 2020: 10 Best Gold Players in PES 2020

eFootball PES 2020 has been released a few weeks ago and received a positive response, even though some bugs and crashes were reported. The datapack 2.0 eventually came out during the release itself, so changes in player stats weren’t seen lately. With new players added into the game along with fresh updates in player stats and skill. In the recent Datapack 4.0 update, most of the players got an upgrade, hence more beasts with upgraded stats. Most of the PES players would be in some confusion regarding whom to trade their carryover players to, the Best Gold players in PES 2020 is still not known to most of the players.

The players who love doing a gold ball side or interested in scouting the monsters for this new season and are interested to know about the top gold players in PES 2020, this article lists out the same, irrespective of ratings you should have in your side. Note that these picks aren’t based on overall ratings of individuals but the in-game performance each provide which has been experienced. So, do not worry if you do not have the list of the top gold players in PES 2020, you have arrived at the best place where you can find it out and can trade your carryover players to. Before reading this article, if you haven’t checked our eFootball PES 2020 first impression review, give it a read.

List of Best gold players in PES 2020

1. Jonathan Tah

Position: CB

Rating range: 83-92

Best Gold Players in Pes 2020, Jonathan Tah

One of the best physical defenders in-game, be it gold or any rarity. In-game performance of Tah is so good that many physically strong strikers are pushed off by this man. He is a very solid defender at 3atb formations also, who can catch up to any striker with his good pace. Being tall (194cm) and young (23), he is good at winning headers and can change the course of the game with his wonderful long balls, even though stats don’t justify that. The only limitation of his is that he is limited to the CB position, you don’t wanna play him in any other position than that.

2. J. Sancho

Position: RWF

Rating range: 83-95

In real life, he is one of the best young prospects who is deemed to be a rising star for England. In-game, he is nothing different. One of the best picks in the Right Wing, he is also lethal in the left flank. Super quick and an effective dribbler, his skills would definitely add more fire. Ball Control of 94, Dribbling 97 and Tight Possession of 97 at max level keeps the ball glued to his feet. The only disadvantage he has is that his weak feet usage is quite low, which makes him use his right foot often. Thanks to Gareth for playing him in the National Squad or else we would have missed this wonderful player due to KONAMI not having rights to Dortmund.

3. M. Odegaard

Position: AMF

Rating range: 83-93

Real Madrid’s player loan to Real Sociadad has been helpful in molding of a great talent in Martin Odegaard. Given limited chances in Madrid, Odegaard’s loan move has made him a superstar, with this lad leading the team’s performances because of his outstanding creativity and attacking ability. Even in PES, he is sensational to use and is as good as in real life.

4. Kingsley Coman

Position: LWF

Rating range: 84-92

Coman is surprisingly entered our list, as his stats seem boosted when he plays. He literally destroys defenders when on the pitch, very quick and does do justice when played in the starting XI. He doesn’t have a weak foot which helps you to use him in both flanks without familiarity drop. When used as a super-sub, he is unstoppable (maybe used a stronger word, can’t guess how magical COM defenders are) and guaranteed to keep their defense tiring.

5. Joao Felix

Position: SS

Rating range: 84-95

Atletico Madrid paid a whopping 120 million to get this lad but honestly, he boosts so much talent. Because of this, his in-game card and play look amazing. His skill set is the best in the lot, can’t really argue more. One of the best in this position and his creative playmaker gives him all the freedom to create all the chances to his teammates. More than SS, we would suggest you to play him in the AMF position, as Creative Playmaker + AMF is always preferred well, just like PES 2019 Messi.

6. Lucas Torreira

Position: DMF

Rating range: 84-93

Torriera PES

Easily one of the best picks in the DMF sector. If some player did come close to him last year, it was Rodri. But this year, he is in the top with amazing in-game performance. Scoring bangers is a thing lately with him which surely does not disappoint. For a DMF he is really quick to pick up passes, provides assistance to attack with deadly interceptions and through balls, thanks to his wonderful body balance.

7. N. Tagliafico

Position: LB

Rating range: 84-91

One of the consistent performers for Ajax and more often for you in PES. His 7 rated form doesn’t drop much and has ill effects in his play. The best pick for the LB position, who offers everything, both in offense and defense. You won’t be any wrong if you go for his trade as for a GB, his stats are solid. Good at crossing and long-range through balls, he will help the team in quick counter-attacks. Works great as a Center mid too.

8. Van De Beek

Position: AMF

Rating range: 83-92

Best Players in Pes 2020 mobile

The most unexpected name in the list for sure. Van De Beek was a consistent performer in the Champions League for Ajax. Thanks to that, his stats got increased and thus his game performance improved remarkably well, which makes him enter our list. His Hole Player trait is his biggest plus, often he will finish you a passed ball, thanks to his 88 finishing which for an attacking midfielder, is amazingly great. First time shooting and one-touch passing, ooff. Except for Set piece taking, he excels in every department, so do not hesitate to pick this player. Try him, you’ll be amazed.

9. A Meret

Position: GK

Rating range: 84-91

a meret pesdb

Bronze ball. Silver ball. 3rd preference GK in the club. Gold rarity. Improved performance. Squad no 1. First preference GK for Napoli. Things that happened to Meret. A wonderful story for a wonderful player. His performance in-game is pretty solid and because of that, he is one of the best defensive goalkeepers in the game.

10. Erling Braut Haland

Position: CF

Rating range: 80-93

Internet sensation and Dortmund’s super striker Erling Haland is undoubtedly most sought in PES, as his performances are showing up staggering numbers. Given his performances in the Champions League for Salzburg and league performances for Dortmund, he is the same in PES as well, scoring goals for fun who makes timely runs and is a great Goal Poacher. Because of his stats in real life, the Scouts relating to him remain a lot inflated.

Some additional names worth mentioning

Joe Gomez

Position: CB

Rating Range: 82-92

Joe Gomez is another promising talent who plays for Liverpool this season. A defensive fullback with great pace, he can be your solution for catching up those Long ball spammers and beat them with pace and physicality. He is familiar in every defensive position, so you can use him as LB/CB/RB.

Eder Militao

Position: CB

Rating range: 83-93

Best Gold Players in Pes 2020

The best and underrated CB in my opinion, not preferred by many. A ruthless defender who doesn’t boast many skills but it is worth the money. A solid, aggressive and pacey center back who would be great for aggressive pressing.


Position: LWF

Rating Range: 84-94

One of Everton’s leading players considering the fact that he’s being carrying the team for a while, Richarlison is one of the best players in PES because of the skills he possess and also adding to that as a Roaming Flank playstyle with pace and dribbling in his bag, he is a must have for your squad because of his ability to drop back to collect the ball and then also can create a lot of chances. Very enjoyable at CF as well.

Benjamin Pavard

Position: RB

Rating Range: 84-92

A versatile defensive utility player who has been shining for his Club and Country, with the most memorable performances at the WC. He’s been used as a CB/RB when needed for his team, so even in PES his familiarity doesn’t drop. A very good Defensive fullback in him will up your game, including various skills which are way too good for a defender.

Houssem Aouar

Position: CMF

Rating Range: 81-92

One of the underrated players in game, this youngster has been sensational for this side in the French league. A very good utility midfielder especially for online matches because of his great ball control, dribbling and passing ability. A midfielder with good passing and also speed is something which many sought for, he can be the one that fits your profile.

Corentin Tolisso

Position: CMF

Rating Range: 83-91

Best Gold Players in Pes 2020, Corentin Tolisso

Surprised to find him in the list? I bet you won’t if you start playing him. One of the most balanced midfielders in PES 2020, be it defending or attack. If you enjoyed using Goretzka in PES 2019, you will get the same taste if you compare. Because of him being a Box-to-Box midfielder, he is also good at linking players to form an attack. In PES 2020, holding on to the ball is very essential along with creating chances using the midfield. Tolisso does both, also offering some bangers in your watchlist with his 92 Kicking Power.

Here are some more good Gold rarity players in eFootball PES 2020 Mobile that you might want to check,

  • F. Chalov (CF)
  • D. Neres (RWF)
  • F. Chiesa (RWF)
  • K. Havertz (AMF)
  • W. Barrios (DMF)
  • D. Sanchez (CB)
  • T. Ndombele (CMF)
  • Benatia (CB)

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Whom do you think we have missed out? Any more suggestions? If yes, please give your reviews in the comment section below. For more PES Mobile articles, news and reviews, stay tuned to GamingonPhone.

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Best rmf please

Sreejit De

You can try using J.Cuadrado or E.Visca mate.


Suggest me some gold ball goalkeepers who are good in online matches

Sreejit De

Meret & Areola are good.


is Lafont better than Areola?


Lafont has good ratings but he is most of the time out of form. That effects in game.


This is great, It’s a bit hard to get the three card of the same player to actually have a trade but well, it’s the game’s rules.

Even though the trading system is not a great deal, it takes a bit to learn how to trade properly and sometimes it can be frustrating.

And now with this guide about these gold players in PES 2020, I’m gonna rock it off man.

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