eFootball PES 2020 Mobile first impression: The best in the series?

The wait for eFootball PES 2020 Mobile was finally over when we got the taste of the game on 18th October after a long wait of 4 days maintenance. Even though our eFootball PES 2020 Mobile first impression seems to be late based on when the game was released, it would take a proper gameplay adaption and game time to review and tell a verdict about the game. eFootball PES 2020 Mobile had major expectations before getting the launch and would also continue to get the same during the initial weeks. Before reading this article, please make sure to read some of our previous articles based on PES mobile.

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Winner in the Gameplay

PES series was already the best bet in the mobile sector, solely based on how well the graphics and gameplay the game ran. Even during the big engine switch from Havok to UE4, PES managed to seal the football gaming sector into their hands. PES 2019 Mobile seemed too dull even though its graphics were top-notch because of the gameplay, with many rating its predecessor the better over it. But in PES 2020 Mobile, it is not the case. Majority of the players have enjoyed the week’s gameplay (apart from the maintenance) and have expressed positive reviews on the same. With graphics running smoothly in majority phones which ran PES 2019 Mobile, the fluidity of the gameplay with more attractive animations have been the big plus. Be it player switching or control editing, PES has improved so much in terms of gameplay. Not to forget the player signing animations, those visuals are a treat to watch which buried ‘black ball trick YouTubers’ completely. Those animations aren’t skipped most of the times because of those fantastic portrayals of many top players.

eFootball PES 2020 Mobile first impression
eFootball PES 2020 Mobile first impression
player signing in PES 2020 Mobile

Closest to real-life football

We do want games which represent the actual game which runs in real life. Till today from the past few years, PES boasted its game to be the closest to real life football. While considering the mobile sector, this year we have seen the pace of the game quick and non-sticky unlike PES 2019, further adding on how devs have worked so well improving minute details in the game, for example, the change in the scorecard tad slower after the goal’s being scored, adding scorer’s name in the card, scorecard fading when the ball is on the top etc. They’ve tried their level best to tweak the game in terms of gameplay, while we can see ‘through ball spamming’ cannot be a thing anymore. Maybe opponents can’t exploit us with solely pace anymore. Just like in real life football, you need speed, physicality, possession and other attributes contributing equally for a player. Ball physics and control play has been the best so far. Even though this isn’t the exact representation of real-life football, we can agree to it being closest to football.


Not very rare this, bugs and KONAMI come along together in every game, I guess. A very surprising bug this, we get to see tutorials running before you get ready on a dead ball situation which is frustrating, to be honest. Maybe maintenance will get rid of this. The major bug was for many users where the game would force stop and run back to the lock screen. This hasn’t really got completely fixed when the last maintenance happened, which might take time.

About the bugs in gameplay, passing has been very harsh this year, which wasn’t very well received by our fellow players. Sometimes clever passes aren’t going where it was supposed to, which often spoils the spirit of the game. To make note of, player ‘First touch’ has been poorly designed, where best ball controllers fumble/take their first touch pretty bad. Buildup takes time, with riskier passing movements might lead to quick counters. This would ease off pressure offline, with back passing players aren’t keeping their lead safe anymore but still, this isn’t doing any good for the players.

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Too early to judge?

Of course, it hasn’t even been a week since the game got running, we have started giving reviews (that includes me) on the game. I think its quite early to make speculations unless you are just talking about eFootball PES 2020 Mobile first impression. There can be improvements. With maintenances and datapacks arriving in the future, there’s a lot of scope for improvement, for that to happen, the first thing to be done is to be staying patient and stop bashing KONAMI just for the sake of doing it and stand for the good things they’ve done for us.

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