PES 2020: 5 things that should’ve been added in PES 2020 Mobile

The wait for the highly anticipated update of the best football game on mobile is about to end in a week’s time. To remind you again, PES 2020 mobile will be available as eFootball PES 2020 Mobile on your devices from the 17th of October, the date given by KONAMI. We have already described the necessary tips on this website for the upcoming update. And also an article on things that KONAMI should fix in the 2020 update. So if you have not read both of them yet, don’t forget to try. During a game update, that too a major one like PES, we often expect big additions to the game. KONAMI failed to keep their promise of adding some ‘amazing features’ in the game. So, here we have listed down 5 things that KONAMI should have added in eFootball PES 2020 Mobile.

1. Player Names on the shirts

This honestly wouldn’t be such a big deal for KONAMI. If they could add numbers, why not names? If we are using half less than 2gb data on a game that boasts of the best graphics on mobile, it should have certain additions that must be standout. Even though player names are standard expectations from a gamer, that too for a football game, missing out jersey names is too bad. We do miss ‘Messi 10’, ‘Ronaldo 7’ and ‘Romario 11’ behind our players while playing, which slightly affects the enjoyment during the game.

PES 2020 Mobile, Messi in PES
Messi with his number in the console version

2. Player Stats

Not required as of now but wouldn’t it be cool if we had some stats of individual players which would make us proud? Honestly YES. Goals, Assists, Big chances, Dribbles, Tackles, Saves, Clean Sheets and many other parameters define a player in real life. KONAMI tells its users on how PES works on the real-life attributes of players, that additional stats would clearly help them to justify their point.

3. Rewards for Online

If you have a ranking system based on the ratings achieved in a month’s time and you don’t give rewards based on that, what’s even the use of having of rankings displayed on the PES site? There are players who play fair and end up top, but rewards aren’t beneficiary. KONAMI should bring in some rewards in terms of GP/coins/agents for those who end up top in the leaderboards every season. Even if online isn’t the favourite place to stroll around for most players, additional off rewards at the end of every season would definitely tweak some interest.

4. Search filtering/sorting

A part where most of them would agree with. We would end up getting frustrated to search for a particular player during training as most of them have around 400+ players. Instead of so many sorting options, a simple ‘Search’ button would do the trick. This frustration is more while we release scouts. How can sorting scouts in ascending order of their skills is not an option? Most of us who needs to release lower skill scouts would have to scroll down most of the time for every more. In addition, to make this simple, KONAMI can introduce ‘Releasing multiple scouts at a single instance’ without combining them, helping their users with some quick work.

Current scout sorting by skill

5. Real-life game features

Starting lineup display. Handshakes. Toss. Handballs. Referees. Quick ball switch. Cameraman. Substitution cutscenes. Crowd. VAR. Even though you would argue these aren’t necessary for a mobile game, this is what football is about. When you have these, you have drama. So much fun. Repetitive commentary won’t help. Maybe talk more about players’ form? Yes. Talk about how the team fared in the last 10 games? Yes. This can do a lot more justice to the game. But still it’s far away from our thinking, maybe we get to see this in the distant future.

PES 2020 Mobile
The cool feature we need!

So, these are some features that we suggest to be added to the game. If you have more ideas, queries, or tips related to the game, feel free to use the comment section given below. Excited to run eFootball PES 2020 Mobile!

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The UEFA Champions league should be added on it so it could be easier for everyone to join and play different league match and not only Tour..

Sanket Lokhande

Extra time and Penalty shoot out should be added for getting result of important matches specially online matches


Will there be VAR in pes 2020


Yes the game is far to good compare to others but its boring to play only touring game we need tournament, Domestic League, League cup, Champion League and so on. That would make the game more completed.


Very well written article. Would love to see such changes in the game.


Waiting for the update and i have a suggestion that how do you make a champions league challenge to the nxt update i hope you will consider my humble request thank you

Tousif Hasan Biswas

Hi, Jyothis.

Feel free to drop your suggestions/requests/questions to write2gop@gmail.com


Waiting for the update and i have a suggestion that how do you make a champions league challenge to the nxt update i hope you will consider my humble request. And glad to coment on your site
Thank you

Tousif Hasan Biswas

We are happy to see you! 🙂

Shayne Shumba

Can l have the link to download it and procedure on how to install it on my mobile phone (Android )

Tousif Hasan Biswas

Hi, Shayne. We aren’t connected to Konami in any way. So we can not provide you access to the update at this moment. You have to wait for the global release. 🙂


Saurabh I love all you’ve said.
They are all correct and that’s what we want
But it’s there a way that Konami can see this??


Am in support of all this bruh,this is what we want in pes like realistic not toys that’s why some prefer FIFA than but as for me I can’t stop playing pes for my life.

Tousif Hasan Biswas

Hi Sommie. We also want Konami to see this. We have tweeted this article on our official GamingonPhone twitter account mentioning Konami. Now we can only hope that Konami will see this.

If you are not following GamingonPhone on Twitter yet, please follow asap. 🙂


Please adde auto league matchs…

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