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Blue Archive Character Tier List for December 2022

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

Blue Archive is an RPG game, developed by NAT games and managed by Nexon on the global scene. It is a waifu collector game, with animated CGs featuring solid PvP and story. The game has a heavy reliance on team synergy and characters, so here we present a tier list to determine the best characters to pull for. For a new player, choosing good characters at the start may seem like a daunting task, which can be made easy with this Blue Archive tier list for December 2022. 

Blue Archive Character Tier List for December 2022

The tier list provided here should only be taken as a reference because the game has various modes and some characters may outperform others or are suited for a very particular role. This is an overall tier list based on the character’s viability and overall usefulness in the game.

SHibikiMillennium Science SchoolAttacker
SAruGehenna AcademyAttacker
SIoriGehenna AcademyAttacker
SHarunaGehenna AcademyAttacker
SKarinMillennium Science SchoolAttacker
STsubakiHyakkiyako Alliance AcademyTank
SHinaGehenna AcademyAttacker
SShunShanhaijing Senior Secondary School  Attacker
SAliceMillennium Science SchoolAttacker
AShiroko  Abydos High School  Attacker
AHoshinoAbydos High School  Tank
AHifumiTrinity General SchoolSupport
AChiseHyakkiyako Alliance AcademyAttacker
AIzunaHyakkiyako Alliance AcademyAttacker
AYuukaMillennium Science SchoolTank
AHanaeTrinity General SchoolHealer
AMidoriMillennium Science SchoolAttacker
AMomoiMillennium Science SchoolAttacker
ASerinaTrinity General SchoolHealer
AJunkoGehenna AcademyAttacker
ASayaShanhaijing Senior Secondary SchoolSupport
BKotamaMillennium Science SchoolSupport
BHareMillennium Science SchoolSupport
BAyaneAbydos High SchoolSupport
BAkariGehenna AcademyAttacker
BFuukaGehenna AcademyHealer
BMashiroTrinity General SchoolAttacker
BMutsukiGehenna AcademyAttacker
BSerikaAbydos High SchoolAttacker
BSumireMillennium Science SchoolAttacker
BYoshimiTrinity General SchoolAttacker
BUtahaMillennium Science SchoolAttacker
BTsurugiTrinity General SchoolAttacker
BSuzumiTrinity General SchoolAttacker
BIzumiGehenna AcademyAttacker
BAsunaMillennium Science SchoolAttacker
BJuriGehenna AcademySupport
BAiriTrinity General SchoolSupport
BAkaneMillennium Science SchoolSupport
BChinatsuGehenna AcademyHealer
BEimiMillennium Science SchoolTank
BFinaHyakkiyako Alliance AcademyAttacker
BHarukaGehenna AcademyTank
BHasumiTrinity General SchoolAttacker
BMakiMillennium Science SchoolAttacker
BShizukoHyakkiyako Alliance AcademySupport
BKayokoGehenna AcademySupport
BKotoriMillennium Science SchoolSupport
BShimikoTrinity General SchoolSupport

Blue Archive Best Characters for December 2022


shun blue archive

A very strong PvP character, her skills allow the continuous usage of EX skills, multiple times which effectively can clear out a lot of enemies. Shun’s damage is high enough to diffuse situations where the enemies have a medium amount of health. Timing of her abilities is the key to bringing out her true power, otherwise, she might waste her skills by defeating weaker mobs first.


aru blue archive

Aru is another character that is very useful in PvE due to her AOE skills. She can even target enemies at the very backline of lineups, even with covers, her skill range can effectively take them out. Her weapon is a Sniper which means slower attack speed, and wastage of damage because of targeting weaker enemies.


hoshino blue archive

Hoshino is a very strong character that can take up the role of a tank. With good investment, she can face tank a lot of enemies and take damage for the team, with upgrades her EX skill also gains a crowd control effect which makes her even better.

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