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Blue Archive: The Complete Cafe Levelling Guide and Tips

Learn everything about the Cafe for faster progression in Blue Archive

Blue Archive is an RPG game, developed by NAT games and managed by Nexon on the global scene. It is a waifu collector game, with animated CGs featuring a solid story. Blue Archive has quite a lot of complicated features and functions with the cafe being one of them, so here is a brief guide for it.

If you’re new to the game, check out our beginners guide for the basics and reroll guide to get the best characters from the start. Use our character tier list to find out which characters are the strongest. Customize your cafe with our furniture crafting guide. Use our tactical challenge guide to handle tough battles. Don’t forget to check for available redeem codes for extra rewards. If you need help, reach out the customer support for assistance.

Introducing the Blue Archive Cafe

The cafe is a housing system where you can decorate it to your liking with various themes and furniture and even interact with the students to increase affection. The cafe also provides a passive income of Gold as well as AP for the players.

Comfort Level in the Cafe

Furniture that is placed in the cafe increases the overall comfort of the cafe, which in turn increases the Production rate of AP and Gold. This comfort level has an upper limit which can be further increased by upgrading the cafe to the next rank.

schale cafe blue archive
Image via Nexon

I’ve found that some furniture has a set effect that can provide an additional increase in comfort when some conditions are fulfilled. The bonus comfort obtained this way through the set effect can be as high as 1500, which makes this very important for efficient cafe leveling.


You can also increase affection by giving the characters gifts of various kinds. Gifts can be obtained from mainly Crafting, Events, and Achievements. Characters will usually accept all kinds of gifts given by the player, however, they do have particular favorite gifts which will give more affection points.

Use the Gift Box to drag the gifts near the characters and their expression will tell you how much they like the gift. A happy face means that the gift is among one of their favorites, alternatively, a semi-happy face means it’s not their favorite. Gifts are fairly easy to obtain, but it may take time so aim to acquire the favorite ones for your characters.

Increasing the Bond Level in Blue Archive

Each day a random set of students will visit the cafe twice a day, where you can interact with them by tapping on them, to increase their affection level. There is a 4-hour long cooldown after the last interaction before you can interact with them again, which means any character can interact a maximum of 4 times before the daily reset.

cafe seats blue archive
Image via Nexon

The maximum number of students that can visit the cafe at a particular point depends on the cafe rank, so try to level up the rank as soon as possible. Since the set of students that come to the cafe is random, you can also invite a specific character to the cafe whenever you feel like, it to increase affection quickly. However, I’ve found that there is a 20-hour long cooldown on the invitation feature, so basically, only one character can be invited each day before the daily reset.

Increasing Cafe Rank in Blue Archive

The cafe can be upgraded to the next level by consuming Cafe Equipment Cores, these cores are limited and can be obtained by clearing specific stages mainly from (3-5,6-5,9-5..) and so on, which means from every third mission but on the last act. As the story progresses more stages will unlock and will provide better chances to obtain the cores.

cafe inventory blue archive
Image via Nexon

Currently, there are 5 Cafe Equipment Cores that are obtainable in the latest update, so try to get them all. Increasing Cafe Rank will provide better perks that include:

  • The increased production rate for Gold and AP as well as increasing the maximum upper limit for them
  • Increasing the maximum number of students that can visit the cafe at any given time.
  • Increasing the maximum upper limit for Comfort, which will provide better flexibility for furniture decoration.
  • Increasing the maximum furniture Tag, this Tag shows how many pieces of furniture of a particular set are currently placed in the cafe. When more tags get unlocked, players will be able to fill furniture of another set to increase the overall comfort

Final Thoughts

The Cafe not only gives the ability to increase student affection, but it will also provide a good chunk of passively generated resources, which are crucial for farming materials and building characters among other things. Once you have obtained a Cafe Equipment Core make sure to use it for the rank upgrade.

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