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Blue Archive Tactical Challenge Guide and Tips

Tips for completing the Tactical Challenge in Blue Archive!

Blue Archive has a very standard form of PvP, where players can make their own defending teams and attack teams of other players, and rise in rank for rewards. One can make attacks on teams and fight different players’ lineups, and also make a defense team to guard your current rank. The PvP in Blue Archive is the Tactical Challenge, which has quite interesting mechanics under the hood. Therefore, we have brought a Tactical Challenge guide of Blue Archive to help players out. This guide is aimed to provide a basic idea about the tactical challenge system in Blue Archive.

About the Blue Archive Tactical Challenge

Each day, players will have five attack attempts against enemy teams. This will reset at the standard day reset time. One gets to choose his opponents most of the time. But, it is very random, so, one may get weak lineups or very strong ones at different times. More attack attempts can be bought with each day. After the initial five are consumed, they are costly and not worth it for casual players.

One must only buy them when he needs a higher rank or he is a very hardcore PvP player. One can also use the refresh function, to change the current line-up of enemies and fight some other teams. This is useful when enemy teams are strong against your team compositions.

Winning against a higher rank opponent will swap both of the ranks. For defense, one can make very passive and defensive teams or be creative and make attack teams instead. Teams are never fixed which means they can be changed whenever you wish.

Blue Archive Tactical Challenge
Blue Archive: Tactical Challenge (Image via Nexon)

The PvP battles are completely fought by A.I. This means that players cannot do anything in mid-battle. The only thing one can do on priority is to battle by making a good formation of your units and position them accordingly. The winning criteria lie in defeating the enemy team or running the timing out the clock. However, this has another condition, which is whichever team has more HP, that team wins. This is regardless of, who is attacking or who is defending.

After the battle, one can check damage graphs to have better ideas about the character’s overall performance and how to improve your strategies. High damage and low damage are not the only indicators for a unit’s performance for a particular battle. There are a lot of factors to it and a good chunk of information can be extracted from the damage graph. Therefore, one must always check them when you are optimizing.

Tactical Challenge Rewards

It will have rewards in three forms, which are Pyroxenes, the main premium currency, coins, and credits. There are various rewards that can be claimed from PvP. One of the main rewards is the set of daily rank rewards which reward players on the basis of their current rank at the time of claiming the rewards. Therefore, one must always try to get the highest rank possible for the day, before claiming the reward.

There is also the passive credit generator, which grants players rewards, on the basis of PvP rank. This rate ranges from 30 credits per minute at the bottom rank all the way up to 120 credits per minute at the highest rank.

Seasonal Ranking Rewards

For every milestone rank players reach, they will be rewarded with Pyroxenes. According to the rank, this is fixed for each season reset. This means one will get rewarded every season. Aside from this, there is also the highest rank reward too, which is one time for any particular account. Once, they reach the position of Rank 1 from the initial rank, one can get about 5600~ Pyroxenes. This won’t get reset with the change of the season.

Blue Archive Tactical Challenge Guide: Tips to battle efficiently

Since the battles are done by A.I., this means lots of RNG and luck. But, there are a few factors that one can do to change the outcome of the battles. Those are mainly positions and overall team compositions. This is where positioning alone can be a game-changer.

Let’s look at how positions work in the game, the unit on the very left of the formation on the battle preparation screen will take a position on the bottom of the battlefield and subsequent units will move on the top accordingly, which results in the very right corner unit to be on the top of the battlefield.

Each and every unit will always try to attack the enemy closest to them and in opposite positions frequently. For example, if the enemy team has an attacking unit on position 2. Therefore, one should always put a tank on position two. Thus, they can take all the damage and keep the team safe. One should always position the team, so that, they can take advantage of the color damage. This is since you can see the enemy’s lineup. Most of the time, appropriate positioning will ensure victory. Therefore, if planned correctly, it can be messed up by the bit of bad luck can also mess that up.

Blue Archive Tactical Challenge
Blue Archive: Change Unit Formation (Image via Nexon)

Next, we have the correct formation of various character classes. This means correctly placing tank and strong DPS characters in the backline. The battle A.I. is never reliable, therefore, one may see for some battles it works in your favor, and for others, it doesn’t. For some instances, the DPS character may not even attack for a good chunk of time and just wait in their positions. This is caused by a whole lot of factors, so the act of min-maxing positions, according to the enemies lineup and your own is a must.

Some terrains have a lot of objects for your characters to take cover, take advantage of those whenever you can. Characters can be placed in a particular position, where there is some sort of cover on the battlefield.


Terrains are simply the type of battlefield that ranges from Urban, Indoors, and Outdoors. There is a lot of internal stuff to it.

Terrains in Blue Archive (Image via Nexon)
  • Indoors: The terrain is very narrow with only one place for cover on the sides. Since the battles are in such a limited space, tanks are very important. Therefore, one should be careful about the enemy AOE attacks.
  • Outdoors: The battles which take place outside of Kivotos are usually the outdoor ones. The map has barely any cover. Therefore, tanks have even higher emphasis. One should be running two tanks at any given time. Thus, one must be creative with your team compositions.
  • Urban: This terrain usually has a lot of cover for both the player and his enemies. This means less focus on defence and more on offense. Back-line characters are very strong here. Therefore, the main focus will be to shred the enemy team from the back-line.

Terrains are also important for team composition, as the characters have likeability for particular terrains. This likeability converts to some higher, damage multiplier and overall effectiveness of that unit on that terrain. Let us can check the table below for the details.

Terrain Likeability

Mood (Combat Power)Block RateDamage Multiplier (x times)

Block is very important as characters that are happier at a particular time, will block a lot of attacks. This will be, as compared to the one, who doesn’t like the terrain. Not optimizing the music, will correctly lead to every easy defeat for him. The main tanker will die with just a few hits and the rest of the team will follow suit.

Blue Archive Tactical Challenge: Best characters to use

1. Hibiki

Blue Archive Tactical Challenge
Hibiki in Blue Archive (Image via Nexon)

She is easily one of the top-tier characters for Tactical Challenge. She has extremely high damage output, that can shred any other character on the battlefield. On top of that, Hibiki can provide crit damage team buff. If someone is serious about PvP, one could absolutely want her in the team.

2. Tsubaki

She is nearly the best tank in the game. One will be seen in PvP frequently. This can have two reasons at the same time. One reason is that she is a base two-star which is so easily accessible. On top of that, her kit is always her to evade most of the attacks. Her solid defense makes her survive enemies onslaught pretty easily.

3. Serina

A very cost-effective healer that is a base two-star. This is so very easy to acquire. It does not need much investment and she does her job well.

4. Hoshino

Another great unit to fill the role of the tank, her skill can stun enemies skills, which makes things quite easy. This can only take place if the skill has good timing. She can also make the enemy backline more accessible for the team, due to her positioning.

5. Iori

She has very high DPS potential as she has good stats, even among other DPS characters along with high skill multipliers and an accuracy buff. If played correctly, she can do massive damage to enemy teams. Overall, it is a very solid DPS character to use in the tactical challenge in Blue Archive.

In the end, the most important thing is to fight and analyze one’s own battles to understand the PvP, as there is no one-click solution for this. As one can understand more, players will have a better idea of how to min-max team compositions and use positions effectively against an enemy team.

What are your thoughts on the new story update of Blue Archive? Let us know in the comments below!

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