Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Villains Tier List For April 2024

Grab the Best Villains of Hellywood!

Villains are the most important feature you’ll get to see in an action-packed game like Villains: Robot BattleRoyale. You need to go for the best Villain in Villains: Robot BattleRoyale, eventually that’ll lead you towards victory. Differentiating between all the 23 Villains is quite a tricky job. And so, for that reason, I present you the Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Villains Tier List

Go through my detailed piece and choose the best Villain for your voyage. Also, don’t forget to check our beginners guide piece and learn all about the in-game basics of both Villains and Robots. Want some freebies? check out the redeem codes too!

Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Villains Tier List

The game brings 23 extraordinary Villains for all the players. Villains are categorized according to their Attack, Defense, and Mobility. And so are their Tiers! The game distinguishes all the 23 characters in 3 tiers; S, A, and B

Strong (S)Silver Hand,
Good (A)Jack, 
Average (B)Scarlet, 

Best Villains in Villains: Robot BattleRoyale for April 2024

1. Silver Hand 

An overall balanced character to witness, Silver Hand is an experienced pirate who has the exact ability to lead towards victory. His Attack, Defence, and Mobility are just perfectly balanced and make him one of the best choices for you.

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It also has great Health Points of about 1280 at its initial level. Silver Hand’s Ultimate Attack is Fast Hands, followed by Go, Squeaks, and Spitting Waves as the melee ones. 

2. Victor 

Victor is a Long-range villain, having a great advantage over its Defense and Mobility mechanisms. The character has amazing Attacking Powers but knows how to deal with situations.

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Hence, this ability makes it one of the best ones under the Defence category. It has a Health Point of 1080, pretty decent at the initial stages. The Ultimate Attack of Victor is Bloodsucker. Along with this, it also has 2 melee attacks; Pet Bat and Whirlpool of Blood

3. Rasher 

The best one to be declared under both Defence and Mobility! Rasher is a giant fox who brings up the ultimate of the Defence mechanism in the voyage. The attack isn’t the primary aspect at all, as Rasher focuses more on third-party attacks during battles.

Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

Hence, it has great Defence, and Mobility stats but lacks a lot in Attack. It has a Health Point of 1200, which is quite good at the initial levels. The Primary attack of Rasher is Healing Factor, followed by 2 melee attacks; Time to Hunt and Roar.

4. Mu 

A small cute Mummy, having a great impact due to its amazing Defence Mechanism. Mu is a small villain, focuses more on its Defence and Mobility, but lacks a lot in Attack. Yet it’s strong Defensive and Mobility stats that let him enter into the top 5 list!

Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

Mu has an amazing initial Health Point of 1380. Its Primary Attack is the Ritual of Revival. Like others, Mu also comes up with 2 melee attacks; Curse of Decay and Bandage Throw

5. Tauron 

Tauron is an interesting Bull who confronts great Powers to its opponents. This character has impactful Attack Stats followed by an exact power on Mobility. But this character, like most others, has the slightest advantage due to a great Defence mechanism.

Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

Tauron also comes along with an amazing Health Point of 1380. The Primary Attack of Tauron is Seething Anger followed by 2 melee ones; Horn Attack and Furious Rend.

Final Thoughts

Villains are categorized majorly on their Attack, Defence, and Mobility stats. These are the primary aspects of becoming the best Villains of all. Hence, I’ve mentioned all about the best Villains in Villains: Robot Battle Royale. Don’t forget to look out for the best Villains in the game, might help you a lot in your journey, and hesitate not to fall back on this Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Villains Tier List for some last-minute tips.

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