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Crystal Knights: Tips to earn Crystals in the game

Earn more Crystals!

Crystal Knights is a new RPG title brought to you by DAERI SOFT. In the game, crystals are an important currency used for summoning heroes and purchasing various items such as dungeon keys. Gathering enough crystals can make a big difference in your gameplay, allowing you to unlock new heroes and access different dungeons. In this article, I’ll share tips to help you efficiently earn crystals in Crystal Knights.

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How to get Crystals in Crystal Knights

1. Complete Quests

Completing quests is one of the best ways I’ve found to earn crystals in Crystal Knights. There are three types of quests you can do daily, weekly, and loop quests. Daily quests refresh each day and are great for collecting crystals consistently.

Crystal Knights Quests
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Weekly quests offer bigger rewards and can help you build up your crystal stash over time. Loop quests let you keep completing tasks for ongoing rewards. Stay on top of your quests for a steady stream of crystals.

2. Clear the Tasks in the Pass

From what I’ve seen, completing tasks in the Pass is a solid way to earn crystals in the game. There are four different passes you can work on. The Monster Pass has you defeating a set number of monsters. The Knight Level Pass involves reaching a specific level with your knight.

Crystal Knights Pass
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The Field Pass requires clearing certain chapters, and the Attendance Pass rewards you for logging in regularly. By focusing on these passes, you can collect crystals to use for summoning heroes and buying key items.

3. Breakthrough your Heroes

I’ve found that breaking through your heroes is a great way to earn crystals in the game. When you reach a certain breakthrough level for your heroes, you’re rewarded with crystals for each level you achieve. This is a nice incentive for investing in your heroes and pushing them to higher levels.

Crystal Knights Encyclopedia
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A breakthrough level can go up to level 9, so there’s plenty of opportunity to earn crystals as you level up your heroes. You need hero pieces to reach breakthrough levels, which can take time and effort to gather. However, the reward of crystals makes it worthwhile, especially if you focus on leveling up your main heroes.

4. Perform Raids

Doing raids is a great way to earn crystals in Crystal Knights. You’ll need a key to enter a raid, so make sure you have one handy before you start. Raids involve a team of knights to face off against challenging bosses. If you play with other players, you’ll only control one knight, which can be a bit tougher.

Crystal Knights Raid
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For an easier time, I suggest doing raids in the Single Channel. This way, you can participate in the raid with your party, making it simpler to take on the monsters since you control the whole team. The rewards you get from raids depend on the tier you reach, based on your performance and the raid’s difficulty. Higher tiers offer better rewards, including more crystals.

5. Purchase in the Shop

You can also earn crystals in the game by purchasing them directly in the shop. If you need crystals quickly or want to invest in the game, the shop offers different packages you can buy for instant access to crystals. These purchases can help you summon new heroes or buy important items like dungeon keys.

Crystal Knights Shop
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Keep an eye out for any special deals or discounts in the shop that might make purchasing crystals more cost-effective. Just be mindful of your budget and only buy what you need. Buying crystals from the shop is a convenient way to boost your resources in the game.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many ways to earn crystals in Crystal Knights, each offering a chance to boost your resources. By mixing and matching these strategies, you can maximize your crystal earnings and enhance your gameplay experience. Additionally, make sure to regularly check your in-game mail, as the GM often gifts crystals, especially when there is a new update. This can be a quick and easy way to get extra crystals to use in the game!

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