Tokyo Debunker: Tips to earn Diamonds in the game

Earn Diamonds with Ease!

Tokyo Debunker is an otome simulation game provided by ZigZaGame. In the game, you navigate Tokyo while solving supernatural cases and encountering anomalies. Diamonds are a premium currency used for various purposes, such as summoning new Character Cards and purchasing useful items. In this article, I’ll share tips to help you earn Diamonds in Tokyo Debunker efficiently.

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How to get Diamonds in Tokyo Debunker

1. Read the Main Story

I’ve found that reading the main stories in the library can earn you Diamonds. Each chapter you read for the first time rewards you with ten Diamonds. You can skip the story or use the automatic feature if you want to read faster.

Tokyo Debunker Tips to Earn Diamonds in the Game
Image via ZigZaGame

Just keep in mind that you only get Diamonds the first time you read a chapter, so be sure to take advantage of this easy way to earn some extra in-game currency. If you want to maximize your rewards, focus on reading through as many new chapters as possible.

2. Complete Mission

I find that completing missions is a reliable way to earn Diamonds regularly. There are three types of missions you can do: daily missions, lifetime missions, and shop missions. Daily missions usually involve simple tasks like battling enemies, upgrading characters, or exploring different areas. Lifetime missions may require a bit more time but reward you well for your efforts.

Tokyo Debunker Tips to Earn Diamonds in the Game
Image via ZigZaGame

Shop missions involve spending in-game currency in the shop, which can lead to earning extra Diamonds. By tackling all three types of missions each day, you can earn Diamonds consistently and boost your progress in the game.

3. Participate in Arena

When you challenge another player in the Arena, you earn rewards like Diamonds, ranking points, and other valuable items based on the battle outcome. You can challenge other players up to five times per day. If you want to battle more, you can use Diamonds to buy extra challenges.

Tokyo Debunker Tips to Earn Diamonds in the Game
Image via ZigZaGame

I’ve noticed the rewards may take a bit of time to be handed out after the battle, so just be patient. The rewards will be handed out to your in-game mail after the timer for the rewards ends.

4. Participate in Guild Activities

Joining a guild and taking part in guild activities is a great way to earn Diamonds and other rewards. Fishing in the Stardust Pond can give you Diamonds based on the rarity of the fish you catch. After fishing or if a kitten is visiting your aquarium, just tap the kitten to collect your reward.

Tokyo Debunker Tips to Earn Diamonds in the Game
Image via ZigZaGame

I’ve found that the guild reward is distributed once per day by the captain, vice-captain, or liaison, and it’s a helpful way to earn Diamonds. Being active in the guild not only helps you earn rewards but also strengthens your bond with your guildmates.

5. Finish the Challenge in the Bonus Stages

In my experience, Bonus Stages can give you a hefty diamonds. Bonus Stages can pop up unexpectedly while you’re solving cases on the Galaxy Express. You progress through the Bonus Stage by guiding a cat to the end of the stage, usually by tapping the screen at the right moments. If you successfully guide the cat to the end, you receive a generous amount of Diamonds as a reward.

Tokyo Debunker Tips to Earn Diamonds in the Game
Image via ZigZaGame

Even if you don’t make it to the end of a Bonus Stage, you can still move on to the next case without any penalties. Once you’ve unlocked a Bonus Stage, you can replay it as often as you like to improve your performance and potentially earn more rewards.

Final Thoughts

Earning Diamonds in Tokyo Debunker requires a bit of strategy and consistency. By reading the Main Story, completing daily missions, and participating in Arena battles and guild activities, you can steadily build up your Diamond count. Don’t forget about Bonus Stages, which can also yield hefty Diamond rewards. Keep an eye out for new opportunities and take advantage of them to enhance your gameplay experience. With these tips, you can maximize your earnings and enjoy your journey in the game even more!

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