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Summoners War: Sky Arena: Tips to earn Crystal in the game

Learn easy ways to earn Crystals!

Summoners War: Sky Arena, the action-strategy RPG developed by Com2uS, brings strategic battles and an exciting monster collection to your fingertips. In this game, crystals are one of the most valuable in-game currencies, used to purchase premium items and boost your progress. In this article, we’ll explore various tips and strategies to help you earn crystals efficiently in Summoners War: Sky Arena.

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How to get Crystals in Summoners War: Sky Arena

1. Complete Daily Missions

Completing daily missions in Summoners War: Sky Arena is one of the easiest ways to earn crystals. Every day, I check the mission list and try to complete as many tasks as possible. These missions can involve anything from battling in the Arena to summoning monsters or upgrading runes.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Daily Mission
Image via Com2uS

By making it a habit to complete daily missions, you’ll accumulate a steady flow of crystals, which is incredibly useful for buying premium items and summoning scrolls.

2. Complete Achievements

In my experience, there are many achievements you can complete in Summoners War: Sky Arena across different areas of the game. Achievements cover a range of activities such as Scenario, Cairos, Rift of Worlds, Arena, Monster, and Others. Each category offers its own set of challenges, and completing them rewards you with crystals.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Daily Mission
Image via Com2uS

By working through these achievements, I’ve been able to boost my crystal income, which helps me buy premium items and summon scrolls. Make it a habit to regularly check each category to see what you can complete.

3. Participate in Arena Battles

Participating in Arena battles in Summoners War: Sky Arena is a reliable way to earn crystals while also honing your PvP skills. By challenging opponents regularly, I’ve been able to climb the ranks and gain rewards like Glory Points.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Arena
Image via Com2uS

These points can be exchanged for valuable items in the Glory Shop, such as scrolls, runes, and even buildings. Keep in mind that the rewards you receive will depend on your Arena grade, so aiming for higher ranks can yield better rewards.

4. Clear floors in Trial of Ascension

Clearing floors in Trial of Ascension is a reliable way to earn crystals in Summoners War: Sky Arena. Progressing through both Normal and Hard modes of ToA consistently rewards me with crystals at key milestones. I also gather other valuable bonuses like scrolls, Legendary Pieces, and Devilmons along the way.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Arena Trial of Ascension
Image via Com2uS

Trial of Ascension resets on the 14th of each month, so when it does, you can start again from the first floor and earn rewards all over again as you clear each floor. This monthly reset offers a great opportunity to gain crystals and other valuable rewards to boost your progression.

5. First-Time Clears of Scenarios and Dungeons

Clearing Scenarios and Dungeons for the first time can also earn you crystals. When you clear a Scenario stage or Dungeon level for the first time, you receive a one-time bonus of crystals as a reward. On top of that, these clears can give you other rewards like experience points and monster drops to help strengthen your team.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Cairos Dungeon
Image via Com2uS

As I progressed through different levels, I not only boosted my in-game resources but also learned more about my monsters’ strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to take advantage of first-time clears to maximize your rewards and grow your team

6. From Crystal Producing Buildings

In my experience, crystal-producing buildings in Summoners War: Sky Arena provide a consistent source of crystals, although the amount is relatively small. Three buildings generate crystals: the Crystal Mine, Crystal Titan, and Crystal Lake. While these buildings produce only a modest amount, they offer a steady trickle of resources with little effort.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Crystal Mine
Image via Com2uS

Unlike other structures, you can’t upgrade these crystal-producing buildings, so their production remains constant. Nevertheless, they serve as a helpful source of crystals for in-game purchases and summoning scrolls.

Final Thoughts

Using different methods to earn crystals in Summoners War: Sky Arena can greatly improve your progress and experience in the game. Completing daily missions, earning achievements, and participating in Arena battles are all great ways to earn crystals consistently.

Remember to tackle Trial of Ascension and clear first-time runs in Scenarios and Dungeons for extra rewards. Although crystal-producing buildings provide only a small amount, every bit helps. By combining these strategies, you can gather crystals effectively and invest them in invaluable resources and premium items to strengthen your team and advance further in the game.

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