Brawl Stars Bad Randoms Challenge Guide: Maps, team compositions and best builds

Win 9 matches to get your hands on the Vicious Bibi skin!

Brawl Stars has been keeping the players busy with a plethora of challenges in Season 7 of the Brawl Pass. With the onset of this week, we have the Bad Randoms Challenge in Brawl Stars. It rewards us with a new Bibi skin, Vicious Bibi. Players can get this skin for free on winning the challenge. The challenge will be available for 3 days starting from the 13th of August, 2021 at 10:00 am (GMT). Players who are unable to win the challenge can purchase the skin if they wish on the 16th of August, 2021 for 49 gems.

Brawl Stars Bad Randoms Challenge
Brawl Stars Bad Randoms Challenge

Brawl Stars Bad Randoms Challenge

Similar to the other challenges, teaming up with friends or clubmates is recommended to increase the chances of winning. In case players do not have someone to play with, they can use the find a teammate feature.  Friendly rules apply to the challenge. Therefore, players can even choose star powers and gadgets which they don’t have for the brawlers, which has been unlocked.To win the challenge, players need to win the 9 matches and the challenge ends at 3 losses. This guide details the 3 game modes and the respective team compositions and builds in the Brawl Stars Bad Randoms Challenge.

Game Modes and Maps

1. Bounty- Snake Prairie

Bounty- Snake Prairie

The first game mode is Bounty and the map is Snake Prairie. The map is full of grass, therefore Bo with the Star Power “Circling Eagle” is a must. Tara, Rosa, Gene, Brock and Piper are the other good picks. Beware of enemy Shelly as this is the first set of the challenge and there is a high probability of her featuring in the opposing team. 

Bo’s gadget is used to charge ally Tara’s and Rosa’s first super which they can later chain on the enemy. 

The general idea on this map is to gain a lead and then be reactive rather than proactive. One must wait for the enemy to push as it is their need to kill the player and his teammates to regain their position in the game.

Team Compositions

  • Bo, Tara, Rosa.
  • Bo, Tara/Gene, Brock/Piper. 

Gadgets and Star Power

  • Bo: Super Totem and Circling Eagle.
  • Tara: Psychic Enhancer and Healing Shade.
  • Rosa: Unfriendly Bushes and Plant Life.
  • Brock: Rocket Fuel and Incendiary.
  • Piper: Auto Aimer and Ambush.
  • Gene: Lamp Blowout and Magic Puffs.

2. Brawl Ball – Pinball Dreams 

Brawl Ball- Pinball Dreams 

The Brawl Ball map has a long-range mid which is dominated by the ranged brawlers like Belle, Bea, Gene and even Jessie can do a decent job. For the lanes, Stu, Sandy, Tara, Emz and Barley do a great job. Poco double tanks are a viable team comp on this map as well. One must keep the enemy at bay and try at all costs to avoid being spawn trapped.

Team Compositions

  • Belle/Bea, Sandy/Barley, Stu
  • Gene/Jessie, Stu, Tara/Emz
  • Poco, El Primo, Frank

Gadgets and Star Power

  • Belle : Positive Feedback.
  • Tara : Support From Beyond and Healing Shade.
  • Stu : Breakthrough and Gaso-Heal.
  • Sandy : Sweet Dreams and Healing Winds.
  • Bea : Honey Molasses and Insta Beload.
  • Jessie : Spark Plug and Energise.
  • Gene : Lamp Blowout and Magic Puffs.
  • Emz : Hype.
  • Barley : Herbal Tonic and Medical Use.
  • Poco : Tuning Fork and Da Capo!
  • El Primo : Asteroid Belt and Meteor Rush.
  • Frank : Active Noise Cancelling and Power Grab.

3. Gem Grab – Flooded Mine

Brawl Stars Bad Randoms Challenge
Gem Grab- Flooded Mine

Gene and Belle are the two best Gem Carriers. The aggro support role can be played by anyone among Emz, Tara and Stu. Meanwhile, for the other support role, the best picks are Spike, Sandy, Crow and Amber.

Team Compositions

  • Belle, Spike/Sandy, Stu.
  • Gene, Stu/Emz, Tara.
  • Belle, Crow/Amber, Tara/Stu.

Gadgets and Star Power

  • Belle: Positive Feedback.
  • Tara: Support From Beyond and Healing Shade.
  • Stu: Breakthrough and Gaso-Heal.
  • Sandy: Sweet Dreams and Healing Winds.
  • Gene: Lamp Blowout and Magic Puffs.
  • Emz: Hype.
  • Spike: Life Plant and Curveball.
  • Amber: Wild Flames.
  • Crow: Slowing Toxin and Extra Toxic.

Best of luck with the challenge!

That’s all you need to know in Bad Randoms Challenge in Brawl Stars! Make sure to comment below!

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Awesome Guide. This helped me in getting the skin even with a bad set of random 😀

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