Brawl Stars Cursed Challenge Event Guide and Tips

Tips to get the newest challenge done in Brawl Stars!

With the release of Brawl Stars Cursed Pirates event which introduced a bunch of pirate themed skins along with Cursed Challenge in Brawl Stars. It is a limited-time challenge with four stages to complete and unlimited chances. It takes eight victories to conquer all stages and claim all the rewards and an exclusive pin. In this guide, we will talk about how to complete the challenge, total rewards, tips and suitable brawlers for each stage etc. Let’s get ready to dive into the action and show the opponents who is the captain of the ship!

Brawl Stars Cursed Challenge Event: List of different stages

Cursed Challenge Stage 1: Brawl Ball

This is just like ordinary Brawl ball mode but with a modifier (Burning Ball). It lights the ball on fire quite literally, which damages the brawler holding the ball and breaks any obstacle or wall in its path. Here are some tips to complete this stage :

Brawl Stars Master League Challenge Guide
Image via Supercell
  1. Map Awareness and Positioning: Pay close attention to the map layout, including walls and obstacles. Use them strategically to protect the ball carrier and block enemy shots. Positioning is key, both offensively and defensively. Place yourself where you can intercept passes, provide support, or make crucial shots.
  2. Team Coordination: Brawl Ball is a team-oriented mode. Communicate with your teammates and coordinate your actions. Passing the ball can be more effective than trying to carry it all the way. Work together to create passing lanes, open up opportunities, and break down the opponent’s defense.
  3. Balanced Team Composition: While each brawler has its strengths, a balanced team composition is essential. A mix of offense, defense, and control brawlers can provide versatility.

Brawlers suitable for Brawl Ball

  • Offense: Brawlers with good damage and mobility, like Colt, Cordelius, Ricochet, and Mortis, can excel at scoring goals and pressuring opponents.
  • Defense: Brawlers with high health and strong area control, such as El Primo, Rosa, and Frank, can effectively disrupt the opponent’s advances and protect your goal area.
  • Control: Brawlers with abilities to control the field, like Emz, Bea, and Nita with her bear, can help keep enemies at bay and secure key areas.


  • 50 power points
  • 50 blings

Cursed Challenge Stage 2: Knockout

Just like ordinary Knockout game mode with (Graveyard Shift) Modifier, this modifier enabled Brawlers lose health continuously, but dealing damage to opponents restore some health defeating a brawler restores full health. All healing abilities have reduced effectiveness as well. Here are some tips to complete this stage :

  1. Damage and Healing Management: Given the continuous health loss and reduced healing effectiveness, it’s crucial to manage your damage output and healing resources wisely. Prioritize dealing damage to opponents while avoiding unnecessary risks. Choose your engagements carefully, and be mindful of your health and healing opportunities.
  2. Aggressive and Defensive Play: Brawlers with high burst damage, like Brock, Piper, and Bea, can quickly eliminate opponents and secure an advantage. However, defensive brawlers with survivability, such as Bull, El Primo, and Rosa, can also shine as they can withstand damage and potentially outlast opponents.
  3. Map Control and Objective Focus: Control of key areas on the map is pivotal in Knockout mode. Brawlers who can deny enemy access and maintain map control, like Jessie with her turret, Nita with her bear, or Tick with his mines, can create strategic advantages. Additionally, focus on eliminating opponents systematically to minimize their damage output and healing opportunities.

Brawlers suitable for Knockout

  • Spike: Spike’s area control, burst damage, and healing ability through his Super make him a strong contender.
  • Sprout: Sprout’s wall placements can provide cover and control, while his attack can hit multiple opponents, allowing for efficient healing.
  • Tick: Tick’s mines control space and provide healing opportunities, and his long-range attack can chip away at opponents while staying safe.


  • 50 power points
  • 50 credits

Cursed Challenge Stage 3: Payload

Image via Supercell

Just like normal Playload but with (Tilt) Modifier, this modifier makes the floor tilt making movement faster or slower, depending on the movement direction. Here are some tips to complete this stage.

  1. Map Control and Adaptability: Given the dynamic floor tilting, adaptability is crucial. Control key areas of the map to manipulate the movement speed advantage provided by the tilting floors. Brawlers with good mobility, like Mortis, Leon, and Max, can swiftly navigate the changing terrain and gain positional advantages.
  2. Payload Escort and Defense: When escorting the payload, maintain a balance between offense and defense. Utilize brawlers with strong area control and crowd control abilities to create obstacles for the enemy team. Brawlers like Spike, Barley, and Tick can hinder opponents’ movements and stall their progress effectively.
  3. Timing Super Abilities: Super abilities can significantly impact the game in Payload mode. Use them strategically to create opportunities or counter the enemy team’s advances. Brawlers with wide-area Supers like Jessie, Penny, and Frank can capitalize on the tilting floors to catch opponents off guard.

Brawlers suitable for Payload

  • Max: Max’s speed boost ability complements the dynamic floor tilting, allowing her to maneuver quickly and support her team’s movement
  • Gene: Gene’s pull ability can disrupt opponents’ positioning and control, while his healing Super can support teammates during intense engagements around the payload.
  • Bibi: Bibi’s knockback ability can be advantageous on tilted floors, disrupting enemy movements and providing control.


  • 100 season tokens
  • 100 coins

Cursed Challenge Stage 4: Gem Grab

Brawl Stars Cursed Challenge Event
Image via Supercell

Just like normal gem grab, but with (Peek-a-Boo) modifier which causes all brawlers to go invisible every now and then. Here are some tips to complete this stage:

  1. Map Control and Gem Management: Focus on controlling the gem mine area and maintaining map control. Brawlers with good area denial and control abilities, such as Barley, Tick, and Sprout, can create obstacles that deter opponents from approaching the gem mine. Additionally, prioritize safe gem collection and go on the safe side if you’re low on health.
  2. Invisible Engagement: With the invisibility modifier, timing and surprise factor are crucial. Engage opponents strategically when you’re invisible to catch them off guard. Brawlers with burst damage and the ability to quickly eliminate opponents, such as Leon, Crow, and Mortis, can excel in this situation.
  3. Team Coordination: Communication and teamwork are essential in Gem Grab. Coordinate with your teammates to protect gem carriers and secure objectives. Brawlers with support abilities, like Pam, Poco, and Mr. P, can provide healing and area control to enhance your team’s effectiveness.

Few Brawlers for Gem Grab

  • Leon: Leon’s ability to go invisible and quickly eliminate opponents makes him a formidable threat in Gem Grab. Sneak up on enemies and disrupt their strategies.
  • Crow: Crow’s poison attacks can pressure opponents and weaken them over time. His mobility and ability to jump over obstacles can help him control the gem mine area effectively.
  • Mortis: Mortis’s dash allows him to quickly traverse the map and secure gems. Use his fast movement to grab gems and retreat strategically while invisible.


  • 300 season tokens
  • 300 coins
  • An exclusive pin

Final Thoughts

The Brawl Stars Cursed Challenge brings a captivating twist to the arena, demanding strategic prowess and quick decision-making. The blend of modifiers introduces a fresh dimension to gameplay, encouraging players to strategize their moves meticulously. Brawl Stars Cursed Challenge is a thrilling test of skill and adaptability, promising intense and rewarding battles.

What are your thoughts on our Brawl Stars Cursed Challenge Event guide? Make sure to comment below!

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