Brawl Stars voice actors list for 2024

Know the voices behind your favorite Brawlers!

Brawl Stars is a third-person hero shooter MOBA from the Finnish video game company Supercell. With several maps and a total of 78 characters known as Brawlers, the game is unparalleled. The Brawlers, the heart of this title are equipped with some mesmerizing voices. Voice actors have given their heart and soul to give these Brawlers lives and have done an excellent job. In this article, I’ll list the Brawlers in Brawl Stars and their voice actors.

Complete list of Brawl Stars voice actors

Brawl Stars has captivated attention and caught people with its unique action and strategic gameplay. The game is available worldwide and thus many of its brawlers speak different languages. However, the title has made sure to choose top-notch voiceover artists to deliver a butter-smooth performance while we watch the brawlers in action!

Brawl Stars Voice actors cast

Following is the complete list of actors behind the voices of your favorite brawlers in Brawl Stars.

BrawlersVoice Actors
EdgarDavid Autovino
Hank, Angelo, DougAusten Moret
Tick, 8-Bit, Darryl, Frank, Tara, Mr. P, Squeak, Otis, Larry & Lawrie, Gene, Sprout, R-T, RicoMartin Schjøler
BOBrian Stivale
MegSheila Morris
BusterPaul Moran
LucasLani Minella
Byron, SurgeSteven Kelly
GriffRoger Addis
MaisieSimone Annan
AmberLeah Arscott
PennyMaria Isabel Artega
Bibi, BonnieBindy Coda
GaleDean Compoginis
Fang, CordeliusNicholas Contreras
CharlieElsa Perusin
Nani, Belle, Pearl, EveElizabeth Dean
SamJoe French
WillowEmma Rae
ChuckNicola Lanci
Shelly, Emz, JackySandra Espinoza
GromGordon Gibson
BuzzJoshua Gordy
CarlJoshua Graham
BeaTiffany Grant
LeonThomas Hagena
ColtBilly Kametz
MandyNola Klop
NitaMarissa Lenti
KitChris Nichter
BarleyPhillip Lockwood
MortisEd Mace
RuffsBlythe Melin
LouJohn Mondelli
MaxSandra Osborne
DynamikeJas Patrick
Gus, SandyPatrick Pedraza
PocoDarren Roebuck
BullBill Russell
Spike, MicoTBA
El PrimoAlex Sanchez
PiperElizabeth Saydah
Stu, ChesterKai Skrotzki
JanetSam Slade
ColetteKatie Snyder
JessieMaya Aoki Tuttle aka Maya Tuttle
BrockScott William
RosaSheila Williams
PamJennifer Wydra

I have been playing the game for a long time now. After experiencing the title from the beginning, I can say that the voices are exactly what the Brawlers needed according to their character. The research and emotion the developers had to read and study, it a sign of their dedication. As the list shows, all the actors are talented and done a good job. However, we may watch more Brawlers to come in-game so the list will continue growing.

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