Brawl Stars Griff Challenge Guide: Team compositions for each map, Star Power, Gadgets

In the Brawl Talk for Season 7, Supercell has showcased two brawlers. One of the brawlers is Buzz which is already live in the game. The other brawler is an epic Brawler named Griff. He is going to be released on the 23rd of July, 2021 as a part of the 15-win challenge. Players who would win the Griff Challenge in Brawl Stars will get him for free. This will be a week before he is obtainable through boxes.

Griff Challenge is coming in Brawl Stars!
Griff Challenge is coming in Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars Griff Challenge

Like the Brawl Stars Championship Challenge, the Griff challenge also consists of 5 game modes. Each game mode has 3 matches. Players are required to win 15 matches and the challenge will end at 3 losses. A draw is neither a win nor a loss. Therefore, players will have to play an extra match in case of a draw.

Friendly rules do apply to this challenge. This means that players will have access to all the star powers and gadgets to keep the playing ground level. The difficulty of this challenge is unparalleled as less than 1% of the players will finish the challenge. Therefore, buckle up for the tips and tricks for this insane challenge.

Brawl Ball – Pin Hole Punt

Brawl Ball- Pin Hole Punt in Brawl Stars (Image by VinayBS)

An open map is where a long-ranged mid-brawler is a must. There is abundant grass on the map. Therefore, beware of sneaking into enemy brawlers. Tanks are currently in the meta. Since this is the first set of the challenge, there are going to be all kinds of players here. Hence, keeping the counters for tanks is advised. The mid control is really important. It is essential that mid should be supported by one of the lane brawlers.

Taking all these points into consideration, the brawlers viable for mid are Bea and Colette. For the lanes, the brawlers required are Colt, Rico, Surge, Sandy, Stu, Emz, Tara, Spike, and Crow.

Team Compositions

  1. Belle, Stu/Colt, Sandy/Emz/Tara/Crow.
  2. Bea, Stu/Spike, Surge/Tara/Rico.

Star Power and Gadgets

  • Belle: Positive Feedback.
  • Bea: Insta Beload and Honey Molasses.
  • Stu: Breakthrough and Zero Drag.
  • Spike: Life Plant and Curveball.
  • Rico: Bouncy Castle and Robo Retreat.
  • Sandy: Sweet Dreams and Rude Sands.
  • Emz: Bad Karma.
  • Tara: Support from beyond and Black Portal.
  • Crow: Extra Toxic and Slowing Toxin.
  • Surge: Serve Ice Cold.

Heist – Pit Stop

Griff Challenge Brawl Stars
Heist- Pit Stop in Brawl Stars (Image by VinayBS)

Lots of walls and two pronounced lanes at the extremes is the perfect description for this map. Countering tanks and holding lanes is very important. This is because most of the damage dealt with will be by those brawlers. Barley is one of the best brawlers on this map but with Stu’s new gadget. He can take out walls quickly, making it difficult for Barley to survive. While picking Barley, one must keep in mind and keep Stu, under check. Stu with his new gadget is such a versatile brawler. This is very difficult to not pick him in the team composition.

Team Compositions

  1. Bull/Darryl, Stu/Spike, Barley/Emz/Rico.
  2. Bibi, Rico, Spike/Nita/Stu.
  3. Bull, Nita/Barley, Rico.

Star Powers and Gadgets

  • Bull: T-Bone Injector and Berserker.
  • Bibi: Batting Stance.
  • Nita: Faux Fur and Hyper Bear.
  • Darryl: Recoiling Rotator and Rolling Reload
  • Stu: Breakthrough and Gaso-Heal.
  • Spike: Popping Pincushion and Curveball.
  • Barley: Herbal Tonic and Extra Noxious.
  • Emz: Bad Karma.
  • Rico: Bouncy Castle and Superbouncy

Siege – Assembly Attack

Siege - Assembly Attack
Siege – Assembly Attack in Brawl Stars (Image by VinayBS)

Picking the first bolt is the key idea. There are three lanes and a lot of walls so one thrower is expected. The middle of the map is somewhat open. Therefore, a long-range mid is needed here. Last but not the least, while picking up your team, pick at least one brawler who is capable of defending. This is in case, one is unable to gather enough bolts for an attack.

Team Compositions

  • Belle/Lou, Barley/Spike, Stu/Carl.
  • Amber,Stu/Carl,Barley/Gene/Sandy.

Star Powers and Gadgets

  • Belle: Positive Feedback
  • Lou: Supercool
  • Barley: Herbal Tonic and Extra Noxious
  • Spike: Life Plant and Curveball
  • Stu: Breakthrough and Gaso-Heal
  • Carl: Flying Hook and Power Throw
  • Amber: Wild Flames
  • Gene: Lamp Blowout and Magic Puffs
  • Sandy: Sweet Dreams and Rude Sands 

Bounty – Layer Cake

Layer Cake map in Brawl Stars

Picks for this map are pretty straightforward. Tick is a self-pick. An alternate pick for Tick can be Sprout, but Tick provides overall better value.

Belle, Brock, and Penny are strong picks for the mid. One lane is taken by Tick. For the other lane, Gene is a strong option with Piper being an alternate pick.

Normally, Mortis is an excellent brawler on this map. Although being in the fourth set to minimize the risk, Mortis is not recommended. 

Team Compositions

  • Belle/Brock,Tick,Gene/Piper.
  • Penny, Tick, Piper/Brock.
  • Belle/Brock, Sprout, Piper.

Star Powers and Gadgets

  • Belle: Positive Feedback
  • Brock: Rocket Fuel and Incendiary
  • Tick: Last Hurray and Automata-Tick Reload 
  • Gene: Lamp Blowout and Magic Puffs
  • Piper: Homemade Recipe and Ambush
  • Penny: Pocket Detonator and Balls of fire.

Gem Grab – Acute Angle

Griff Challenge Brawl Stars
Gem Grab- Acute Angle in Brawl Stars (Image by VinayBS)

Gem Grab teams are made up of a gem carrier, an aggro brawler to push behind the enemy. The third brawler is a support brawler, who helps the gem carrier in staying alive. The goal of the two-lane brawlers is to kill their lane’s enemy. This must be done, as soon as possible, to gain control of the mid.

The best gem carrier on this map is undoubtedly Gene. For an aggro brawler, Tara is an amazing pick with Sandy being a close second. The second lane can be either of the three of Surge, Amber or Stu.

Team Compositions

  1. Gene, Stu/Sandy, Tara.
  2. Belle,Amber/Surge,Tara/Sandy.

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Belle: Positive Feedback
  • Gene: Lamp Blowout and Magic Puffs
  • Stu: Breakthrough and Gaso-Heal
  • Sandy: Sweet Dreams and Healing Winds
  • Tara: Support from Beyond and Healing Shade
  • Amber: Wild Flames

Best of luck with the Challenge and stay tuned for a detailed guide for Griff!

That’s all you need to know in Griff Challenge in Brawl Stars! Make sure to comment below!

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