Brawl Stars Championship Challenge Guide (July 2021)

Road to the Brawl Stars World Finals

The Brawl Stars Championship is the official esports competition for Brawl Stars, organized by Supercell. The challenge consists of four phases, each having its own pre-existing rules and systems that must be obliged to enter the next stages. 72-hour in-game challenges are conducted for 8 months starting in February with online qualifiers happening the following week. Modes played during the Championship consist of five of the six modesBountyBrawl BallGem GrabHeist, Siege, and Hot Zone with pre-selected modes and maps chosen for matches. This Brawl Stars Championship Challenge guide will briefly explain all the steps with tips, tricks, and strategies to use.

Guide to the stages of the Brawl Stars Championship Challenge

1. In-game Challenge

Jump into the new Championship Challenge, either solo where you’ll be matched with 2 randoms or in a team with friends. The games are spread over 5 game modes. You also need at least 800 trophies to play. Friendly rules apply – so your Brawlers will be set to Level 10 with both Star Powers and gadgets as options to keep things fair. You are required to win 15 matches and the challenge will end if you lose 3 times. A draw is neither a win nor a loss so you will have to play an extra match in case of a draw.

Brawl Stars Championship Challenge
Image via Brawl Stars

As you progress in the challenge the matches start getting harder as you are matched with other players who have reached the same stage as you.

Challenge Rewards: Special Pins, Brawl Box, Mega Box, Star Points, and Coins.

2. Online Qualifiers

If you beat the Championship Challenge, you’ll be sent a link for the next round in-game, the regional Online Qualifiers.

3. Monthly Finals

The 8 best teams from around the world will be invited to appear in person at the Monthly Finals with cash prizes for all participants. The travel and accommodation will be paid for by Supercell.

4. World Finals

Win enough points at the Online Qualifiers and Monthly Finals and qualify for the Brawl Stars World Finals in Fall 2021. With a prize pool of over $1,000,000, this is one of the best mobile esports opportunities for competitive players.

For more information regarding the rules and the playing, conditions visit the Brawl Stars Esports website and the Brawl Stars Championship blog.

Brawl Stars Championship Challenge guide: Game modes and maps for this month

Bounty – Shooting Star

Shooting Star is an open map so long-range brawlers are a must. The tick does well on this map since he is able to abuse the walls present to corner the opponents and deal a huge amount of damage. Buzz is also a great choice here since he counters most of the top picks of this map but I would Buzz only if playing in a team. Playing Buzz in a random lobby is very risky. Last but certainly not the least is Nani. Even with the nerf, Nani is very good at controlling her lane and with her super, she can one-shot Tick, Piper, Brock all of whom are commonly picked brawlers on the map. Keep in mind Nani does less damage with her super so keep Peep longer in the air to deal more damage.

Team Compositions

  1. Piper, Nani, Tick
  2. Piper, Nani, Buzz
  3. Piper, Brock, Tick

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Nani – Return to Sender and Autofocus
  • Piper – Auto aimer and Snappy Sniping
  • Buzz – Eyes Sharp
  • Brock – Rocket Fuel and Rocket Number Four
  • Tick – Last Hurrah and Automa-Tick Reload

Gem Grab – Hard Rock Mine

Picks for this map are pretty straightforward. A long-ranged mid is a must Belle is the best choice and Piper is also very strong. Gene and 8-Bit are viable as well. Rico is a self-pick there is absolutely no reason to not pick Rico on this map. Rico provides insane lane control and also support to the gem carrier. His 2nd gadget is kinda op so Rico is a definite pick. For the other lane, Stu is a strong option with Rosa and Carl being the alternates.

Team Compositions

  1. Belle, Rico, Stu/Carl/Rosa.
  2. Piper/Gene, Rico, Stu/Carl
  3. 8-Bit, Rico, Stu

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Belle – Positive Feedback
  • Rico – Bouncy Castle and Super Bouncy
  • Stu – Speed Zone and Gaso-Heal
  • 8 Bit – Boosted Booster and Cheat Cartridge
  • Piper – Auto aimer and Snappy Sniping
  • Gene – Lamp Blowout and Magic Puffs
  • Carl – Flying Hook and Protective Pirouette
  • Rosa – Unfriendly Bushes and Thorny Gloves

Hot Zone –  Parallel Plays

Parallel Plays has two zones placed wide apart. The strategy on this map is to capture the zone near the enemy’s spawn location as soon as possible but don’t try to push too hard and in the process lose control of your own zone. Stu’s gadget is amazing to provide mobility. Belle with her range is a good mid-control brawler.

Team Compositions

  1. Belle, Stu, Gene.
  2. Belle, Amber, Jessie.

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Belle – Grounded
  • Amber – Wild Flames
  • Stu – Speed Zone and Gaso-Heal
  • Gene – Lamp Blowout and Magic Puffs
  • Jessie – Spark Plug and Energize

Heist – Kaboom Canyon

Kaboom Canyon has a grassy area in the middle with no cover to hide behind so long-range brawlers are the picks for this map. Piper, Belle, Bea, Brock, and Crow are the best brawlers for this map. Darryl can also work sometimes but since this is the second last set of matches the competition will be hard so it is better to stick with the long-range brawlers.

Team Compositions

  1. Belle, Piper, Bea.
  2. Belle, Brock, Bea.
  3. Belle, Piper/Brock, Crow.

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Belle – Grounded
  • Piper – Auto aimer and Ambush
  • Crow – Slowing Toxin and Extra Toxic
  • Bea – Honey Molasses and Honey Comb
  • Brock – Rocket Fuel and Incendiary

Brawl Ball – Super Stadium

The last set is brawl ball and the map is the super stadium. The idea of this map is to have a long-ranged mid and have one of the lanes to be able to deal with tanks. Poco double tanks are also viable due to the change in the supercharging ability of tanks.

Team Compositions

  1. Bea, Emz, Barley/Sandy/Nita
  2. Poco, El Primo, Bull

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Bea – Honey Molasses and Honey Comb
  • Emz – Sticky Syrup Mixer and Extra Noxious
  • Poco – Da Capo and Tuning Fork
  • El Primo – Supplex Supplement and Meteor Rush
  • Bull – Stomper and Tough Guy
  • Sandy – Sweet Dreams and Healing Winds
  • Nita – Faux Fur and Bear with Me

Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Brawl Stars Championship Challenge guide.

We hope that you have found this Brawl Stars Championship Challenge guide useful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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