Brawl Stars Summer Sports Challenge Guide: Maps, team comps, and best builds

Win a Mega Box on completing the 9-win challenge

Brawl Stars Summer Sports Challenge is an in-game special event that will reward players a Mega Box on winning the 9 win challenge. Among other rewards are one Big Box and 3150 Star Points. Like other in-game special events, friendly rules do apply to this challenge. Friendly rules give all the players an equal chance at winning the challenge by increasing the level of all brawlers to level 10.

This means that players will have access to all the star powers and gadgets for the available brawlers. The challenge will end if players lose 3 matches. Draws are considered neither a win nor a loss. The challenge goes live on August 6 at 10:00 AM GMT and will be available for 72 hours. This guide details 3 game modes and the respective team compositions and builds in the Brawl Stars Summer Sports Challenge.

Brawl Stars Summer Sports Challenge Game Modes and Maps

1. Volley Brawl – Power Alley

The first game mode is Volley Brawl. The map Power Alley has three pronounced lanes and is very open therefore the most viable brawlers will be medium-range and long-range brawlers.

Brawl Stars Summer Sports Challenge Guide
Volley Brawl-Power Alley Game Mode
  • Gale is one of the best picks with his medium-range, pushback mechanic with his super and new gadget Twister. The gadget allows him to stun enemy brawlers and is a good defence gadget. Both his star powers are viable but Blustery Blow, if used correctly, can be a game-changer.
  • El Primo though a melee brawler has everything in his kit to be one of the best picks on volley brawl. Players are advised to pick Primo based on the team composition. If there is already a short-range brawler like Buzz in the team there is no reason to pick Primo. 
  • Emz provides a lot of value by keeping the enemy in check using her wide attacks and her super by slowing the enemies allows your team to kill the enemies to score.
  • Buzz can be an alternative to primo. He has high mobility, self-charging super and the ability to stun enemies with his super. He can also use his super to ambush the enemies and instantly kill them due to his high DPS potential.
  • Stu is a good offensive brawler who has high mobility making him an instant pick in the team.
  • Colette is another amazing pick owing to her pushback mechanic. She can quickly charge her super and then keep chaining her super to keep the enemy at bay. Her ability to quickly melt the enemies from a distance hitpoints make her one of the most valued brawlers in the team.

Team Composition

  • El Primo, Gale, Emz/Colette
  • Buzz, Stu, Colette/Gale

Star Power and Gadget

  • Gale – Blustery Blow and Twister
  • El Primo – Meteor Rush and Supplex Supplement
  • Emz – Bad Karma
  • Stu – Zero Drag and Speed Zone
  • Colette – Push It
  • Buzz – Eyes Sharp

2. Brawl Ball – Triple Dribble

This map of the Brawl Stars Summer Sports Challenge has a lot of walls along the middle of the map. These walls allow throwers and melee brawlers to be viable. There are a lot of compositions that can be used on this map. Poco double tanks are also viable due to the change in the supercharging ability of tanks.

Brawl Stars Summer Sports Challenge Guide
Brawl Ball – Triple Dribble Game Mode

Team Composition

  • Poco, El Primo, Buzz/Jacky
  • Sandy/Gene, Rico, Spike/Stu
  • Emz/Nita, Tick/Barley, Gene/Sandy

Star Power and Gadget

  • Poco – Da Capo! and Tuning Fork
  • El Primo – El Fuego and Asteroid Belt
  • Jacky – Hardy Hard Hat
  • Rico – Super Bouncy and Bouncy Castle
  • Spike – Curveball and Fertilize
  • Emz – Hype
  • Stu – Gaso-Heal and Breakthrough
  • Nita – Bear with me and Faux Fur
  • Buzz – Tougher Torpedo
  • Sandy – Healing Winds and Sleep Stimulator
  • Tick – Automa-tick Reload and Last Hurray
  • Barley – Extra Noxious and Sticky Syrup
  • Gene – Magic Puffs and Lamp Blowout

3. Basket Brawl – Triple Double

Basket Brawl maps are very cramped in the space they offer. Therefore brawlers with a high pool of HP and brawlers who have high damaging attacks are viable in this game mode.

Brawl Stars Summer Sports Challenge Guide
Basket Brawl – Triple Double Game Mode

Triple Double has a lot of walls in the middle which makes the fights even more concentrated at specific points of the map. The top picks for this map are Tara, El Primo, Gale, Emz, Nita, Buzz, and Stu.

Team Composition

  • El Primo,Emz/Tara,Stu/Gale
  • Buzz, Nita, Emz/Gale

Star Power and Gadget

  • Gale – Blustery Blow and Twister
  • El Primo – El Fuego and Asteroid Belt
  • Emz – Bad Karma
  • Stu – Gaso-Heal and Breakthrough
  • Nita – Bear with me and Faux Fur
  • Buzz – Tougher Torpedo
  • Tara – Black Portal and Support from Beyond

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