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Bullet League Guide: 6 Tips and Strategies to win more

Bullet League is a 2D battle royale action game developed by Funday Factory. A 2D game bringing back the charm of the old 90’s time with much-enhanced graphics and gameplay. If you have been a fan of Mini Militia, which was a great hit among many gaming communities, this is a game you must try. And here in this Bullet League guide, we will brief you some basic tips and tricks to give you an edge over your opponents in the game.

Bullet League: Visuals and Gameplay

Bullet League comes with great graphics and user-friendly controls and three modes of gameplay (solo, squad or private room with friends). Each mode allows for up to 32 players, with the squad’s teaming up with randomly selected players or solo pitting it out with 31 others, or a total friend brawl consisting of private matches between your friends.

The game offers six maps that are randomly assigned while starting the game. It also has a wide range of arsenal, ranging from Assault to RPG and Grenades.

This, being a Battle Royale game, has a grid that shrinks after a certain interval of time which means one cannot stay hidden or roam around to avoid winning.

Bullet League Guide: How to become the best

1. Set your hand with the Joystick

The very first thing to do is get acquainted with the controls of the game. It is very important, how well one moves its character on the map. (There is an option of changing the gameplay controls of jumping using joystick).

Controls and Settings

2. Be as fast as possible

Being Fast is one of the most important aspects of this game, fast enough to move around the map and get acquainted it with before everyone else. The more comfortable you are with maps, the faster you are in the game.

3. Get good at building

If you are really good at building, you are already passed being amateur. The proper building would help you to escape the opponents or the shrinking grid, get to places where the weapon is and also this has to be timed perfectly-being fast.

4. Master the SHOTGUN

This is something that would help you get more kills. In a 2D game, the chance of close-range combat is very, very high. So, it’s better to master a weapon with one-shot kill within less range and the best weapon in the world for close combat is SHOTGUN. If you master the use of Shotgun, then you are definitely in for the first spot. Practice and get good at aiming, and master the Shotgun. The shotgun would be the best weapon in the game.

bullet league

5. Defend smartly

Look out for the upper level of the map. Always try to maintain a higher altitude in the game, so that you can easily move, duck any attack or plan a better attack on the opponent. While avoiding the opponents, make sure to get the shield and use med packs regularly.

6. Equip the right items

In-game items (weapons, med packs, shield) always spawn from the same spot but with different spawn rates. There are be multiple spots where the items spawn but those spots are fixed depending upon the map. When you get acquainted with the map, you would easily know where to find the items you need. Our suggestion is to use Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and Sniper in-game and avoid the rest from your inventory. Grenades also come in very handy at times.

Best Inventory

Bonus Tip

Remember when you are in the last phase of the game, be at a higher altitude towards the edge of the grid line. Watch your opponent and throw a grenade with timing. If you have played the game, then you must know that a grenade would throw the player back a little and, in this case, it would throw the opponent out of the play zone and would kill him.

Bullet League is one of the best 2D MMO Free-to-Play games we have played to date on mobile, with fast dynamic gameplay, interesting enough visuals, and it’s not trying to be something it’s not. Get good at building, get good at moving, get good at aiming and the game is yours to win.

We hope that you’ll find this Bullet League Guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news, updates and discussion, make sure to join our Discord server today!

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