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COD Mobile Battle Royale: The complete Blackout Map guide

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Call of Duty has a rich history and countless moments and locales which serve as an inspiration for Call of Duty Mobile. With the help of Activision, this expanded universe can be in the palms of your hands through the COD Mobile Battle Royale map. Throughout the past seasons, players have explored the Isolated map through and through and enjoyed every part of it. But now, as Isolated is destroyed, here comes the new COD Mobile Battle Royale map – Blackout. This is the very first Battle Royale map that appeared in the Call of Duty franchise, which is now coming to Call of Duty Mobile. First introduced in Black Ops 4, Blackout features iconic series locations across a vast landscape including places like Hijacked and Ghost Town.

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Here, numerous locales from familiar games blend with brand new areas to explore on this massive map. From west to east, this guide will give you a grand tour of the map. We will be covering each and every area and also provide tips on where to find loot and other resources. So without further ado let’s get deployed in on Blackout, and start exploring every location of the main landmass.

COD Mobile Blackout Map Locations

Raid (Estates)

COD Mobile Battle Royale map
Raid area in COD Mobile

Raid is one of the two mansions that describes the Estates. The estates can be seen in the northernmost area at the very top of the map. It looks to be two separate clusters of buildings separated by a trio of converging roads. Players have to be cautious in the contentious middle courtyard and escape to the south when things get too heated up in a battle.


Call of Duty Mobile maps
Array area in COD Mobile

The Array was a map included in Call of Duty Black Ops. Its inclusion here resembles the classic map quite a bit but isn’t a snowy locale like before. Array’s main feature is its central building. This is a great spot for close-quarter action in an otherwise spacious area. Unlike the other snowy areas in Blackout, Array has a few more buildings to explore around the circular relay station, which could be filled with some valuable loot for the players.

Firing Range

COD Mobile Battle Royale map
Firing Range area in COD Mobile

The Firing range is at the center of the map and is expected to be the most action-packed locale in the Call of Duty Mobile Blackout map. Much like School in PUBG Mobile or BGMI, it’s no doubt going to be action-packed thanks to a high concentration of loot placed in this area. Besides the familiar central layout, including that pesky lookout tower, Firing Range also features several surrounding buildings and obstacle courses throughout its area.


One of the familiar names from Isolated and the most iconic Call of Duty map ever, Nuketown, has now its very own island, unlike the previous era where it was shared with Pier. It looks to have a circular beachfront and road in and out but looks to be the classic map you know and love.

Call of Duty Mobile maps
A newly set up Nuketown area is now in COD Mobile

Not only does Nuketown Island extend the nuclear testing grounds’ fake neighborhood up on the surface, but it also features an underground network of rooms and tunnels that can be accessed from several locations including the bunker behind the blue house.


COD Mobile Battle Royale map
Turbine area in COD Mobile

Given its location on the Blackout Map, the Turbine has a very high resemblance to the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 map of the same name. Going by its realistic location, Turbine in Black Ops 2 was a wind farm set in Yemen, so it will be definitely interesting to play on this map in the upcoming seasons of Call of Duty Mobile.

Ghost Town

Call of Duty Mobile maps
Ghost Town area in COD Mobile

Players can next head to the southeast near Turbine to play it out in this classic wild west environment. Ghost Town is based on the Outlaw Multiplayer map from Black Ops 3. It features plenty of two-story buildings scattered around the area. This will be great for snipers and other sharpshooters looking for the high ground advantage when the dueling starts. 

Cargo Docks

COD Mobile Battle Royale map
Cargo Docks in COD Mobile

The Cargo Docks is located in the Southeast of Nuketown Island. Cargo is a large collection of shipping containers with easy access by water and the main road. This area has plenty of open space between containers, facilitating long-range gunfights and tactical use of cover. The main cargo rig may have short-circuited and no longer moves containers around, but there is still loot lying in and around the stagnant containers.

Construction Site

Call of Duty Mobile maps
Construction Site area in COD Mobile

The Construction Site is located in the top left-hand corner of the Blackout map. This area is sandwiched between the main road and the ocean and has one large building structure containing some epic loots. The Construction site is almost a resemblance of Hardhat map from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and the Collision map from Call of Duty Ghosts. Overall, it is an awesome location to drop, offering some great height advantage to the players.

Train Station

COD Mobile Battle Royale map
Train Station area in COD Mobile

The next location on the Blackout map is Train Station. This area in Blackout is one of the smaller areas of the map. Moreover, this location does extend very far due to its web of railroad tracks branched throughout the area.

Hydro Dam

Call of Duty Mobile maps
Hydro Dam area in COD Mobile

The Hydro Dam is an area in the Blackout map which has some of the largest indoor spaces on the entire map. Of course, there was a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 map called Hydro that looks very much similar to this area, and that’s because this area included in the Call of Duty Blackout Map pulls directly from Hydro.


COD Mobile Battle Royale map
Rivertown map from COD Black Ops is now in COD Mobile

The Rivertown area is one of the flooded city environments located on the Blackout map. Speaking of its in-map elements, this area is surrounded by water, with a ton of small structures in clusters. This gives this area a clostro feeling to the players which will give rise to many close-quarter actions if this area falls under final zones.


Call of Duty Mobile maps
Asylum area in COD Mobile

The Asylum is located in a drylands area in the Blackout map. There is very little foliage to be seen, and it’s situated right at the East of the map. This area was a map in Call of Duty: World at War, and you’ll find ample amounts of loots and other kinds of stuff swarming the area when you drop in the Asylum area.


COD Mobile Battle Royale map
Factory area from Black Ops 3 is now in COD Mobile

The Factory is another large indoor area located on the Blackout map. It is located at the southernmost point on the map, so is a tricky place to drop in. This map has great loot though, so get in, find a vehicle and get out if you want to survive. It is almost a resemblance to the Warsaw Factory mission in the original Call of Duty, which will be an attraction for many players.

Fracking Tower

Call of Duty Mobile maps
Fracking Tower area in COD Mobile

The Fracking Tower is located just south of the center of the Blackout map in COD Mobile and is within close proximity to Rivertown and the Factory. The area takes inspiration from the multiplayer map Radiation from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Like Nuketown Island, the area contains an underground area, which can primarily be accessed by opening a pair of blast doors with a button on the surface.

Understanding the Map Symbols in COD Mobile Battle Royale map

Well as we see here, it is the complete view of the Blackout map in COD Mobile Battle Royale. Let’s guide you through the map symbols and other details which will help you get through the hurdles smoothly!

The White Circle

This is the zone inside which you need to be during the play in COD Mobile Battle Royale. Our Suggestion for you would be to stay near to borders or on the borders of this white circle zone. Refrain from going to the center if you are not a kill-freak player. That would lead you to glory in the most tactical way.

The Blue Circle

This is the warning zone that starts shrinking after a certain gap of timing. Player Stamina starts decreasing during this shrinking period. Collapses will occur more rapidly as the game progresses, forcing the action to heat up.

Green Dots

These are the AirDrops that players will receive after each shrinkage of the safe zone. All of these drops contain a level 3 vest (helmet) and might contain any of these add-on items:

  • Arctic.50 Exotic Sniper: This is a prized sniper. Creates a thermal image of enemies which enables the players to find enemies hiding anywhere.
  • Purifier: A legendary weapon that blasts out a stream of fire to burn enemies down.
  • War Machine: A legendary weapon that throws out bombs of fire to blast out enemies and also burn out vehicles as well.
  • FHJ-18: This one is the aerial vehicle destroyer. Players can kill the enemies flying through the air in helicopters. Sets a target on the vehicle and locks it.
  • SMRS: This one also does the same job as FHJ-18 but the effect is less as compared to FHJ-18.
  • Legendary Version of KN-44/BK57/Holger 26/M4LMG/M4/ICR-1
  • 5.56 ammo / 12 gauge ammo
  • Rocket ammo
  • Mods of Legendary Rarity
  • Ballistic ammo

Red Dots

From now onwards, your customized weapons that used to be available in the Normal drops earlier, will now not be available there. There will be special drops marked by Red color on the minimap where you will be getting your customized weapons to be drawn to use in the battle.

Purple Dots

These are the chip upgradation spots. Here a player can upgrade the class he has selected before the start of play. So, how does this affect the class?

To be very honest, not all the classes do have an additional effect on the upgrade. Classes having the effect of up-gradation are:

  • Trap Master: The normal killing ability of this class gets doubled when activated
  • Trickster: The normal time span for which the clones of your character stays in the game gets doubled up.
  • Clown: Normally 3 K9 Unit dogs are released. But after the upgrade, 5 K9 Unit dogs are released on enemies.

Hope you find this COD Mobile Battle Royale Map Guide useful. Please feel free to ask any questions about the COD Mobile Blackout map in the comments section below, We will make sure to reply to everyone. 

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