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COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide: Pros and Cons of each Class

Call of Duty Mobile gives players the choice of ten unique classes to use in Battle Royale. It’s all upon the players to decide what they choose to be, but we do have a COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide here for all classes that can be used.

Regardless of what you choose before stepping into the Battle Royale matches, any class is always a good choice for gameplay. But for those looking to up their game, or find a go-to class for this game mode, read on and study up on the Pros and Cons of Mechanic, Medic, Ninja, Clown, Scout, Defender, Airborne, Trap Master, Trickster, and Poltergeist

What are the Pros and Cons of each class in Call of Duty Mobile?


COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
The Mechanic class in game

Active skill – EMP Drone: Send out a Drone that will follow the enemy to disable some of their skill.

Passive skill – Engineer: Allow you to see all vehicles, traps, equipment within 80m.


1. Exposing the enemy position.
2. Disabling the enemy attack.


1. EMP drone can detect enemies, irrespective of height.
2. The passive skill of Mechanic is not very impressive.


The Medic Class in game

Active skill – Medical Station: Put down a medical station to heal you and your allies over time in an area.

Passive skill – Medic: You can heal and revive knocked down teammates 25% faster.


1. Good for Team matches in supporting teammate.
2. Fast Health Recovery option.


1. In solo, Medic’s skill is almost completely useless.
2. Gathering your team all in one place might cause disaster because of grenades and SMRS.


COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
The Ninja class in game.

Active skill – Grapple Hook: Shoot out a hook to pull you toward its destination.

Passive skill – Dead Silence: You make less noise when moving.


1. Getting instant high ground.
2. Move to a certain place faster.


1. There aren’t many places to use a hook.
2. Has a maximum of only 2 charges (3 when upgraded) at a time


The Clown class in game.

Active skill – Toy Bomb: Throw out a toy that will summon zombies to attack nearby players. The toy will explode after a while.

Passive skill – Anti-zombie: The awareness distance of zombies is reduced to 15 meters.


1. Active skill is the only positive point.


1. Clown’s passive skill is completely useless in almost every situation.
2. Not very useful in close-range fights and swift fights where you need to finish your opponent fast.


COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
The Scout class in game

Active skill – Sensor Dart: Shoot out a Sensor Dart that will reveal the location of nearby enemies for a short time.

Passive skill – Tracker: Scout can see the footprint of enemies a few seconds ago.


1. Chasing the enemy.
2. Setting a Crossfire for the enemy.


1. If Sensor Dart isn’t upgraded, its effective area is pretty small.
2. Scout’s passive skill is also not very useful as it might seem to be.


The Defender class in game

Active skill – Transform shield:  Place a big shield in front of you and flash enemies for a few seconds.

Passive skill – Reinforced: All reduce all damage by 20% except for damage from guns.


1. Auto-Flashbang blinds the enemy.
2. Create an extra cover for teammates.


1. Creates a temporary cover.


COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
The Airborne class in game

Active Skill – Ejection Device: Deploy a catapult that ejects your team into the air and triggers wingsuit gliding.

Passive Skill – Lightweight: Reduces descent speed while using the wingsuit.


1. Escape when under heavy fire.
2. Chasing the enemy faster.


1. Machine loading time is high.

Trap Master

The Trap Master class in game

Active Skill – Electric Trip Wire: Routes a high-voltage current line. enemies passing through will take damage and movement speed will decrease.

Passive Skill – Territorial effect: Increases the movement speed and skill recharge speed of nearby allies.


  • Useful for camping into buildings or small houses.
  • The territorial effect eases running away from enemy clusters.


  • Only 3 charges per load.
  • Not very much useful other than building areas.


COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
The Trickster class in game

Active Skill – Psychosis: Use two holographic decoys and a major speed boost to confuse your enemies.

Passive Skill – Hear an enemy’s footsteps easier with a wider range of hearing.


  • Befuddling the enemy by splitting into 3 parts.
  • Able to use the firearms to chalk out the enemy.


  • Player can become detectable as Psychosis acts as Bot, not as the player.
  • The effect does not last if the Psychosises are shot down.


The Poltergeist class in game

This class was added to the game in the lastest Wild West Update and has the following attributes.

Active Skill – Action Camo: Become near-invisible for a short duration.

Passive Skill – Voidwalker: Increases running and walking speed in a stealth state.


  • Ables the player to change his position , or rush after enemy without letting the enemy know. Useful fro rushers.


  • Can become translucently visible when near to the enemy, so not much of use in squad matches.
  • No use of firearms while using the class.

That’s all about the COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide. Depending on these Pros and Cons of each class skill, players can themselves choose what will be the best for them in the game.

We hope you find this COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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