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COD Mobile Battle Royale: The complete Class guide

Call of Duty Mobile gives players the choice of ten unique classes to use in Battle Royale. It’s all upon the players to decide what they choose to be, but we do have a COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide here for all classes that can be used.

Regardless of what you choose before stepping into the Battle Royale matches, any class is always a good choice for gameplay. But for those looking to up their game, or find a go-to class for this game mode, read on and study up on the details of the various classes available in COD Mobile.

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What are the classes available in Call of Duty Mobile

Based on the varieties and skillset of each class skill, players can choose what will be the best for them in the game. Moreover, the classes have been segregated into five categories as per the game.


Trap Master

The Season 4 update introduced the Trap Master class, which is found in the Disrupt category of Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale game. The electric tripwire that the Trap Master has access to may be laid down and, when touched by an enemy, inflicts damage and slows them down. When enhanced, it deals 145 damage instead of 98 damage each second.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

The electrified tripwire in Season 3: Radical Raid was changed to a trip mine. This trip mine creates an electrical field that slows down foes when it is activated, but it does not cause damage until the electrical field discharges it fully. Shotting an electrified trip mine before it hurts the player will disable it.


In the Credit Shop, for 2000 credits, users can unlock the Trickster in the battle royale mode. In order to confuse the enemy, the ability generates two holographic copies that move in opposite directions.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

Both offensively and defensively, one can employ this power. If you are outnumbered, utilise this power to scare the opposition, eliminate their squad, or escape quickly. The Trickster is a powerful class that you can employ at any time during the game, but reserve it for crucial situations where you need to make a hasty getaway, especially in confined spaces. The Trickster also gives you the ability to hear an enemy’s footsteps easier with a wider range of hearing.

Smoke Bomber

The Smoke Bomber, one of Call of Duty: Mobile’s epic abilities, releases a huge cloud of smoke in a chosen area, slowing down any foes who must pass through it and revealing their locations with their red-hued silhouettes.

While similar to the smoke grenade, the Smoke Bomber gives players visibility and, when used, fires one bomb, which is followed by a second bomb that bounces off the first one. If the adversary throws a smoke bomb at you, take the shorter route outside the cloud and, if your team has a mechanic, send in a drone.


In a combat royale, the Hacker is a potent class for players to use. It exposes a maximum of six electronic gadgets that can be hacked and destroyed and were left behind by the enemy. Moreover, it makes up to six nearby players’ minimap and class abilities visible.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

It takes some time for you to disarm traps and hack hostile players, so avoid using this skill in the thick of a conflict. The stations Trap Master, Mechanics, and Airborne are all excellent targets for this ability. Moreover, you receive Hard Wired, which prevents interference from your radar with your minimap.


COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale mode includes the class Rewind. Players can use Rewind to teleport to a spot where they were 8 seconds before, which enables them to rapidly avoid enemy flanking and firepower. Rewind can now be used up to two times after the class is promoted.



Ninja, arguably one of the greatest BR classes in COD Mobile, gives players flexibility of movement. The Ninja grapple hook helps players escape dangerous situations or climb onto buildings. Although this is only the Ninja’s primary function, talented players can do a lot with this class.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

Ninja is the only class that, in contrast to other classes, needs a chip terminal upgrade to activate the secondary class benefit. The secondary class bonus enables the game’s “Dead Silence” for the player.


This class was added to the game in the Wild West Update and has the following attributes. In Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale, the Poltergeist employs cunning and surprise to ambush rivals. With its Active Camo cloaking feature, you may practically disappear when you need to move into position for an assault or avoid an approaching danger.

While hidden, players move more quickly. When Active Camo is active, the Poltergeist’s Voidwalker ability speeds up running and walking so you can get where you’re going fast and covertly. This is extremely helpful when you have to move in plain sight when an attacker may otherwise notice you. You can utilise the Active Camo feature of the Poltergeist numerous times during a match; it charges up in around a minute.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

Just keep in mind that the Poltergeist’s Active Camo ability only offers partial invisibility. When you are cloaked, the likelihood that an opponent player will notice you increases the closer you are to them. Make sure to find a building or other cover before your cloak expires if you’re looting and fighting close to the outside of the circle. Save the Active Camouflage until it begins to collapse, then activate it when it’s time to move. Moreover, the Voidwalker talent will boost your speed, which will enable you to escape the circle.

When you come across a group of adversaries engaged in combat, use Active Camo to hide. Let them to harm one another as you move into position to eliminate them all. lure the adversary. Let them to see you before hiding in a place where they can’t find you.

Use Active Camouflage to either flee while they waste time looking for you or to relocate and flank them while they are preoccupied. Your weapon’s shot will turn off the shroud. The setup is everything in The Poltergeist. Position yourself, then wait for the ideal opportunity to attack.


The Pumped Battle Royale class can offer through its abilities:

  • Power Jump: Increases the amount of gas injection and nitrogen recovery speed.
  • Pump Up: Gain jet jumping ability. Shooting in the air increases spread reducing accuracy.
Image via Activision

If you are proficient enough to make the most of your abilities, obtaining the Call of Duty Mobile Pumped BR Class can make you a lethal player. Use your new skills to learn how to avoid approaching fire, traverse the toughest terrain, and find the greatest view position. To avoid becoming a target rather than a threat, be careful not to utilize them without a plan in place.

Quick Strike

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

This Quick Strike class is currently present under the Stealth category of BR Classes. Activating the Class will equip your character with a sword that can deflect bullets from the front while blocking.



Players can regain health with Medic without using armor plates. When in use, the medic sends out drones that, when inside a green circle, heal the player and their comrades. This will show up for adversaries as a red circle.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

When armor plates reach their maximum level, the Medic station does not replenish their HP. However, if a player is outside the safe zone and in critical health, the Medic station will restore their health while omitting the health of the armor plates. The Medic station will first restore the player’s health if they are in the safe zone and are at critical health, then the health of the armor plates. Both when wearing armor plates and when not wearing them, medic players heal faster.


COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

In Call of Duty: Mobile, there is a novel, more practical class called The Refitter. You and your squad can acquire layers of armor with the Armor Pack to lessen the damage from bullets (except to the head). You can upgrade this at the terminal to give yourself so much armor that it will be difficult for the adversary to harm you.

Kinetic Station

Strengthen the defences of your group by using the new Kinetic Station Battle Royale class. Use your talent to produce a stand that can produce kinetic armour for the entire team to use. Incoming bullets are deflected throughout the entire body by the armor until the skill period expires or sufficient damage has been dealt.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

Keep an eye out for enemy snipers and approaching grenades because kinetic armor won’t shield the Operator from melee, headshot, incendiary, or explosive damage. Keep the stand protected from hostile meddling because it can potentially be damaged. Finish the “Damage Denied” Seasonal Objective to unlock the Kinetic Station Battle Royale class.



COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

Similar to a flashbang, defender users can utilise a transform shield to briefly blind foes in front of them (this effect does not affect enemies that are behind or on the side of the Defender users). Moreover, users of Defender will take less damage from explosives, and the effects of bad statuses are considerably reduced.


Image via Activision

A Shield Turret with a built-in gun and infinite ammo is deployed by Desperado for the length of the turret. In addition to using the cannon to kill foes, players can use the turret as cover. The Final Stand is the second skill that comes with Desperado. If you manage to kill an enemy, this special power will resurrect you and arm you with a pistol if you are knocked out.


A cluster air strike can be directed at a specific location by spotter class players using a laser pointer. When engaged, a group of fighter jets will launch a cluster grenade attack on the target area.

Image via Activision

When an enemy is caught in the cluster grenade’s strike zone, they suffer tremendous damage and slow down. A red circle on the map represents the opponent Spotter’s strike zone (the friendly Spotter will show a green circle).


COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

Igniter class members will blast tar into their surroundings when they activate. Similar to a Molotov, the tar and its trails will continuously harm the adversaries while giving the player a little faster movement speed. The Igniter’s usage time is extended when improved.



The MQ-27 Dragonfire drone that belongs to this class can both reveal an enemy’s location and interfere with their HUD. The Mechanic class gains a quicker recharge time and a longer duration as the class is promoted. The Mechanic class will additionally enable players to observe cars and hostile classes through barriers.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision


Zombies take centre stage in Clown. The Toy Bomb Class Skill and the Anti-zombie Perk are available to the class.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

The Toy Bomb is hurled like a grenade when it is used, in an arc. Many zombies spawn at the spot where it lands and start chasing any adversaries in the area. The zombies will stay close to the Toy Bomb until it explodes if there are no enemies around. The Toy Bomb’s explosion does do harm. A characteristic jazzy melody will play when the Toy Bomb is in operation. Zombies that are killed occasionally drop small quantities of ammunition or armour plates.


The Sensor Dart and the Tracker ability, both crucial components in warfare, are available to the Scout. When shot, the Sensor Dart illuminates the region surrounding the tiny spike with enemy locations, just like a UAV would in multiplayer.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

It does, however, display the enemy’s location on the mini-map, even though it does not tell their vertical placement (that is, whether they are on a roof or in the basement of a multi-story building). It alone might be sufficient information to pinpoint their possible location and the best course of action for attacking, defending, or moving forward.


In Call of Duty: Mobile, the Credit shop may be used to unlock Airborne for 2000 credits. You can travel long distances while gliding in the air by using the ability, which sends a catapult to your location that can launch up to 4 people into the air.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activison

The catapult station must be set up and launched before using Airborne, which in theory should make it easy to get out of tight spots. This could expose you or the station to hostile fire. If you have dropped in a remote location, use Airborne to escape the zone. Airborne also grants you Lightweight, which reduces the speed of your wingsuit-assisted descent.

Ravager Launcher

COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide
Image via Activision

Ravager Launcher players will deploy a turret that will lock onto and fire volleys of missiles at targets, be they enemies or vehicles. The turret cannot be deployed on vertical surfaces or any other rough terrain, and cannot be re-deployed once deployed. The turret can also be destroyed by gunfire or rocket launchers like the FHJ-18 or SMRS. When the Ravager Launcher class is upgraded, the duration of the turret lasts longer.

We hope you find this COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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