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COD Mobile Season 3 2024 Weapons Tier List: Ranking the best to worst

Choose what suits you the best!

Ever since the launch of Call Of Duty Mobile, the game has created hype all over the world.  The game has a varied range of firearms in the game both for the Multiplayer as well as the Battle Royale section. To help you choose which weapons to take on the next raid, or the next trip to Isolated or Blackout map in CODM, we present to you, the COD Mobile Season 3 2024 Weapons Tier List.

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CODM Season 3 2024 Weapons Tier List: Best Guns ranked

In Arena Breakout, there are several gun types, including Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Light Machine GunsSniper Rifles, Marksman, Melee, and Pistols. Each of these gun types possesses its own unique strengths and weaknesses during combat. Automatic Rifles are one of the best guns in COD Mobile and are highly favored due to their rapid-fire rate and excellent accuracy at medium to long-range engagements.

TierAutomatic Rifles (ARs)Sniper Rifles/MarksmanLight Machine Guns (LMGs)Submachine Guns (SMGs)ShotgunsPistols
S – Excellent WeaponsType 19
ZRG 20mm
DL Q33
Holger 26CBR4

A – Great WeaponsFFAR 1
HVK 30
Bruen MK9
Striker 45
OTs 9
KSP 45
B – Good weaponsLK24
Rytec AMR
SP-R 208
PP19 Bizon
C – Worst WeaponsM4
FR .556
Arctic .50
Kilo Bolt Action

Best Meta Guns in Call of Duty Mobile for Season 3 2024

Moving forward with the COD Mobile weapons tier list, we will now showcase the top guns in COD Mobile for each gun type mentioned in the previous table. With a vast array of guns available, players have a diverse selection to incorporate into their load-outs for battles.

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Image via Activision

Best Assault Rifle (AR) – M13

The M13 assault rifle, widely favored in Call of Duty: Mobile, faces a notable drawback as a comparatively subpar performer when compared to other available weapons. Its exceptionally high rounds-per-minute (RPM) is counteracted by having one of the lowest damage outputs within its class. Addressing this deficiency becomes crucial when determining the appropriate attachments for optimal performance.

COD Mobile Weapons Tier List, Call of Duty Mobile Weapons Tier List, CODM Weapons Tier List
Image via Activision

Furthermore, the rifle exhibits a relatively limited range compared to other assault rifles, necessitating a distinct approach in attachment selection for battle royale as opposed to standard multiplayer game modes. In adapting the M13 for different scenarios, players must carefully consider attachment choices to mitigate its lower damage output and address the challenges posed by its restricted range.

Best Light Machine Gun (LMG) – Holger 26

This Assault Rifle and LMG hybrid is the best Long-Machine Gun as of now in the game. This gun comes with the fastest ADS speed among all other LMGs and great accuracy. The movement speed is not bad and the fire rate is good compared to any Assault rifles in the game.

COD Mobile best Lightmachine guns LMGs
Image via Activision

However, reload speed of Holger 26 might seem to be a problem in the game. But it can be increased with sleight of hand perk. Holger 26 has AR-like damage and deep rangeability. Furthermore, we recommend you use an Underbarrel attachment that can be used for low recoil.

Best Submachine Gun (SMG) – CBR4

This gun stands out with its AR-like fire rate. The range on this gun is decent for an SMG with the ADS speed which is quite average when compared to other SMGs.

COD Mobile CBR4 weapon
Image via Activision

However, it can be improved by using a suitable foregrip. A great choice for a secondary weapon in Battle Royale and in Multiplayer modes like Hardpoint and Domination.

Best Shotgun – R9-0

This shotgun offers great control with great damage. Decent accuracy at the close-to-medium range but with the barrel equipped, its range and accuracy can be improved. It is an average shotgun when compared to the rest.

COD Mobile Season 8 2021 Test Server, COD Mobile Season 8 2021
R9-0 Shotgun in COD Mobile (Image via Activision)

Best Sniper/Marksman weapon – SKS

The SKS, a semi-automatic marksman rifle featured in Call of Duty Mobile, is recognized for its remarkable attributes, boasting exceptionally high damage, commendable accuracy, and a respectable fire rate. Within the realm of close to mid-range encounters, the SKS stands out as a potent weapon, capable of delivering a two-tap assault when targeting the upper body.

The firearm’s efficacy lies in its ability to swiftly dispatch opponents, particularly when precise shots are directed towards the upper body region. This capability grants players a distinct advantage in engagements within the aforementioned range, where the SKS excels.

COD Mobile Weapons Tier List, Call of Duty Mobile Weapons Tier List, CODM Weapons Tier List
Image via Activision

Moreover, the rifle’s impressive accuracy enhances its overall performance, allowing players to maintain precision during intense firefights in COD Mobile. The SKS’s semi-automatic nature enables a balanced rate of fire, striking a harmonious blend that caters to both accuracy and speed.

In summary, the SKS in CODM emerges as a formidable choice, characterized by its high damage output, exceptional accuracy, and a fire rate that proves advantageous in close to mid-range encounters, especially when effectively targeting the upper body for a swift and efficient two-tap elimination.

Best Pistol – MW11

MW11 is the default secondary that you get when you first play the COD Mobile, it’s a reliable sidearm that deals good damage.

COD Mobile Weapons Tier List
Image via Activision

The MW11 deals good damage, but its quick TTK requires that you target a specific area of the body. Its prime range is 0 to 9 meters, just one meter longer than the Shorty’s. The MW11 deals 40.25 damage when it hits the upper chest and stomach.

While firing a headshot, the pistol can deal up to 61.25 damage, but as soon as you strike a victim outside of its ideal range, the damage will decrease. The MW11 was modified for the loadout to be a long-range pistol that can still deal damage, and we also added extra ammo and other attachments to improve the performance of this weapon.

That’s the COD Mobile Season 3 2024 Weapons Tier List, folks! Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions on improving the list, feel free to send them our way! 

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Chopper is the best gun if they it kills with 3 shots in the head


I think the best Battle royal weapons are still the Ak47, AK117, Locus, As val and the All powerful M4. The Locus alongside Artic.50 has the longest range, the Locus can one shot kill (headshot) from distance. The Dlq not so much. You’d need three shots to the chest to defeat the Level 3 body Armor and two shots to the head.

Madhavan Kannan

Yep Artic .50 is the best sniper for BR. The SPR is also pretty good since it’s one shot regardless of vest and adrenaline. AK 117 is a good primary but I also like going in with the HSO405 and/or the QQ9 (with extend mods)


Literally every gun in codm is good if you know how to use it
One time I got a double nuke in hardpoint just with the renetti
With the renetti u don’t even really need to ads since the hipfire is really accurate
If u can control the burst then renetti is a very versatile weapon


I think you meant ‘Light Machine Gun’ not ‘Long’

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