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COD Mobile Season 1 2023 Weapons Tier List: Ranking the best to worst

Choose what suits you the best!

Ever since the launch of Call Of Duty Mobile, the game has created hype all over the world.  The game has a varied range of firearms in the game both for the Multiplayer as well as the Battle Royale section. To help you choose which weapons to take on the next raid, or the next trip to Isolated or Blackout, we present to you, the COD Mobile Season 1 2023 Weapons Tier List. Also, a point to remember for the players, the weapons discussed below in this COD Mobile Weapons Tier list fall under the following categories: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Light Machine GunSniper Rifle, Marksman, Melee, and Pistol.

Weapon TiersFirearms
S – Excellent Weapons AS VAL, DL-Q33, SVD, Holger 26,
PP19 Bizon, .50 GS, Prizefighter, SKS, Fennec, MX9
A – Great WeaponsHVK-30, ICR-1, Locus, MK2, DR-H,
QXR, AGR 556, MAC-10,PPSH 141, Echo, Kilo-Bolt Action, CBR4, AK117, Dingo, EM2, CR-56 AMAX, M4, Sickle, FHJ-18, Knife, Base Melee, KN-44, AK-47, M13, KSP 45, QQ9, MW11, Karambit, Wrench, Katana, Butterfly Knife
B – Good weaponsType 25, M16, HBRa3, LK24, BK57, FR .556, NA-45,
Arctic .50, Chopper, M4LMG, PDW-57, Kilo 141, Switchblade X9, GKS, Man-o-War, HG-40, MSMC, BY15, HS0405, KRM 262, SP-R208, RUS-79U, JAK-12, Outlaw, Oden, Koshka, J358, Baseball bat, Nunchucks, Axe, Machete, Razorback, R9-0, Chicom, Cordite, Peacekeeper MK2, RPD, Rytec-AMR, ZRG 20mm, Shorty, Hades
C – Worst WeaponsASM-10, XPR-50, M21 EBR, S36, Swordfish, Thumper, Pharo, UL736, HS2126, Striker, Renneti, SMRS, Crossbow

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 Weapons Tier List: Explanation for Classification of the Weapons

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile

COD Mobile Weapons Tier List: S-Tier

Assault Rifles

AS VAL: An Assault Rifle with great damage but the recoil of this weapon is unmanageable. What is more astonishing is its ADS speed, which is very much quick and accurate. This results in players not needing muzzle attachment for managing recoil and ADS.

COD Mobile Weapons

This is because AS VAL already has an in-built suppressor. Moreover, attaching the Long shot perk can help increase the damage range of this gun in the game.


Holger 26: This Assault Rifle and LMG hybrid is the best Long-Machine Gun as of now in the game. This gun comes with the fastest ADS speed among all other LMGs and great accuracy. The movement speed is not bad and the fire rate is good compared to any Assault rifles in the game.

COD Mobile Weapons
Holger 26

However, reload speed of Holger 26 might be a problem in the game. But it can be increased with sleight of hand perk. Holger 26 has AR-like damage and deep rangeability. Furthermore, we recommend you use an Underbarrel attachment that can be used for low recoil.  


MX9: This gun resembles the recoil of MSMC, as it is strictly a vertical recoil and is pretty tough to handle. The fire rate of this SMG is like any other one, quick and accurate.

COD Mobile Weapons

Though mobility can be a problem as this gun is quite stiff to use. With proper attachments, recoil can be reduced to some extent. The range is just ideal for an SMG like this one.

KSP 45:

KSP 45 is a burst-fire submachine gun that deals serious damage at a moderate range. On top of that, the easy-to-control recoil is another reason to get your hands on the brand-new SMG. Here are the base statistics of COD Mobile KSP 45:

  • Damage: 24
  • Fire Rate: 0
  • Accuracy: 0
  • Mobility: 0
  • Range: 0
  • Control: 0

Although The KSP 45 can’t compete with MAC-10 or MP7 in close combat, the greater damage and low recoil make it the ideal SMG for slightly longer distances.

Fennec: This gun has the quickest ADS speed and great accuracy amongst the A-tier SMGs. Fennec’s rangeability is limited to medium and is easy to control.

COD Mobile Weapons

Also, a thing to remember for the players is that even if it is an A-tier weapon, it is recommended to have proper Attachments which are a must for reducing its vertical recoil.

PP19 Bizon: Worthy of being in the S-tier in the COD Mobile Season 5 2021 Weapons Tier List, PP19 Bizon has an amazing damage rate and great mobility. Also, this gun has a good-looking iron sight as well.

COD Mobile Weapons
PP19 Bizon

The iron sight is a great one that helps players to knock out enemies without attaching any kind of optics. It has a deep range and is decently accurate. Laser attachment is recommended for increasing overall accuracy. Recoil, however, is quite low and can be managed by getting in suitable attachments.


SVD: This sniper is pretty similar to SKS, except that it has low recoil. For a sniper that spits, its fire rate is better when compared to its own type.

COD Mobile Season 10 2021 test server
SVD weapon

Damage rate is decent in long-range, a barrel attachment is suggested. A great option for Battle Royale and for long-range matches in Multiplayer, the SVD weapon perfectly places itself in the S-Tier

DL Q33: Undoubtedly the best sniper in the game in this season. DLQ33 has a very long-range hitting ability built in with it. This comes along with and great damage that it causes to the enemies.

COD Mobile Weapons

Not only that, the movement speed of DLQ33 can be a serious threat and also can be increased with lightweight attachment. Also, this deadly sniper has a great hit flinch and accuracy that eases the task to knock out enemies.


SKS: Excellent fire rate for a 20 round mag marksman is what SKS is known for. However, it is not a one-shot one-kill weapon.

COD Mobile Weapons

But it is the fire rate of SKS that backs out that stat. Easy to control and has a quick reloading feature in-built in this gun. Laser and Muzzle attachment is recommended to use for better accuracy and range.


.50 GS: A shot to the head with this gun is an instant kill, in short-range. Moreover, it’s also quite good in the medium range.

COD Mobile Weapons

The accuracy of .50 GS is great and works very smoothly in the game. The damage of this pistol is insane while in its range and has a quick ADS.


Prizefighter: This incredible melee weapon, which is a set of boxing gloves is one of the best melee and secondary weapons in the game. With a one-shot knockout, this weapon stands out even in front of operator skills and scorestreaks.

COD Mobile Prizefighter
Image by Activision


Assault Rifles

AK 117: Highly recommended to use in Battle Royale, AK117 has great rangeability and damage rate under its stock. Not only that, this gun has got low recoil and offers smooth control and mobility.

COD Mobile Weapons

What stands out the most is its Accuracy which is insane, but time to kill is decent compared to that. Also, its fire rate and mobility are balanced as well.

Dingo: The new assault weapon introduced in Season 1 2023 has a fire rate of 83 m/s and a bullet speed of 800 m/s. It has 1.80s reload time and 370ms aming time. You can increase the magazine size by using attachments such as Large Extended Mag, Steel Rain, and Black Ops Mag.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023
Image via Activision

M4: This is a great AR but only for the medium range. Although it is one of the most accurate Assault Rifles, this gun has had a lot of nerfs, thus demoting it to C_Tier.

COD Mobile Weapons

However, despite its B-Tier rank, M4 still has great accuracy and a decent amount of recoil. This gun is absolutely not suitable for long-range. The damage rate is good and hip fir accuracy is great even at the medium range.

EM2: The EM2 is a Bullpup Assault Rifle, meaning it’s ideal for close-range thanks to its mobility, so our build focuses on making it more deadly at mid-range.

COD Mobile Season 11 2022
Image via Activision

AK 47: The most popular gun in shooting games. It has quite some recoil in it. But what stands out is its control and fire rate, which is actually pretty good. Good for long-range shots. The damage rate is also overpowered for AK47.

COD Mobile Weapons

M13: This powerful Assault Rifle has pretty low recoil and delivers considerable damage at long range. Its drawback is its ADS, which is nearly as slow as Holger 26 LMG. The fire rate is average for an AR along with the Mobility being decent with this gun, for which lightweight perk is suggested. Accuracy is on point and shoots decent hip fire. Sleight of hand perk is recommended for faster reload.

COD Mobile M13 Assault Rifle
Image via Activision

CR-56 AMAX: This assault rightfully deserved the S-tier as this gun is on the top of everyone’s loadout with its top-notch attributes and fast enemy knockdown ability. The aspects that stand out the best are the accuracy and recoil which are well balanced.

COD Mobile Weapons

With quick ADS speed, the enemy has no chance, and mobility with this gun is easy. With FMJ perk enabled, it’s basically a one-shot one kill weapon. Furthermore, we would recommend using underbarrel and muzzle attachment to get enhanced results.

KN-44: One of the first-choice now for the players, KN-44 has an absolutely insane fire rate along with on-point accuracy due to its great iron sight. Although great for long-range, its vertical recoil might be a problem but can be reduced.

COD Mobile Weapons

Damage dealt by this gun is very beneficial and also it has smooth control. We highly recommended using it as a primary weapon in Battle Royale. Moreover, it can be a suitable weapon for all multiplayer games.

HVK-30: This Assault rifle has to be one of the most accurate Assault Rifles in the game. With low recoil and quick time to kill even professional players use this as their go-to gun in the matches.

COD Mobile Weapons
HVK 30

With great iron sight, HVK-30 is one of those ARs which are great for both medium and long-range battles that you play in the game.

ICR-1: With minimal recoil and a good fire rate, this gun is one of the best options for assault rifles without any attachment. Moreover, the pin-point iron sight of ICR-1 increases the chance to knock down the enemy in one go.

COD Mobile Weapons

Due to the iron sight, ICR-1 has great accuracy for the medium as well as long-range. Though damage on this gun is decent, the accuracy is what makes it stand in the A-Tier.


MAC-10: Along with all other weapons in the game, the MAC-10 has no recoil and idle sway when aiming down the sights. The MAC-10 holds 40 rounds in multiplayer and 30 rounds in single-player, and has an extremely high rate of fire but lacks in stopping power, taking several shots to take down a single enemy, though it is compensated for by the viciously high rate of fire.

COD Mobile Season 3 2022 test server
MAC 10 weapon in COD Mobile

The MAC-10 has a 40-round magazine but fewer backup magazines. It is very useful on all maps, due to its high rate of fire and excellent accuracy when aiming down the sights.

PPSH 41: This old-fashioned SMG has great hipfire accuracy. This gun offers smooth mobility and movement, especially for SMG users. It’s thin iron sight helps a lot in aiming. It has got a kick of vertical and horizontal recoil though with proper attachments it can be controlled.

CBR4: This gun stands out with its AR-like fire rate. The range on this gun is decent for an SMG with the ADS speed which is quite average when compared to other SMGs.

COD Mobile CBR4 weapon
Image via Activision

However, it can be improved by using a suitable foregrip. A great choice for a secondary weapon in Battle Royale and in Multiplayer modes like Hardpoint and Domination.

AGR 556: The range of this gun is very much similar to that of high-performing ARs. The characteristic standing out for AGR 556 is its easy mobility and smooth control.

COD Mobile Weapons
AGR 556

With these features stacked in it, AGR 556 can create havoc for the enemy. Recoil is surprisingly low without attachments, considering it’s an SMG. For that, you have to use an underbarrel to make the most out of it in the matches.

QQ9: Well suited for almost every map in the game, QQ9 has some great stats. Although, the Recoil of QQ9 without the attachments cannot be handled, surprisingly with a few of those it can be reduced to considerably really low recoil.

COD Mobile Weapons

This powerful SMG gun is a deadly accurate and deep-ranged weapon suitable for almost all players. Moreover, QQ9 is easy to control, its mobility is smooth, and it has a great damage rate as well.

QXR: Overpowered damage rate, quick ADS speed, and great mobility are what give QXR a place in the A-Tier. This gun is absolutely insane in almost every close-range situation you come across in a match.

COD Mobile Weapons

However, the rangeability is a bit short and has a little hint of vertical recoil. Underbarrel and the long shot perk are highly recommended to use to overcome this. Also, a thing to note about this gun is its Accuracy which is also on point.


Locus: Damage on this Sniper is a little low compared to other snipers. It has got a good range and recoil.

COD Mobile Weapons

Movement speed is decent for Locus. Surprisingly, this epic sniper has a quick ADS in the game. Great for small maps as well as the larger maps in COD Mobile. Laser attachment should be equipped for good accuracy for this gun.


MK2: With the great damage-causing ability and good rangeability MK2 is a one-shot kill gun. This new marksman is one of the best Marksman Rifles in the game.

COD Mobile Weapons

To propel things up and enhance your gameplay experience with this gun. the new cartridge stock is recommended to use in this marksman rifle in COD Mobile.

Kilo Bolt-Action: This rifle is not fully a one-shot one-kill marksman, but any shot fired on the enemy’s upper body will be an instant kill.

COD Mobile Weapons
Kilo-Bolt Action

Other than that, Kilo Bolt offers great mobility and control for the players. The full damage range is quite low for this gun. ADS speed though is quick and so is the reload feature of Kilo.


Echo: This is by far one of the best shotguns in the game in this season. Along with some great stats, Echo comes with a good magazine reload.

COD Mobile Weapons

Its iron sight can be considered the best among all other shotguns. Great accuracy and damage. Easy control even with an extended mag.



FHJ-18: This launcher also comes with only one rocket in multiplayer mode. This launcher can be used to destroy enemy UAV, Stealth chopper, XS1 Goliath, or VTOL.

COD Mobile Weapons

In Battle Royale, it can be a very useful weapon in your secondary loadout. Jets can be destroyed for an assured Airdrop dropbox. Also to shoot down enemy tanks, choppers, and other enemy vehicles which can increase players’ kill count, FHJ-18 is a great option.


MW11: With quick ADS and short fire intervals, this pistol can be super useful in case of low ammo in your primary weapon.

COD Mobile Weapons

In MW11, the Hip fire to is very much accurate. Laser attachment can be used to increase accuracy. Furthermore, this gun also works in mid-range, which is quite unlikely for a pistol in the game.


Karambit: It is a favorite and first choice for many players of this popular first-person shooter. In the hands of a trained combatant, karambits are formable weapons that can quickly dispatch opponents with little effort.

COD Mobile Weapons

One of the deadliest Melees in COD mobile, Karambit is a sort of one-shot kill weapon due to its top-notch accuracy and damage rate.

Butterfly Knife: The Butterfly Knife is statistically identical to the Combat Knife, only bearing aesthetic differences. Similar to the Combat Knife, pressing the ‘reload’ button while holding the Butterfly Knife will trigger a weapon inspection animation in which the player character flips the knife around.

COD Mobile Weapons Tier List
Image via Activision

Sickle: This melee is more mobile and unexpected. Better to attack while sliding. An attack from behind will be unexpected from the enemy, that’s when a player should slide and slice.

COD Mobile Weapons

Knife: It’s hard to sneak up on enemy execute them with a knife or a base melee. It only takes one hit, better to attack from behind.

COD Mobile Weapons

Base Melee: Just like Knife it’s hard to edge up on an enemy slay them with a base melee. It only takes one hit which must be quite better to attack from behind and eliminate them.

COD Mobile Weapons

Katana: The Katana is a lethal melee weapon that can kill down opponents in a single hit. Being a close-range operator, you’ll have to be pretty close to your enemy’s location to get the most out of the Katana sword. Here are the complete stats of the weapon:

COD Mobile Katana
Image via Activision

Wrench: Unlike other melees like Baseball bat and Axe, the kill animation on this weapon is quick which makes it easier to use. This weapon is also a default melee for the limited-time Zombie Mode.

COD Mobile Weapons

COD Mobile Weapons Tier List: B-Tier

Assault Rifles

Oden: The Oden is a bullpup assault weapon that makes many appearances in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It’s a slow-firing gun with a lot of damage per shot. The Oden and the existing Man-O-War (MoW) assault weapon have a lot of similarities.

However, the Oden’s fire rate is likely to be lower than the MoW’s. Players may anticipate the new weapon to come with attachments that will affect the rate of firing.

Type 25: This gun used to be one of the best ARs back during the initial seasons. The fire rate on this gun is great, considering that it’s an assault rifle.

COD Mobile Weapons
Type 25

It has got a hint of vertical recoil and so the long-range shots are not accurate enough. An optic attachment would be recommended to use for the players. Also, the time Type 25 takes to kill is also average.

Kilo 141: This Assault Rifle has serious medium range accuracy. It’s vertical recoil can be a problem but can be controlled using underbarrel attachment. It’s iron sight is quite decent, though an optical attachment is recommended. It doesn’t have allow the best free movement unless lightweight perk is equipped.

DR-H: This assault rifle has the highest damage rate and best recoil control amongst all the guns, making it a fair pick in this COD Mobile weapons tier list. An interesting thing to watch for the players is that its damage is the same at long range as it is at mid-range or close-range. However, DR-H’s mag capacity can be concerning as it is low.

COD Mobile Weapons

This means the reloading has to be done very often with the ammo finishing quickly in eliminating the enemies. Altogether, it is a great gun to use in all multiplayer games as well as in BR where its mag can be increased using mods.

Man-O-War: This AR has a great damage rate and takes very little time to kill the enemy. Accuracy is also overpowered for this assault rifle. Moreover, Man-o-War is great for the medium range but is often overlooked because of its vertical recoil.

COD Mobile Weapons

Other than that this gun is recommended to use in Battle Royale with void mods by which the mag capacity can be increased to give yourself a great bank of ammo to knock out your enemy.

M16: This gun itself is very popular in the game, especially in Season 5. Its time to kill is also insane, as it fires at 3-3 pattern gunfire. Moreover, the mobility of M16 is average concerning other guns in this season.

COD Mobile Weapons

Also, the recoil of this assault rifle is pretty low with great accuracy. We highly recommend using this Assault Rifle in team Deathmatch and Domination

Peacekeeper MK2: This gun is somewhat an SMG and an Assault Rifle hybrid. Peacekeeper has got a decent damage rate and an SMG-like fire rate.

COD Mobile Weapons

The only thing that stands in the way of it being in the S-tier in the COD Mobile Season 5 2021 Weapons Tier List is its vertical and horizontal recoil which is a little hard to manage. However, compared to other ARs it is not so bad. This gun is great for the medium range and offers easy mobility.

HBRa3: With decent accuracy and recoil control built-in, HBRa3 slots itself in the B-Tier. What helps in aiming is its fantastic iron sight.

COD Mobile Weapons

Apart from these traits, this AR also has a quickfire rate with a great damage rate. This gun works at its best in the medium range.

LK 24: This gun has good accuracy and recoil control like HBRa3 as well. The fire rate on this gun is pretty low and so is the time that it takes to kill enemies.

COD Mobile Weapons

This AR is definitely not a good choice in Battle Royale. But the only stat that stands out is its short-range performance which is great along with its decent hip fire.

BK 57: This AR has some decent mobility in the game as of now. Often overlooked, BK57’s fire rate is actually quite smooth that helps the players in Season 5.

COD Mobile Weapons

However, what’s concerning is its vertical recoil,  it makes it quite unmanageable. But with attachments, it can be reduced and works just fine. Its iron sight is one of the worst in the game, players complain that it blocks their view while firing.

Chicom: This SMG has its pros and cons balanced inbuilt. Chicom has got excellent recoil control and quick ADS speed.

COD Mobile Weapons

However, this B-Tier SMG very much lacks range and mobility which is very much opposite quality compared to its good damage rate. Also, the Fire rate is decent, with a 3-3 bullet spread. Players can make it better if any optic attachment is used.

Switchblade X9: Switchblade X9 is a brand new SMG in COD Mobile Season 7. The X9 is a good SMG that deal 27 damage with extremely fast fire rate and high mobility, great for close range gun. The Switchblade X9 has 1.3x Head & Neck damage multiplier, 1.2x Upper Chest1.1x Upper Arm, and 0.9x to Stomach, Legs, & Lower Arm.

When using Switchblade X9 we recommend you to hit the upper body damage most of the time to get that 4 shots kill, if you manage to hit 1 headshot there is a possibilities to reduce the time to kill.

Cordlite: This gun is overpowered in almost every stat. This includes impressive accuracy, fire rate, ADS speed, and mobility.

COD Mobile Weapons

The only thing standing in the way to be in the top tier in the COD Mobile Season 5 2021 Weapons Tier List is its horizontal recoil which, however, can be reduced using proper attachments available in the loadout.

HG-40: This gun had been used by almost every T1 player a few seasons ago. One of the best A-tier SMGs, HG40 has great range and ADS speed.

COD Mobile Weapons

Moreover, its recoil control can be managed with attachments. The iron sight adds a lot in aiming and balancing the bullet spread accuracy.

FR.556: This weapon has the best bullet spread accuracy and ADS speed amongst the B-Tier Assault rifles. Hip fire is not bad. It would be better with muzzle attachment for better results. This gun is suited for medium-range gunfights. However, mobility and control are also manageable for this gun.

COD Mobile Weapons
FR .556


Hades: This solid LMG is has a fairly low recoil rate compare to other big guns. Though the movement speed or mobility is too slow and the reload speed, even with sleight of hand perk takes a lot of time.


ADS speed is decent. This gun is quite tough to handle. Accuracy is not bad as it’s decent at close range. The damage rate is pretty decent as well, especially in the medium range.

RPD: This LMG has most of its stats wrecked in the game but is still worthy of being in the A-Tier in the COD Mobile Season 5 2021 Weapons Tier List due to some of its special qualities. In the case of RPD, the ADS speed is slow, so is the movement speed and the reload speed.

COD Mobile Weapons

However, it has good bullet spread accuracy and its recoil is close to no with/without underbarrel attachment. Mobility and control are however the backdrops because of the ADS movement speed and its slow ADS speed.

Chopper: This LMG, surprisingly has good ADS speed, fire rate, and movement speed. Its vertical recoil can be a little hard to handle even after using attachments.

COD Mobile Weapons

However, for a B-Tier gun, there is excellent control in this gun for an LMG. The hip-fire accuracy makes it deadly in close-range fights even if it is a B-Tier gun. Moreover, an empty reload perk should be equipped for fast reloading.

M4LMG: This LMG is not so bad as it seems to be, as apart from its slow movement and ADS speed, it’s got a low recoil when used with strike foregrip attachment.

COD Mobile Weapons

The iron sight is not so good for aiming, for which any suitable optic attachment can be used. Any laser attachment is suggested for increasing overall accuracy. So, M4LMG is good for long-range shooting. 


PDW-57: This SMG has a great fire rate. But has insane recoil, a low damage rate, and accuracy built-in. It’s better to use a muzzle and underbarrel attachment with this gun.

COD Mobile Weapons
PDW 57

RUS-79U: This gun has been quite underrated throughout these seasons and is also one of the A-Tier guns players usually overlook. Looks like an Assault Rifle but delivers the opposite to that is what RUS-79U is.

COD Mobile Weapons

It has a fantastic damage rate and is a great weapon for close-range battles. Easy mobility comes with this SMG but its recoil is a problem for the players. But you should note that Vertical recoil on almost every SMG cannot be fully reduced and is the same with this gun.

Razorback: Compared to another B-Tiered gun, PDW57 in COD Mobile Season 5 2021 Weapons Tier List,  this gun is not better but worse in season 5. The damage rate is very low and the ADS speed is not quick enough and the recoil control is even worse. With attachments, it might become a decent gun to use, as it has a good amount of range.

COD Mobile Weapons

GKS: The most average SMG, this gun has a decent amount of range, recoil, damage, and mobility. Its iron sight is also pretty good, as the green point helps a lot while aiming. A great choice for medium-sized maps and can be a great secondary weapon in Battle Royale.

COD Mobile Weapons

MSMC: By far this gun has the best fire rate and ADS speed amongst the B-Tier SMGs. Great mobility and damage rate is also pretty high for MSMC. However, the Range is extremely low and recoil control is also very low and even after attachments, it cannot be fully reduced. Good hip-fire accuracy, which makes it a decent SMG for close range.

COD Mobile Weapons


NA-45: This gun is quite interesting in its own scenario. NA-45 shoots explosive bullets, but there’s a catch that it comes with. The first bullet fired will stick the explosive on the enemy, and the second fired on target will explode the bullet that was stuck.

COD Mobile Weapons

Moreover, it requires two continuous shots on the enemy with the mag capacity set to 2. And so this gun has got bad control. The reload speed is fast but doesn’t help either.

Rytec AMR: This Sniper has very well-performing stats in Battle Royale. This sniper allows great damage and also provides extra damage with its explosive thermite bullet, as it sets the enemy on fire. Mods can be equipped to increase their performance rate. One huge drawback of this sniper is its uncontrollable vertical recoil.

COD Mobile Weapons
Rytec AMR

Outlaw: This Sniper offers one of the best movement speeds and accuracy. It has quick ADS and a deep rangeability.

COD Mobile Weapons

However, the damage rate is a little low but because of its amazing control, it doesn’t matter much. Great for all multiplayer games – be it small or large. A sleight of hand perk is suggested for faster reload.

ZRG 20mm: The ZRG 20mm has quickly become one of the best Sniper Rifle in the game, where you’ll get a one-shot kill anywhere in the body. Its immense power makes it perfect for quick scoping, so we’ve got all of the attachments, Perks, and Equipment you need to build the best ZRG 20mm loadout for COD Mobile Season 8.

COD Mobile Weapons Tier List
Image via Activision

Koshka: With a faster aim down sight time and firing rate than the Rytec AMR, there is no denying that the one-shot kill Koshka is the Ultimate Sniper Rifle for enthusiasts. While the Rytec AMR may boast the highest amount of damage among the Sniper Rifles, it does suffer from a very slow aim-down sight time and rate of fire.

COD Mobile Season 3 2022 test server
Koshka weapon in Call of Duty Mobile

Arctic.50: This Sniper has low damage as well, especially in long-range which is not ideal for a sniper. ADS speed can be increased by a fair amount. Not suitable for any multiplayer game. Can be used in BR with mods, to increase range and damage.

COD Mobile Weapons


SP-R 208: This rifle has insane damage and quick ADS speed. Excellent control and mobility, this marksman is great for all multiplayer games and also for Battle Royale, where it can be used as a secondary weapon with an optic attachment.

COD Mobile Weapons


JAK-12: JAK-12 is a fully automatic open bolt shotgun that is already available in COD Modern Warfare and COD Warzone. It has a recoil-reducing gas blowback system and thus, it has great hipfire accuracy and pellet spread. 

With zero attachments, the JAK-12 can one-shot kill a 100 health, no armor enemy out to about three meters. This effective range can be extended slightly with a multitude of Barrel and Muzzle attachments, but in general, a standard JAK-12 is best used within a dozen meters, where fast follow-up shots can down enemies quickly.

R9-0: This shotgun offers great control with great damage. Decent accuracy at the close-to-medium range but with barrel equipped, its range and accuracy can be improved. It is an average shotgun when compared to the rest.

COD Mobile Season 8 2021 Test Server, COD Mobile Season 8 2021
R9-0 Shotgun in COD Mobile

BY15: Decent damage and accuracy are some of the notable traits of this shotgun, making it a fair pick shotgun in this COD Mobile weapons tier list. This shotgun has low range, but its hip-fire accuracy stands out. With this shotgun, enemies can be shot from as long as 10 meters. Sleight of hand perk is highly suggested as the reload is done automatically after a shot is fired, i.e one bullet at a time. Movement speed is good.

COD Mobile Weapons

HS0405: This gun has quite some range for a shotgun. With a decent ADS bullet spread accuracy, it can be deadly for close-range fights. A laser attachment will help for accuracy in the medium range.

COD Mobile Weapons

KRM 262: This one-shot one-kill shotgun is highly accurate. Great hip-fire accuracy and mobility are some of the notable traits. Perks should be equipped for quick reloading for this gun. Excellent control for a shotgun and can be used in all multiplayer games.

COD Mobile Weapons
KRM 262


Shorty: This two bullet pistol is a pretty decent weapon when it comes to the secondary slot. One-shot one kills at close range but is hard to use in the medium range. The close-range damage makes this gun a campers’ delight. Mobility and movement are quite smooth with it.

Image by Activision

J358: This pistol is nearly a one-shot one-kill gun with excellent damage. This pistol, however, works well only in short range. Laser attachment is suggested for even better accuracy and FMJ perk for more damage in short range. Trigger action is also a must for quick-fire intervals.

COD Mobile Weapons


Nunchucks: This melee is yet another one-blow knockout weapon. It is also effective on scorestreaks like Goliath, with a number of strikes. A good secondary weapon in 1v1 or 2v2 gunfights and matches.

COD Mobile Season 10 2021 test server
Nunchucks weapon in COD Mobile

Axe: Unlike knives, axe can kill enemies from a bit of distance. Slide and jump movement will mess enemies’ aim and it will be easier to kill.

COD Mobile Weapons

Baseball bat: Unlike base melees or knives, a baseball bat can knock out the enemies from 2-3 feet. Slide and jump movement will confuse enemies’ aim and it will be easier to kill.

COD Mobile Weapons
Baseball Bat

Machete: This melee is a customized version of a real Machete blade. The kill animation is longer by a slit second which makes it tougher to use and reduces accuracy. However, this is not a good choice to use this melee in multiplayer mode.

COD Mobile Weapons


Assault Rifles

Swordfish: This assault Rifle has slightly better damage than other ARs in both medium and long-range. Similar to M16, with a fire rate of 4 bullets at a time, each delivering 30+ damage to the enemy. The accuracy is pretty off even in close range and does not offer the best mobility.

ASM 10: This gun has great mobility for an AR and also good recoil control. Some players don’t like its iron sight as it is flat and sometimes messes up the aim. However, any suitable optic attachment is suggested to overcome that to a certain bit.

COD Mobile Weapons

The magazine capacity and time to kill is a big problem for ASM10. With a mag capacity of only 25 and a slightly higher time to kill, it is best placed at C-Tier. ASM10 is best used in Domination and Kill Confirmed mode only.


S36: This gun has the highest fire rate among the two C-Tier LMGs. The horizontal recoil is considerably low. It’s got good hip-fire accuracy, though mobility and ADS speed rules out every other stat. Mobility is too slow and so is the ADS speed, even with attachments.

COD Mobile Weapons

UL736: This LMG has the best movement speed among the two C-Tier LMGs. A little vertical recoil can be reduced by using an underbarrel attachment. Bullet spread accuracy is quite normal. Moreover, the ADS speed of UL736 is too slow. Empty reload perk is recommended and also the lightweight perk for faster reload and better movement speed.

COD Mobile Weapons


Pharo: The SMG is somewhat accurate with a good fire rate. Some may deem this as the weapon with the best ADS speed in the game. But, again recoil is tough to hold to and range is limited to close range. Hip fire accuracy is on point.

COD Mobile Weapons


XPR-50: This Sniper Rifle has quite some recoil in it. The damage is low, as it takes a minimum of 2 shots to eliminate the enemy. Mobility and control are worse. This sniper is also not accurate enough for long-range.

COD Mobile Weapons

M21 EBR: This gun is stuffed with recoil. This C-Tier sniper has a decent damage rate as well as range. Movement speed is not bad. Still not recommended for any multiplayer match, this is the worst sniper in the game.

COD Mobile Weapons


HS2126: This shotgun shoots 4 bullets in a go. Shots are not accurate as the recoil kicks in after 2 shots. Hip fire accuracy is decent and so is the damage. Laser attachment can increase accuracy by a lot. Also, it doesn’t offer good mobility and control.

COD Mobile Weapons

Striker: This shotgun is not accurate enough even at close range. Reload speed is also pretty slow. It’s got good bullet spread accuracy but, doesn’t help either. Definitely, it is the worst shotgun in the game.

COD Mobile Weapons


Crossbow: A crossbow is a bolt launcher that delivers significant damage to the enemy. The explosive bolt kills the enemy instantly, however only if it’s stuck to the enemy’s armor. It’s pretty tough to aim in medium but, is highly accurate in the short range. A great secondary weapon to choose when playing on a long-range map.

COD Mobile Crossbow
Crossbow in Call of Duty Mobile

Renetti: This pistol works more or less like an SMG. However, the ADS is a little slow when compared to other pistols. Combo attachment is recommended for better ADS, accuracy, and range. This pistol has a very poor fire rate and control.

COD Mobile Weapons


Thumper: This launcher is one of its kind in Multiplayer. It offers an aiming arc that can destroy an enemy’s Scorestreaks. Not above the other launchers present in the game. It has less damage than other launchers. The range looks pretty low and can’t find the target at long range.

Thumper, COD Mobile Thumper weapon, Call of Duty Thumper
Image via Activision

SMRS: This launcher comes with only one rocket in multiplayer mode. The right time to use it would be when enemies are seen in a group of 2 or 3. In Battle Royale, rockets can be picked up from the explosives box. Usually used to destroy incoming enemy vehicles because shooting enemies is very tough as there is very little control.

COD Mobile Weapons

That’s the COD Mobile Season 1 2023 Weapons Tier List, folks! Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions on improving the list, feel free to send them our way! 

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Chopper is the best gun if they it kills with 3 shots in the head

Probal Datta

But its ADS is the factor that demotes it!


I think the best Battle royal weapons are still the Ak47, AK117, Locus, As val and the All powerful M4. The Locus alongside Artic.50 has the longest range, the Locus can one shot kill (headshot) from distance. The Dlq not so much. You’d need three shots to the chest to defeat the Level 3 body Armor and two shots to the head.

Madhavan Kannan

Yep Artic .50 is the best sniper for BR. The SPR is also pretty good since it’s one shot regardless of vest and adrenaline. AK 117 is a good primary but I also like going in with the HSO405 and/or the QQ9 (with extend mods)


Literally every gun in codm is good if you know how to use it
One time I got a double nuke in hardpoint just with the renetti
With the renetti u don’t even really need to ads since the hipfire is really accurate
If u can control the burst then renetti is a very versatile weapon


I think you meant ‘Light Machine Gun’ not ‘Long’

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