Clash of Clans Builder Hall 7 Guide: Upgrade priorities, Best bases, Attack strategies, and more

The guide for the Hall seven!

Clash of Clans recently got a major update with the Builder Base 2.0 which has seen a great revamp of the builder base. The introduction of Builder Hall 10 has opened a lot of strategies and resources beneficial to keep the game interesting. Because of this, the strategies employed in lower Builder Hall levels have changed and need to be adapted well. So it’s advisable to think about it before upgrading to the next level, or else you’ll be confused. To avoid the same, this guide will address upgrade priorities, best bases, attack techniques, and more for Builder Hall Level 7 in Clash of Clans.

Introduction to Builder Hall 7

Builder Hall Level 7 was introduced to Clash of Clans as part of the Builder Base update in September 2017. With the addition of new defensive structures, troops, and buildings, players were given the chance to expand and strengthen their Builder Base further. However, with the recent Builder Base update, there isn’t much to update in this level but is a great step towards Builder Hall 8.

Builder Hall 7
Image via Supercell

One of the notable additions at Builder Hall 7 is the Giant Cannon, a powerful defensive building that targets ground units. To reach this level, players must accumulate a build cost of 1,800,000 Builder Gold, which is one million less than the subsequent level. At Builder Hall 7, the capacity of the Builder Hall reaches a maximum of 1,100,000 Builder Gold and Elixir, providing players with greater resources to manage and utilize in their base development and troop upgrades.

Upgrade Priorities

To achieve a strong start and steady progress at Builder Hall 7 in Clash of Clans, strategic planning, and careful base setup are vital. Creating an effective base entails prioritizing upgrades for your army composition and defense. To assist players in this process, we offer a basic upgrade priority guide, outlining the recommended order for upgrading different aspects of your base. This will help you make informed decisions and progress efficiently in the game.

1. Defense

Builder Hall 7 offers you one extra Cannon, Air Defense, and Tesla Tower, so you must be sure of what our pick is going to be because there is no way you shall neglect the upgrading of defenses. Since the Giant Cannon is the only new unlock option available, it should be your first pick followed by the other two.

2. Builder Barracks

Drop Ship, a new troop is next up to unlock. This is mainly because of the attack strategies of the new Builder Hall level, and unlocking all the troops gives you more possible combinations. However, it should be followed with the Star Laboratory upgrade as soon as possible. Follow Drop Ship upgrades with the Baby Dragon.

3. Star Laboratory

Pushing your Drop Ship level is necessary to use it in your attack, hence giving the highest priority to upgrading the Laboratory is crucial in order to achieve optimal results by upgrading your troops. It is essential to focus on upgrading specific troops, with the four levels of Drop Ship being the recommended choice for prioritization when it comes to defeating fully upgraded bases.

4. Army Camp

Upgrading the Army Camp becomes pretty essential to get that extra limit of troops to be added. Since you do not have to upgrade the gold and elixir storages at this level, it will be essential to keep this a healthy priority so you don’t lose out on potential battles.

Unlocked items in Builder Hall 7

New Defense: Giant Cannon

Giant Cannon Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

The Giant Cannon is a defensive building in the Builder Base that becomes available at Builder Hall level 7. It launches massive cannonballs with a piercing effect. These cannonballs can hit multiple enemy troops, knocking them back in the process. As the cannonball travels, it gradually slows down. Despite having a low fire rate, each hit inflicts moderate damage upon the target.

LevelDamage per SecondDamage per ShotHitpoints Build Cost (Builder Gold)Build Time

New Troop: Drop Ship

Clash of Clans Drop Ship
Image via Supercell

The Drop Ship in Clash of Clans is a flying balloon unit that has the unique ability to drop Skeletons on its target. It becomes available for use when you reach Builder Barracks level 9, which requires your Builder Hall to be at level 7. The Drop Ship’s special ability is called Skeleton Bomb, and it can be used once per battle. When activated, the Drop Ship drops a large explosive barrel beneath it.

LevelHitpointsDamage when DestroyedSkeleton Bomb DamageSkeleton Bomb Spawned SkeletonsResearch Cost

Attack Strategies

1. Baby Dragon Cart

This strategy works pretty well for almost every Builder Hall starting from Level 5. The combination of Baby Dragons and Cannon Carts has become even more formidable after a recent update. The Baby Dragon’s new Fiery Sneeze ability has elevated its status to a top-tier troop, making it even more powerful.

Additionally, the Cannon Carts now possess a mortar-like ability, allowing them to effectively target and eliminate high-damage air defenses. This strategy has proven to be highly effective in battles.

2. Giant and Night Witch

This is a unique strategy that works brilliantly in Town Hall 7. Here we have the combo of the Night Witch and the Giant, and given the invisibility attribute of the Giant since the new update, it because pretty easy to use him as a tank as the Witch works effectively well.

You also have to utilize the Builder Hero to prove effective so that you can carry most of the troops to the second stage. Give this attack a try, and hopefully practice a way that you get the best results.

3. Air BabyShip

All air attacks have been reduced in the game since the new Builder Base update arrived. This could be for various reasons, but we have a great strategy in having a mix of Baby Dragons and the unlocked Drop Ship which is lethal.

As a workaround for this, you need to be vary of the air-targeting defensive buildings, which you will take the help of the battle machine to clear out. Furthermore, take help of Minions as well, helping you clear ranged troops and making your attack simpler.

Best base layouts for Builder Hall 7

Here are our suggestions for some good Builder Hall Level 7 base layouts listed below.

CoC Builder Hall 7 Base 1
Image via Supercell
CoC Builder Hall 7 Base 2
Image via Supercell
CoC Builder Hall 7 Base 3
Image via Supercell
CoC Builder Hall 7 Base 4
Image via Supercell
CoC Builder Hall 7 Base 5
Image via Supercell

So, that’s all about the Clash of Clans Builder Hall 7 guide. For more in-depth Town Hall Home Village guides, you can refer to the links below.

What are your thoughts on our Builder Hall 7 guide for Clash of Clans? Let us know in the comments below!

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