Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update Patch Notes: New Troops, Abilities, Layouts, and more

Welcome to the new world of Builder Base adventures!

Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update has finally arrived, which was in the works for a long time. The developers were planning to make some significant changes to the Builder Base for a while, and the results are out now. So, in this article, we shall look into what’s been added in the Builder Base 2.0 update in Clash of Clans via the patch notes.

New level: Builder Hall 10

Builder Hall level 10 is the newest addition of a level to the Builder Base, previously maxed at 9. This level provides new content to upgrade which not only unlocks a new, cool-looking Builder Hall, but also allows you to upgrade your Defences to level 10, and unlocks a completely new defense, the X-Bow, and a new troop when you build your Builder Barracks to level 12 namely the Electrofire Wizard.

Builder Hall 10
Image via Supercell

The details are given below.

  • Upgrade Cost: 4.8M Builder Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 7 days
  • Builder Gold Storage Capacity: 1.5M Builder Gold
  • Builder Elixir Storage Capacity: 1.5M Builder Elixir
  • Hit Points: 2750
  • Unlocked: 1x Mine, 1x X-Bow
  • Maximum Troop: Level 20
  • Maximum Hero Machines: Level 35

More building levels can be unlocked as well, which can be seen in the suggestion window.

New Assistant and Machine

New Assistant: B.O.B

In the March blog, there was a mention of another robot builder named B.O.B, who is now available. To unlock B.O.B, a series of tasks will await you once you reach Builder Hall 9.

New Assistant: B.O.B
Image via Supercell

The tasks are listed as follows:

  • Complete 3 Gear Up upgrades.
  • Upgrade any Troop to level 18.
  • Upgrade any Defense to level 9.
  • The total upgrade level of all Heroes must be at least 45. Just note that the new Hero Machine starts at Level 15 when you purchase it from the shop.

New Hero Machine: Battle Copter

Unlocking at Builder Hall level 8 is the Battle Copter, the brand new Builder Base Hero who can be shipped into battles along with the O.T.T.O. from the update. While its Bomb Rush ability builds up, this new flying Hero Machine has a ranged attack that allows it to deliver damage from a distance.

Battle Copter Builder Base 2.0 clash of clans
Image via Supercell

The details are given below.

  • Unlocks at Builder Hall Level 8.
  • Air Hero Machine.
  • Slow movement speed with long-range medium DPS and HP.
  • Battle Copter’s activated ability allows it to quickly charge forward at its target in a dive attack and drops a large bomb, dealing tremendous damage.

Here is the description of the attributes of the new Hero Machine.

  • Cost: 2.5M Builder Elixir (BE)
  • Starting Level: 15
  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Damage Type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Movement Speed: 14

New Buildings and Troops

A new troop and several buildings including a new defense have been introduced, out of which some are exclusive to the Builder Hall Level 10.

O.T.T.O’s Outpost

The second buildable area from Builder Hall 6 will have its own key building called O.T.T.O’s Outpost. It is the main Building of the second stage. Like destroying a Builder Hall, destroying an Outpost will earn you 1 Star for your attack. You will still need to reach 50% destruction for the next Star and 100% destruction for the final Star.

  • O.T.T.O’s Outpost unlocks at Builder Hall level 6.
  • Can be upgraded to level 10 at Builder Hall Level 10.
  • Signature Ability: When O.T.T.O’s Outpost is destroyed, a swarm of Zappies will emerge and continue attacking any enemies nearby.

Reinforcement Camp

Reinforcement Camps, like Army Camps, increase your available Troops during your attack by adding extra Troops slots. Reinforcement Slots, on the other hand, are only available after you have completed the first stage of your attack. You can choose which reinforcement Troops to utilize before you start your attack, just like you would with your typical Builder Base Army.

Furthermore, after you reach Stage 2, you can exchange your current Reinforcement Troops for any additional Builder Base Troops you’ve obtained. More details about the same can be read in the May blog post.

Healing Hut

The Healing Hut is a new building added to the game that aids in the healing of your surviving Builder Base Troops after you complete Stage 1 and before beginning your Stage 2 battle. The higher the level of your Healing Hut, the more your Builder Base Troops that survive to get healed which will unlock at Builder Hall Level 6.


The new defensive building is the X-Bow, which is comparable to X-Bow in your Home Village, and is unlocked if you upgrade to Builder Hall 10. The X-Bow can be used in two modes, once again sharing similarities to that in the Home Village. Only ground troops can be targeted in one mode. But, unlike the normal X-Bow, you can only target air Troops in the other mode.

The details and stats of the X-Bow are given below.

  • Purchase cost: 4.4M Builder Gold
  • Build time: 7 days
  • Range: 12 tiles
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground/Air (depending on mode)
  • Favorite target: Any

Electrofire Wizard

Electrofire Wizard unlocks at Builder Hall 10 when you upgrade your Builder Barracks to level 12 and brings the heat and the lightning to the battlefield. Similar to your regular wizard, he has a few HP points yet a great damage output. He can switch between two kinds of attack because he is a master of both Inferno and Electro Magics.

  • Inferno Mode: In this mode, Electrofire Wizard will be able to fire a single searing beam that gradually rises in damage over time.
  • Electro Mode: In this mode, Electrofire Wizard can fire a slow-charging Lightning assault that bounces to numerous targets.

Electrofire Wizard always deploys with Inferno Mode as the default attack. You can switch between each mode by tapping on his image on the Troop Bar.

The details and stats of the Electrofire Wizard are given below.

  • Starting level: 17
  • Favorite target: Any
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Units per camp: 1
  • Spring weight: 14
  • Movement speed: 22

Troop Abilities and Level Changes

New Feature: Troop Abilities

The new Troop ability feature is an exciting new method to put you in charge of the battlefield by allowing you to control special powers to be activated. Some abilities, such as Sneaky Archer’s initial invisibility or Boxer Giant’s Power Punch, are activated automatically when a Troop is deployed. However, some abilities, like the Battle Machine, require you to tap the unit to activate its effect.

This update has given many of the Troops in the new Builder Base new skills. The Builder Base Troops and their skills are listed below.

Raged BarbarianPassive Ability: Rage – Speed and damage is increased for the first 22 seconds.
Sneaky ArcherPassive Ability: Cloak – Invisible to defenses for the first 11 seconds.
Boxer GiantPassive Ability: Power Punch – The first attack deals extra damage.
1-Time Active Ability: Boxer Block – When activated, Boxer Giant becomes temporarily surrounded by a protective shield that renders him invulnerable.
Beta MinionPassive Ability: Power Shot – The first few attacks of Beta Minion shoot faster, have longer range, and deal extra damage.
BomberCooldown Ability: Bouncing Bomb – When activated, the Bomber’s next attack deploys a large explosive that bounces twice and deals very high damage to Walls. This ability can be used multiple times once the cooldown timer has been refreshed.
Baby DragonCooldown Ability: Bouncing Bomb – When activated, the Bomber’s next attack deploys a large explosive that bounces twice and deals very high damage to Walls. This ability can be used multiple times once the cooldown timer has refreshed.
Cannon CartMode Switch Ability: Mortar Mode – Cannon Cart can quickly alternate between its mobile shorter range but higher damage mode and a stationary, long-range artillery mode that deals less damage. You can toggle between each mode for greater tactical advantage!
Night Witch1-Time Active Ability: Bat Swarm – This ability summons a swarm of enraged bats that deal extra damage for a few seconds.
Drop Ship1-Time Active Ability: Skeleton Bomb – Drop Ship will drop a bomb directly below its current position, dealing area damage along with extra damage to Walls. Additionally the explosion effect will summon Skeletons that continue attacking as ground Troops.
Power P.E.K.K.A1-Time Active Ability: Overcharge – You can now manually activate her explosive ability that deals area damage around Power P.E.K.K.A.

Super P.E.K.K.A is now renamed as the Power P.E.K.K.A. which might be for creative reasons, but the overcharge ability might have influenced the decision for a rename.

Troop Level Changes

When troops are unlocked in the Barracks, they are now automatically upgraded to their minimum level. This is made with the intention behind the ease to be able to jump into the new multiplayer attacks as quickly as possible. Troops will be at the levels listed below when they are unlocked.

  • Raged Barbarian: Level 1
  • Sneaky Archer: Level 1
  • Boxer Giant: Level 3
  • Beta Minion: Level 3
  • Bomber: Level 5
  • Baby Dragon: Level 5
  • Cannon Cart: Level 7
  • Night Witch: Level 9
  • Dropship: Level 11
  • Power P.E.K.K.A: Level 13
  • Hog Glider: Level 15

New troops are anticipated to follow the same pattern as they are introduced.

Troop Healing

When you finish the first stage of a Builder Base battle, any remaining Troops and Hero Machines will advance to the second stage and return to your Troop deployment bar, where they can be deployed in the next attack.

Any Troops that were not deployed during Stage 1 can be swapped out for another Troop choice before the Stage 2 attack begins. Your Healing Hut will recover some HP for damaged Troops to help them out for your second Stage battle. Additionally, depending on how many Reinforcement Camps you have, you will be aided by additional Reinforcements.

Additional Changes

Here are some additional changes listed and implemented in the Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 update notes.

  • The Builders Base Walls is no longer made up of five pieces. Walls are now divided into discrete portions, much like your Home Village.
  • Layout changes for Builder Halls have been implemented.
leagues in Builder base
Image via Supercell
  • Changes to Bonus Loot & Leagues are now live with two different Star types: Bronze and Silver Stars. Bronze Stars are earned by defeating Stage 1 of a multi-stage attack while Silver Stars are earned by defeating Stage 2.
  • Changes to Builder Base Attacks and Trophies with the removal of head-to-head battles. Players gain Trophies by attacking other Builder Bases. However, trophies will be lost based on how successfully another player attacks your Builder Base. 

That’s all for our Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 update patch notes article.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update patch notes? Let us know in the comments below!

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