Clash of Clans: How to beat Spooky and Super Spooky challenge

This Halloween the clashes will turn spookier!

The Halloween season is all upon us and all the popular mobile games are celebrating it in its full glory. Clash of Clans, the blockbuster game by Supercell has added two challenges to celebrate the upcoming Halloween this month. The developers have added the Spooky challenge and Super Spooky Challenge in Clash of Clans to increase the excitement of the players and add free rewards. 

Image via Supercell

How to win the Spooky Challenge in Clash of Clans

To win this challenge the first thing you will need to do is to destroy the Clan Castle. While destroying the Clan Castle make sure that the king is away. Place three Royal Ghosts to the top left of the castle to destroy it. Four Teslas will pop up after you have destroyed the castle, so place two Royal Ghosts to get rid of them.

Image via Supercell

Place Giant Skeletons in four squared gaps away from the Town Hall as shown in the image. In each of these gaps, four Teslas will appear taking out the Giant Skeleton but the bomb underneath it will destroy the Teslas. 

In the bottom area of the base near the Town Hall place a Giant Skeleton to bring out the poison traps. Then place a Queen to attack the Town Hall and two Bat spells to destroy the X-Bow near the destroyed Clan Castle. Use the Queen’s ability as the Hall gets destroyed and then place the rest of the Royal Ghosts around the place. This attacking strategy will help you in achieving a three-star victory in the Spooky Challenge. 

How to win the Super Spooky Challenge in Clash of Clans

The Super Spooky challenge is a bit more difficult than the Spooky Challenge and players will have to be a bit more careful to overcome this challenge. First and foremost place two Royal Ghosts near the Clan Castle. Just like the Spooky Challenge deploy Royal Ghosts in place of the Giant Skeletons in the squared gaps. 

Place a Giant Skeleton in front of the Bomb Tower near the Clan Castle. Deploy another Giant Skeleton in front of the Poison Spell Tower. Next, you will need to deploy another Giant Skeleton near the Bomb Tower situated to the right of the Clan Castle.

Super Spooky Challenge Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

The Giant Skeleton will then draw out all the Skeleton Traps. Once the Giant Skeleton’s health goes below 50%, deploy Bat Spells above the X-Bow located at the bottom right of the Clan Castle. At the bottom left of the base place a Giant Skeleton in the middle of the Poison Spell Towers. Place a King on the right and a Queen just above the Town Hall.

Use the final remaining Giant Skeleton on the Invisibility Spell Tower. As the poison spells wane off, use the King’s ability and place a Royal Ghost at the extreme right of the base to destroy the Tesla. Use the remaining Bat Spells and use the Queen’s ability at last to decimate everything. By following this strategy you can win a three-star victory in the Super Spooky challenge. 

Did you find our Clash of Clans guide to the Spooky and Super Spooky challenge helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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