Clash of Clans: How to beat the Goblin Champion Challenge

A two-step guide to beat the base!

The ongoing July 2023 season of Clash of Clans once again continues the theme of the notorious greens to the game, similar to the June season. The second challenge event is now live, the Goblin Champion Challenge, featuring yet another interesting base layout that players must conquer to achieve a flawless three-star attack. As Clash of Clans players eager to take on this fresh challenge, we have devised effective strategies to 3-star this Goblin Champion Challenge.

Introducing the Goblin Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans

Here we have a step down on the town hall level, with the Town Hall 14 base arrived. To be fair, it is a scary base, with the infernos spread out, and will come under the tricky category. The X-Bow placements also make it a hard nut to crack if you don’t play your cards right.

Clash of Clans Goblin Champion Challenge rewards
Image via Supercell

While we would expect the goblin theme to help to plunder more loot, the rewarding pattern is similar to all the previous challenges. Along with the extra resources that are provided, players can gain 400 XP, 25 Gems, and 1x Builder Potion.

How to beat the Goblin Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans

As previously mentioned, cracking this particular base is no easy task. It requires meticulous troop placement and strategic triggering of traps, which you have the troop combination to help. It is highly recommended to practice the placement of troops multiple times in advance, ensuring proficiency before launching the final blow. So, we will explain this attack in two stages.

Stage 1: Taking down X-Bows and triggering traps

The first thing to follow is to look at the base carefully before making a move. You need to pick a defense to clear out and then focus on the rest of the base. In our guide, we will be taking out the X-Bow first. To help you out, you have the Rocket Balloons.

For the three X-Bows, you will drop four Rocket Loons on each side, which will trigger traps as well. For the top side of the base, you can drop two Balloons each on two sides, as shown, since they will be triggering the Hidden Teslas. For support, you can drop one more Loon in the center to easily take out the X-Bow.

Clash of Clans Goblin Champion Challenge stage 1
Image via Supercell

The other two sides aren’t a worry, as you can easily deploy four loons together on both sides which will easily take out the X-Bows. Once the main ground threat is taken down, you will follow up with the next step, which is utilizing the siege to its fullest. Drop it on the top side of the base, and while it does its work neatly, move to the bottom side.

Employ the goblin units to systematically drop each of them onto the bottom collectors individually. By utilizing this tactic, the goblins will serve the purpose of triggering the traps positioned at the forefront of the base, ensuring that the sneaky goblins in your army can be utilized to take down the outside buildings without dying.

Clash of Clans Goblin Champion Challenge 2
Image via Supercell

To handle the two Teslas located on the bottom side of the base, deploy a single sneaky goblin to trigger the Tornado traps. Once the traps are activated and the cooldown period has passed, send another sneaky goblin toward the center of the base. This goblin’s primary objective is to reach the Town Hall while simultaneously triggering the two Giant Bombs along the way.

Stage 2: Targetting the Town Hall and Champion + Ice Golem moves

The next step will be taking out the Twin Teslas. One effective approach is to deploy a Rocket Balloon on each of the Teslas. Depending on the use case, you may have three to four remaining balloons to execute this strategy. Alternatively, you can choose to delay this move and address the Twin Teslas at a later stage in the attack.

Clash of Clans Goblin Champion Challenge 3
Image via Supercell

At this point in the attack, the Flinger, whilst clearing out a significant chunk of the base, should have advanced sufficiently to trigger the range of the Clan Castle and lure out the goblins hiding inside. Looking at the Flinger’s progress and positioning, deploy both the Poison spells in the path of the castle troops to kill them.

Once the Flinger is demolished, the troops inside will lure out, let them do its work. Meanwhile, you turn your attention to the Town Hall. To swiftly target the Town Hall, deploy a group of 8-10 sneaky goblins together on the bottom side of the base so they move straight to the town hall. Once they reach the town hall, deploy the Invisibility spell just enough to hide the sneaky goblins.

Clash of Clans Goblin Champion Challenge 4
Image via Supercell

The Town Hall is down, and what remains is to take down the rest of the best. Following up on the Ice Golem, deploy the Royal Champion on the side with a lesser cluster of buildings. Use the ability and freeze spells whenever needed, and use the sneaky goblins and the remaining troops spread around the base, which will help you finish the base.

We usually don’t dish out a two-stage guide for any challenge, but this needed to be explained in detail. Now, armed with this Goblin Champion Challenge guide, it’s time to execute your attacks confidently. Good luck and may your assaults be successful!

Did you find our guide on the Clash of Clans Goblin Champion Challenge helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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